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Awakening her metagene at the age of twelve, a transmigrated girl finds herself as the best fighter in the DC universe. A/N: That pic is not mine and if the owner would like me to remove it then I will do it as fast as possible.

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Cynthia could not help but think about the guy she just met, Vigilante. Doing a quick search on her phone, she came to know Vigilante was actually a wanted vigilante in ten states. He had fought Green Arrow and nearly killed his protege when they got in his way of administering his kind of justice. Also, the man had no qualms in killing bystanders.

But, she could understand. Nobody had the kind of control she had. The kind of control that would let her kill three people with one strike of a sword even if they are surrounded by civilians. Suddenly, as she was applying the clutch to change gears, she found she had crushed the handle and already broken the gear pedal. The bike started wobbling out of control making her jump down and getting hold of it from behind.

"I am constantly growing stronger," she sighed.

She lifted the bike with one hand and with a slight exhale, threw it to the sky with all her might. A sonic boom was left behind, devastating the environment around her as the bike flew out of the planet in such speed must of it was already in ashes by the time it was in space! The faster one goes, the bigger the air friction till it might become like running through a brick wall. Cynthia never believed that one can become a speedster without having super strength and durability for just the wind sheer was enough to tear a person's body to the bone.

"Looks like I will need Naruto world kind of knowledge," Cynthia thought. She is hen disappeared, or rather it appeared so for she was moving so fast she would not be registered even in a motion camera. She got to her base where she locked the doors and went to her meditation mart.

"Alright Absolute Combat don't fail me now," she thought as she thought of a way to learn sealing arts or rather, fuinjutsu. Then, as if the content was downloaded, she received the knowledge of how to use them instantly, making her open her eyes.

This has been a natural occurrence to her. Any combat knowledge she wanted was delivered to her with her body instantly mastering it all! She did not have any idea just how broken her metagenes were until she decided to incorporate gravitational force as a form of martial arts. Now, she has mastered the form to the zenith, a form of combat that would imitate crushing gravitational forces with every hit, completely pulverizing anyone.

"Let's start this," she thought as clenched her fists then extended her second and third fingers of each hand that had a glowing blue flame. With her left hand fingers, she ran the fingers on her clothes, burning them off.

Taking a deep breath in, she visualized what she wanted. Because her body was always increasing in power, probably to make her have an Absolute body that could contain the entire of her power, she needed to make sure her strength did not hurt her parents or sister accidentally. She thought of sealing it but that was dumb. So, she thought of a seal that would let her control the kind of power she would be using.

She would still be growing infinitely but outwards when she was with her parents and sister, she would seem like a normal twelve year old child even to Lucifer himself. Thinking of this, she started drawing on her stomach; been a big fan of Naruto she felt excited. The seal resembled the eight trigrams sealing style. But, while Naruto's would be called an expert's hers, it was godlike. That was the true effect of Absolute Combat, bringing techniques to the zenith of their potential. If this was a xinxia novel, if she was studying low level martial arts, they would have been instantly transformed to the pinnacle of martial arts!

"Huu!" Cynthia let out a sigh of comfort once she was done making the seal. She walked up to a mirror and looked at the seals.

"They look good. With the genjutsu added that made sure nobody saw them, I will just be a normal girl in everyone's eyes. And, I can adjust my power accordingly so I won't have to burst open Amy's head when I prank her," Cynthia sighed in relief. "Also, now that I have these, what's stopping me from having all kinds of jutsus?" She just thought about it and the information flooded his brain while his body instantly mastered them all! With a clap of his hand, a poof was heard as a shadow clone appeared in front of her.

"Amazing," she marveled as she touched her clone's cheek (A/N: Not that cheek!). "You feel so real! Just how powerful are you?"

"Honestly, I don't feel weaker," the clone said, making Cynthia be more amazed. "I know you're the original and all but can...can you stop looking at me like that, it's creeping me out!" Cynthia was brought back to reality with that declaration.

"Sorry. You know what to do?" she asked seriously.

"I am to stay with your family and live your life as Cynthia Winnick. I am to put everyone in a genjutsu to make them think my heart did not change thereby making sure Cynthia Winnick and Helmet Killer are not remotely connected," the clone said.

"Alright then, have a nice one," Cynthia said as the clone transformed to her size before she had her growth spurt and then disappeared in an excellent use of superspeed. "Now I can focus more on vigilante work and think of Vigilante's offer."

But before she could do that, she had to fortify her base now that she had fuinjutsu to work with. First of all was to make sure nobody would be able to see it using technology or X-ray vision. For this, she decided to use a three way seal. Her fingers glowed with the blue fire and she started drawing the seal.

If she were to be honest, fuinjutsu gave her a sense of tranquility that few martial arts could. She found herself enjoying drawing the seals before thinking of how to draw even more seals and even more seals. For a whole day, she kept on drawing seals upon seals, overlapping other seals but in a complimentary way and when she connected them all, all the seals glowed and what she saw amazed her even more.

"I...I drew one entire seal which is a combination of hundreds of smaller seals!" she could not believe the beauty of it all. The fact that she might have gone overboard with the sealing did not enter her mind at all. "This is the most beautiful piece of work ever." The seal started working immediately and the roof above her turned into a starry night with twinkling stars illuminating it.

"I can stare at it all day," she sighed.

More show of how vast her power is. More a coming.

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