38 Immemorial Vairocana

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The system's voice was bland and mundane, but as they landed on Sun Mo's ears, they seemed like heavenly voices.

Divine skill? Just as its name implied, only the divinities were able to grasp this skill. Just look at its literal meaning, even a three-year-old child would know how powerful this cultivation art was.

"System, say it again!" Sun Mo requested.

Are you done yet?" System was unhappy. "This is already the 32nd time!"

"Sorry, I just can't control the agitation in my heart!"

Sun Mo was an extremely unlucky person. For someone who had never received any consolation prize before, he had picked a divine skill this time around, so how could he not burst into tears? If he were to have a computer, he would have celebrated this joy with some beer and peanuts and played his computer games for three whole nights.

He had to admit that the massive breasts did increase his luck value, especially when he received this treasure chest only after Lu Zhiruo acknowledged him as her master. 

Sun Mo decided to treat the shy and timid papaya girl better from now onward.

"Immemorial Vairocana. How poetic, how domineering. It's so lovable." 

Sun Mo could feel the porridge in his mouth become sweeter and more fragrant.

"You better know when to stop!"

The system couldn't take it anymore.

"Grand Universe Formless Divine Art belongs to the peerless-grade saint-tier skill, and this is a divine skill, which one is more powerful?"

Sun Mo was curious. As documented on the library, at Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, the best cultivation arts belonged to the saint-tier level, and they were deemed to be the least in quantity.

"Do you still need to ask? There are at least 5 people who know how to use Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. As for Immemorial Vairocana, it's exclusive to you."

The system spoke with arrogance.

"I understand now!" Sun Mo was very pleased with this answer. "Alright, system, you may leave now!"


If the system was alive, it would have died from anger.

Sun Mo dropped his spoon and concentrated on the cultivation art's practice.

'The moon shines in the past and present; nothing can hide from it. Even the inconsequential gravels of sand in the Ganges would be fully visible and traceable.' (the raws for immemorial vairocana can also be translated into 'boundless illumination from past till present, eternal sand has no vestiges', referencing that to this will make this sentence have more sense.)

The introduction to the cultivation art had a domineering and strong description.

'When you attack someone with this skill, a part of their cultivation arts and techniques they learned will be condensed into a page and be beaten out from them.'

'The more you attack, the more pages will pop out. Eventually, they will converge into a book that records the target's complete cultivation art, and you will be able to read it at will.'

'When your proficiency in this skill increases, you can even extract the opponent's insights and experience. At its highest level, this skill can even derive the opponent's entire lifetime of cultivation, converging everything into a book.'

What did this signify?

This signified that the peerless skills and knowledge, which others owned exclusively, would no longer be of secret to Sun Mo. As long as he could hit his opponent, he would be able to see everything.

What was the world's most precious thing?

It was neither gold and jewelry, nor was it loyalty and freedom. It was knowledge. Only knowledge was eternal.

In Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, the martial dao reigned supreme. What did one depend on to have a strong martial dao? Cultivation arts!

With 'Immemorial Vairocana', Sun Mo could learn every single one of them! 

"Don't be complacent! Don't be complacent!"

Sun Mo muttered, warning himself to keep a low profile. Even though this cultivation art was very strong, he needed to study the method of utilizing it. If he were to challenge a saint now, he would be killed before he could learn their exclusive cultivation arts.

When playing computer games, Sun Mo always stood by a principle—there was no such thing like the strongest profession, only the strongest player. Even if it was a divine skill, in the hands of different players, it would produce different results. In other words, it wouldn't do if he ignored everything and kept pressing the button 'Q', continuously spamming one's ultimate.

"I'm happy!"

Sun Mo decided to order one more egg.

Nothing was wrong with the skill being in elementary grade. He could take it slow. Petite breasts would eventually develop into big breasts, and underripe girls would become elegant ladies one day.

Lu Zhiruo was sitting at the side, drinking little sips of her porridge and glancing at her teacher from time to time. She could feel his good mood today!

After having breakfast, Sun Mo continued cruising through the campus. Through yesterday's observation, he discovered that students with extremely high potential values were equivalent to extremely rare little elves. Not to mention catching, it was even hard to bump into one or two of them. Even students with high potential values were rare.

"So, I should lower my expectations."

Sun Mo decided to be more practical.


Li Ziqi stopped when she saw the gate of Central Province Academy and tidied the long pink skirt she was wearing. After confirming that her faint make-up was still there, she walked in.

"It's all uncle's fault, had he not insisted on recommending some great teachers to me, I wouldn't have missed yesterday's attendance. I hope Sun Mo has not recruited any student yet."

Looking at those young and tender faces in the campus, Li Ziqi felt a little worried as she wanted to become Sun Mo's first disciple. But she soon felt relieved.

"Li Ziqi, don't scare yourself. Sun Mo is just an intern teacher, so which student would want to be his personal disciple? Sun Mo must have been rejected continuously and is feeling very dejected now. Hmph, let Li Ziqi save you!"

Just thinking of this, Li Ziqi quickened her footsteps. While she was searching for Sun Mo's figure, her mind couldn't help but recall the day when Sun Mo saved her life at Yunting Lake.

"'If your heart is clear, there's no need to fear any wind and rain'. Sun Mo said it so well!"

Li Ziqi murmured.

