17 Promise Me, Don’t Become a Bootlicker!

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Zhang Sheng rubbed his ears and involuntarily laughed. "Look at how smooth his actions are when executing the Thunderclap Fist. Yet, you said that his right arm had an injury?"

"Yes, there's an injury."

Sun Mo was sure. Through the Divine Sight, he saw a row of data from Zhang Yanzong's right arm, and it indicated that his muscles were slightly strained due to an injury.

"Hehe, ignorant!"

Zhang Sheng sneered, he couldn't be bothered to reply. He glanced at Zhang Yanzong. Whether there was an injury or not, he just needed to get the person in question to reply, this was the most persuasive method.

(Sun Mo definitely will lose all his face here. Finding actors to boost his reputation? I'm going to destroy your reputation completely!)

Zhang Sheng felt joy in his heart. A guy who lived off a woman, if such a person was scolded by him, that person should simply be prepared to be castigated. However, Sun Mo even dared to rebut? He truly didn't know how to write the word 'death'!

Zhang Yanzong, who had been smiling all this while, froze. His smile stiffened upon hearing the word 'injury' as he glanced at Gu Xiuxun.

Gu Xiuxun's red lips were slightly parted as she stared with astonishment at Sun Mo. Zhang Yanzong's training load had always been very great. Last week, something had finally happened. He had pulled his muscles and sprained his arm. She even reprimanded him because of this, and this matter was only known by her.


Zhang Sheng wasn't a fool, when he saw Zhang Yanzong's silence, he suddenly felt uneasy. Just when he was thinking about how to save himself, Sun Mo who had a 'poisonous tongue' started his attack.

"You have a muscle pull on your right arm. However, it isn't simply due to your large training load; there's also an old injury."

Sun Mo calmly looked at Zhang Yanzong and spotted another stream of data.

"How do you know this?"

Zhang Yanzong called out, a look of astonishment on his face. He didn't even mention this to Gu Xiuxun.

When his words came out, everyone here was in an uproar. Zhang Yanzong only hit the combat-strength bronze man, and Sun Mo could already tell that he had an injury. How powerful must his judgment be?"

"You definitely must have guessed it!" Zhang Sheng coldly snorted, "Your desire to survive is very strong!"

Zhang Yanzong felt that Zhang Sheng was correct. If Sun Mo couldn't clean his name, his reputation would be ruined. Hence, he had to think of a solution to retaliate.

"Zhang Sheng, enough."

Gu Xiuxun's voice was clear and cold. She felt Zhang Sheng was too overbearing.

Zhang Sheng's lips twitched when he heard that. He wanted to curse, "You are someone full who doesn't know the feeling of hunger!" For this year, a total of 216 intern teachers came to the Central Province Academy. But in the end, An Xinhui would only select 15 at most!

Gu Xiuxun already had a slot because An Xinhui had personally spent a huge amount of money to recruit her. Qin Fen, Zhang Lan, Gao Ben were graduates from the nine famous schools, and they would also join the faculty for sure. This meant that the remaining people out of the 216 intern teachers had to fight for 11 slots. This was an odds close to 20:1.

Although Zhang Sheng was arrogant, he didn't feel that with his strength alone, he could secure a slot. When he thought about not being able to join the faculty, he would feel jealous of Sun Mo.

Most of them graduated from Songyang Academy, and thus Zhang Sheng knew that Sun Mo was far inferior when compared to him. But because Sun Mo had a fiancee like An Xinhui, if there were no unexpected incidents, it could almost be guaranteed that he could join the faculty.

"What does he have? His handsome face? Or just because he is childhood sweethearts with An Xinhui?"

During the private chats among intern teachers, many of them would mock Sun Mo. Thus, when they saw him being tossed into the logistics department by the vice headmaster Zhang Han, all of them were so happy that they wanted to clap and dance.

Although the intern teachers were staying in the same dorm building, it didn't mean that they would move, eat, and have fun together. In everyone's heart, each of them was hiding a ruthless aura, preparing to trample on the others. This was because all of them were competitors.

