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Awakening her metagene at the age of twelve, a transmigrated girl finds herself as the best fighter in the DC universe. A/N: That pic is not mine and if the owner would like me to remove it then I will do it as fast as possible.

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The city of Los Angeles, city of Angels as everyone knew its meaning. It had its fair share of scary moments like the debut of metahuman criminals but they had never thought a day like this day would come. A day when thirty three gang members were assassinated in the same way. The news sent turmoil in the underground especially when it came to light that they were all assassinated in just under thirty minutes! The perpetrator did not even alarm the last boss who was found in his locked office, throat slit. It sent chills of fear to every gang in the city, wondering who had hired such kind of an assassin. The news even made people like Deathstroke, Ra's Al Ghul and Sandra Wu San become very much interested.

"Mooom, Amy wants to snatch my phone away!" Cynthia snitched, making her sister jump away with a look of betrayal.

"I was not!" she defended herself.

"Was too!" Cynthia said back.

"Booger breath!" Amy decided to dish out insults.

"Flat chest!" Cynthia wasn't one to spare her sister with insults. Amy was taken back by that, unconsciously touching her BB sized breasts.

"At least I don't have pimples on my chest!" she dished out, making Cynthia feel the second most grievous emotional damage ever! She had no way to retort that so she turned to their mother who was driving them to school that morning.

"Mooom!" she whined, making the woman sigh in exasperation.

"You two, apologize!" she ordered. Amy look d aggrieved but a stare from their mother made her look down.

"I'm sorry," Amy sighed.

"Well, I'm sorry I called you flat chest," Cynthia said before a mischievous smirk appeared on her face. "I should have recognized your butt's twice as flat as your chest!" Then started another round of insults.

Due to her actions the other night, the whole of Los Angeles was on high alert. Their mother decided to drive them to school that day even if she was tired as hell from her night shift. Their father gets out of the hospital he works in at midday and then goes back at six, every day! To say this was an inconvenience it would be underrating it. When she dropped them off at school, she told them she would pick them up after school before forcefully kissing them goodbye. Cynthia noticed a lot of parents were doing the same and felt bad for the kids the coming days for she was not done, not for a long shot.

Cynthia looked at the Chinese Triad casino in front of her and took a deep breath in. The Triad was one of the most ruthless criminals in the city while also being the most business driven. They do not miss out the chance of making money which meant they had hand in many illegal activities in the city.

"Time to purge," she said while keeping the visor of the bike's helmet down. She got off the bike while also taking out a katana from it. She was dressed in the clothes she used the previous night and with the helmet on this time, she looked like a real assassin this time. She approached the front door, making the two guards take out their guns in caution.

"That's far enough. Take off your helmet, put the swo d on the ground and get on your knees," one of them shouted at her. Cynthia stopped approaching them before looking at her katana then back at them.


As soon as she said that, they both lost track of her only to have the first one's head flying off his body. His partner had not even realized this when his two hands were sliced off with one fluid motion. He looked dazed as his two hands fell to the grounds before his whole body just burst down into cubes. This all happened in just two seconds!

Cynthia walked into the casino, her sword not even bloody after cutting through two people! Someone fired at her but she swung the katana, slicing the bullet in half and then turning to the person that fired it. He was on the third floor, looking at her in a stunned petrification. She used the katana's tip to lob off a tile into the air and kicked right into the man's head, cutting it in half diagonally.

"Kyaaa!" a woman screamt at this moment starting a synchrony of screams as people started running away from her. But this were civilians for the Triad members came at her with righteous fury, armed with guns, swords, machetes, knives and even screwdrivers.

Cynthia did not allow them to surround her, starting her killing spree as soon as she spotted the first one. Her footing complemented her swordplay making it look beautiful to any spectator while deadly to the people she was targeting. With every swing, a corpse was left behind, the person not even knowing how he died. By the end of it all, she had just killed more than sixty members of the Triad and not even a wound on her.

Instead of going upstairs to finish off the others, she instead wiped the blood off her katana, turned around and walked out of the casino. The executives of the Triad were left in shock seeing her rev the bike and speeding off before they all sighed in relief.

"Who the fuck was that?" one of them asked in fright, wiping sweat off his face and neck.

"A reaper," another absent mindedly answered.

"Amazing," Slade Wilson said as he witched the video of the young girl dancing around her enemies, killing each and everyone of them with such finesse he was jealous.

"It sure is. I had no idea anyone can move like that," Ra's Al Ghul commented. "It's like she is sword dancing on a summer valley yet the contrast is telling a different story. Have you ever seen a fighting style like this, Savage?"

"I have seen a similar style but this is just too advanced, too perfect, too..." the large man with three scars running down his face did not get to finish the sentence for Slade Wilson did it for him.

"Beautiful," Vandal Savage looked at the man with no apparent look of disgruntlement.

"Yes," he agreed without mincing his words. "Deathstroke, you seem drawn to this young girl, do you know her?"

"Know her? I wish. I am drawn to her style of using the blade. Cutting an enemy a hundred times in just a second, that kind of swordmanship is very very rare, maybe even extinct. I want to know how she could have mastered it at such a young age," Deathstroke answered, eye not leaving the screen.

"I would also like to know the movement technique she was using!" Ra's Al Ghul commented.

"I still don't understand why she left those at the top alive," Klarion the Witch Boy spoke up.

"It's a true strategic move on her part, I have to give her that," Lex Luther said. "He took out the grunts and left the executives with no one to protect them. The other gangs will swallow them whole before they could even call for reinforcement!"

"The question that I want the answer to is this; what is her affiliation? Is she an assassin, a mercenary or a vigilante," Vandal Savage said, making everyone narrow their eyes. For most of them, having such a person become a vigilante and coming after them would be a loyal pain in the ass. She had no hesitation to kill and with her combat abilities, she was probably the most dangerous thing to the Light at the moment. "The Light will get the answer!"

Meanwhile in Gotham

"Subject's body shape appears to be a young female," Robin told his mentor, Batman who was silently listening to this. "Very dangerous; excellent swordmanship, having probably trained her body to the limit to make her so strong, fast and agile. Acute senses, having tracked, calculated and cut down a bullet as soon as it was fired at her. No aversion to killing which makes her even more dangerous. Strategist. I can't think of any more." Batman nodded at his protege.

"That will do for now. She will be your subject case for now. Compile every information you can about her and when you realize you have everything you need, report back to me," Batman said, dismissing him. Robin nodded and quickly ran out to complete his file while Batman looked at the frozen frame of the girl cutting a gang member in half with her katana.

"Who are you?" The scowl showed he frowned even more. "What are you?"