Under the shade of the tree next to the campus, there were more than ten groups of students squatting around. They had been commanded by their teachers to keep a watch on people. The moment they saw a teacher's targeted student, they must report back immediately.

When Li Ziqi stepped through the school gate, everyone was expressionless for a moment, and a commotion followed thereafter.

"Did I see correctly? Isn't that Li Ziqi?"

The gaze of an average-looking student followed Li Ziqi. He was stunned. Other students were flipping through the information booklets given to them by their teachers.

It was of no surprise that the first person on the first page was Li Ziqi. Other students' drawings only consisted of head portraits, while Li Ziqi's drawing had a full-body portrait.

"What is Li Ziqi doing here? Even if she's not going to the Nine Greats, she should at least be at Myriad Daos Academy!"

An uglier-looking student could not understand.

"She could be here to join in the fun?"

Another average-looking student made a guess. But after he spoke, the rest of the students started running off immediately. Hence, he quickly went to report to Teacher Jiang.

Even though the teachers hadn't specifically mentioned Li Ziqi, since a student like her had arrived at the school, it was mandatory to report back immediately. Otherwise, they would be punished for it.

Li Ziqi had only strolled for a while before a middle-aged teacher came up to recommend himself. But after speaking a few sentences, he walked off with disappointment.

"Look, even such an old guy who has been a teacher for over ten years stand no chance. It's even more impossible for us."

Yuan Feng felt a little nervous and scared.

Zhang Sheng frowned as he looked at Li Ziqi. He couldn't stop thinking of ways to convince Li Ziqi to become his student.

A student of Li Ziqi's level was actually out of his league. But since he encountered her by chance now, he must seize the opportunity.

"Should we...should we tell Ludi?"

Yuan Feng suggested.

"What is the use of telling him?"

Zhang Sheng scoffed.

Yuan Feng was stunned and couldn't help but let out a mocking smile. What he said was true, what could Ludi be doing here? Would he come to deliver some braised pig trotters? Li Ziqi wasn't Teacher Zhou and would not be enticed by a few pieces of braised meat.

Eventually, Zhang Sheng realized that many teachers had come upon hearing the news. Some of them were daring and directly went up to recommend themselves, but the others with lower confidence just followed behind her, not leaving.

"So many competitors!"

Zhang Sheng observed his surroundings, calculating his probability of success. When he saw that Qin Fen was about to act, his heart instantly leaped into his throat. 

It was inevitable. The three words 'Jixia Learning Palace' were highly regarded.

It took roughly ten seconds for Li Ziqi to reject him tactfully. Qin Fen stood at the same spot, looking embarrassed.

"Eh, such a short amount of time, he probably has not even finished his self-introduction."

Ludi sighed. It seemed like the title of Jixia Learning Palace's graduate wasn't useful either.

"See, he has not given up. He is chasing her up again."

Zhang Sheng was elated to see how Qin Fen faced defeat.

Qin Fen's second round of self-recommendation was naturally fruitless. Li Ziqi wasn't annoyed and managed to reject him politely.

This scene caused many unconfident teachers to cower.

The morning's sunlight slowly became stronger.

After following her for a while, Zhang Sheng started tidying his hair and arranging his collar. He carefully smoothened every crease along his long robe.

"Zhang Sheng, cheer on, you are the best!"

After Zhang Sheng displayed his practiced smile, he quickened his footsteps and chased after Li Ziqi. He had decided to act before the great teachers arrived; otherwise, he might even lose the chance to recommend himself.

Yuan Feng was stunned for a while before quickly chasing up. Even though he knew he had no chance, he wanted to get to know her as he had never interacted with anyone close to Li Ziqi's status.

"Hi student Li, I am Zhang Sheng, a graduate of Songyang Academy."

Zhang Sheng did not stop Li Ziqi but followed beside her instead. He didn't introduce himself as an intern teacher; otherwise, he would be rejected immediately.

"I am Yuan Feng!"

Yuan Feng squeezed out a vibrant smile.

"Hi, both of you!"

Li Ziqi continued walking.

"Is student Li here to take a look around?"

Zhang Sheng did not go straight to the point. By chatting casually, he wanted to first create a good atmosphere.

(My gentle voice that sounds like a big brother next door would be able to leave a good impression, right?)

Zhang Sheng was somewhat complacent.


Li Ziqi observed her surroundings. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she ran toward the direction of the nearby flower bed. "Teacher Sun!"

"What Sun?"

Zhang Sheng had prepared more than ten back-up plans to ensure a smooth conversation with Li Ziqi, and he was confident that there would be no awkward silence. However, he was stunned when he heard the words 'Teacher Sun' come out of her mouth.

"How sad, he didn't even get a chance to speak!"

Yuan Feng felt a sense of gloat after seeing how Zhang Sheng faced his defeat, but as his gaze followed Li Ziqi's silhouette, his happiness turned into astonishment.

Sun Mo was sitting next to the flower bed with a lady in green.

"She couldn't be calling for Sun Mo, right?"

Yuan Feng murmured and shook his head. (What was I thinking? How could people like Sun Mo get to know Li Ziqi?)

"What kind of joke are you making?"

Zhang Sheng complained. However, he had a bad premonition because Li Ziqi was running toward Sun Mo, and she even shouted.

"Hi Teacher Sun, how are you?!"

Li Ziqi's voice wasn't loud, but under the bright morning sun, her voice pierced the ears of the teachers behind her, giving them a shock. 

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