If they could obtain a slot and remain in the school, their future life would be bright. Those who were eliminated could only seek out other schools and hope to be employed. But after missing out on the graduate period, they would have to wait until next year before the other schools would hire intern teachers.

"Life is so difficult!"

When he thought of this, Zhang Sheng felt a multitude of emotions in his heart. This was the life of ordinary graduates. It was filled with competition, and things were different for graduates from famous schools. Even before those people graduated, many schools would use a high salary to headhunt them.

Sun Mo could deduce the reason why Zhang Sheng was targeting him. Back then when he was employed, he also passed through a series of tests. In the same batch, there was an extremely unlucky fellow. That fellow also passed the test, but because the slots for intern teachers suddenly got reduced by one, that unlucky fellow, who had the worst results, were eventually dropped.

It was inevitable. Zhang Sheng had a father that possessed authority and status. He was just so impressive to the point of being able to bend the rules and allow his son to get one spot.

Back then, Sun Mo also envied him. He didn't expect that right now, he was the one being envied instead.

"Wait, something is wrong. I'm not confirmed to join the faculty yet. During these few days, An Xinhui also didn't meet with me. Besides, there are plenty of people among the higher-ups that are planning to deal with me to suppress An Xinhui."

Sun Mo's situation was actually very bad. This was why the logistics department head could instruct Li Gong to find a chance to kick Sun Mo out of the school.

"Hmph, a 'soft-rice' guy with no capabilities. It's shameful to even talk with him!"

Zhang Sheng grumbled. After hearing Gu Xiuxun's words, he didn't dare to annoy her. He then put on an expression 'I can't be bothered with you' when he looked at Sun Mo.

"Hehe, Zhang Sheng. This student has an injury on his right arm. When he displayed the Thunderclap Fist, he could only display 90% of its effects, yet you are still bragging? Are you blind?" Sun Mo mocked, "If you want to join the faculty, make sure you learn well and improve your ability as a teaching assistant. Stop being a bootlicker who licks the smelly feet of women."

"Who did you say was a bootlicker?"

Zhang Sheng glared at Sun Mo. His eyes protruded out slightly due to rage, resembling large grapes. Sun Mo's manner was like an elder teaching a junior a lesson. What capabilities did he have to do this?

Gu Xiuxun's expression stiffened. Her feet that were hidden in her cloth shoes subconsciously scratched the ground. She knew Sun Mo wasn't referring to her specifically when he spoke about smelly feet, but she still felt uncomfortable hearing that.

"Regardless of talent or capabilities, the current you is inferior to Gu Xiuxun in everything." Sun Mo laughed lightly. "Stop putting on the face of a bootlicker, she would only look down on you even more."

"Could it be that you think you are worthy?" Zhang Sheng roared. He sneakily cast a worried glance at Gu Xiuxun and saw a hint of pride in the center of her brows. She didn't seem to have any intentions of saying words in his defense. 

For such a proud woman like Gu Xiuxun, she would only look for more outstanding men.

"But I'm not wooing her?"

Sun Mo's lips twitched as he shrugged.


Zhang Sheng was stunned, and his face turned red. In the end, his heart became filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred.

That was true, why would Sun Mo want to woo Gu Xiuxun? His fiancee was An Xinhui, a genius from the Heavenly Mystery Academy that was rarely seen even in a hundred years. She was also an honor graduate and a 3-star great teacher. As an undisputed campus queen of her year, someone ranked #7 on the Devastating Beauty Rankings, she was publicly acknowledged as a great beauty by many schools in the nine provinces.

Regardless of talent, beauty, fame, or prestige, Gu Xiuxun and An Xinhui weren't on the same level.

Gu Xiuxun's expression turned unsightly, and she cast a deep glance at Sun Mo. This fellow's tongue wasn't just poisonous, he would also seek revenge for the slightest grievance, not willing to suffer the slightest loss.

When Sun Mo walked past Zhang Sheng, he stopped to pat his shoulder and spoke in a heavy tone as though trying to persuade Zhang Sheng. "Promise me. As a man, you shouldn't be a bootlicker, alright?"


Many students, who were watching the show, involuntarily laughed when they heard this. A minority of them showed dim looks of sorrow. After all, some also silently admired this goddess Gu Xiuxun in their hearts and wanted to woo her.

"Teacher is so toxic!"

Qi Shengjia sighed in admiration and hurriedly followed behind Sun Mo.

Zhang Sheng clenched his fist tightly, and his bones let out creaking sounds. He really felt like punching Sun Mo to death, but he didn't dare to. Once they fought in front of so many students, it would create negative influence and they had an 80% to 90% chance of being fired.

"Zhang Yanzong, let's go!"

Gu Xiuxun called out as she headed to a corner.


Zhang Sheng hurriedly called out, wanting to gain back some favorable impression.

Gu Xiuxun completely ignored him.

"Xiuxun! Xiuxun!"

Zhang Sheng panicked and chased after her.

"Enough. Don't call me Xiuxun. Are we that familiar with each other?" Gu Xiuxun turned her head and berated him.


"Hehe, how tragic!"

"Sigh, he can't even suppress a 'soft-rice' guy. Seems like Zhang Sheng's capabilities are just like that!"

"What is his name? Zhang Sheng? I can tell he doesn't have the fate of being a great teacher just by hearing his name!"

Zhang Sheng saw the cold look in Gu Xiuxun's eyes and froze on the spot. The whispers and mumblings of the students also entered his ears; all of them were negative. He could no longer endure it and hurriedly covered his mouth with his hands.


Zhang Sheng was so angered that he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

"Sun Mo, I'll remember this grudge. I'll definitely destroy your reputation. You want to marry An Xinhui! Just go and continue dreaming!"

His mouth was filled with the smell of blood. This caused Zhang Sheng to hate Sun Mo even more.

Sun Mo naturally also had no thoughts of sparing Zhang Sheng. This fellow publicly said that he hired actors to boost his own reputation. This action of his was simply filled with malicious intent. If this circulated out, it would surely affect his reputation.

One must know that let alone a great teacher, just an ordinary teacher would also treasure their reputation. After all, no schools would want to hire a teacher with a bad reputation.

In the combat strength dojo, the students did their utmost as they hit the bronze men, hoping their efforts would be seen by Gu Xiuxun. Sadly, her attention wasn't focused on them.

"Zhang Yanzong, what do you think? Did he really manage to see that there's an injury in your right arm?"

As someone who knew about this, Gu Xiuxin could naturally tell that Zhang Yanzong had been holding some strength back with his right arm when he had displayed the Thunderclap Fist earlier.

"Before I hit the bronze man, I rubbed my right wrist. He might have seen it."

Zhang Yanzong analyzed. "Based on that, he should have come to the judgment that I have an injury. If not, he must have guessed it randomly."

Gu Xiuxun fell silent. She recalled the exchange between Sun Mo and Zhang Sheng in her mind. She discovered that from the beginning to the end, Sun Mo was incomparably calm. Even when Zhang Sheng had accused him of finding actors, others would surely be extremely defensive, but Sun Mo didn't. His unperturbed attitude was truly unexpected.

"But his tongue is very poisonous. Hmm, hinting that my feet are smelly? Next time I'll stuff my feet into his mouth."

Gu Xiuxun's ruby lips twitched, and she decided not to think about this temporarily. Her opponents were Qin Fen and the two others from the famous schools, as well as the unfathomable higher-ups of the school. As she wanted to help Headmaster An to safeguard this school, any other matters were not a priority for her.

Next would be the entry test for the battle hall, and she had to amaze everyone with a single brilliant feat. With Zhang Yanzong's talent, in addition to her guidance for him, there shouldn't be any unexpected incidents.

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