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Awakening her metagene at the age of twelve, a transmigrated girl finds herself as the best fighter in the DC universe. A/N: That pic is not mine and if the owner would like me to remove it then I will do it as fast as possible.

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Justice League Meeting

Sometimes it take someone doing something completely out of everybody's expectations so that they can considered a threat. Most of the League members had ignored the threat that is now called the Helmet Killer due to his targets just being criminals and assigning Captain Atom to take her down. But, the moment it was confirmed she almost killed Bane and killed Deadshot because he saved Bane from her clutches, they were all alarmed and Batman had called a meeting.

"All in attendance," Batman called out, getting nods in return. This meeting was that grave. "The topic of our discussion is the criminal murderer given the name Helmet Killer." Wonderwoman immediately raised her arm.

"I would like to bring in the motion of capturing her and turning her over to the Amazons!" she said, making everyone double take, even Batman.

"You want to take in a murderer to you home island?" he asked just to confirm.

"I see a great warrior restricted by the laws of men while you all see a psychopathic murderer," Wonderwoman explained.

"I have to agree with Wonderwoman on her last sentence. This young lady exudes the air and charisma of a warrior. Maybe, we should consider that while judging her," Martian Manhunter added. Batman just nodded before projecting pictures of bodies that made Captain Marvel want to throw up.

"Two hundred and thirty eight, that's the people this warrior has killed," Batman said, making the place even more quiet. "We have always had a rule among us, no killing. I am sure some of us have gone to that extent at the past but ever since the Justice League was formed, by that has been the rule above all else. What this "warrior" is doing is taking lives in the name of justice, taking the law in her hands and blatantly disregarding the law put forth by our forefathers!"

"We should also take into account there has never been civilian collateral damage while she is doing her vigilante work," Hawk Girl said out loud, making everyone to look at Batman with question marks on their faces.

"It is true, in fact the fight between her and Bane's entourage would have gone different if it was me and him at the place. But, the fact that no civilian life has been lost has been rather miraculous so far. Even as she uses the bus as a launch pad to the building where she pursued Deadshot, no civilian was harmed by her!" Batman said, making the Leaguers become slack jawed.

"I have a terrifying notion," Superman spoke up, making everyone look at him. "I am no stranger to this actually with all my strength. But, I actually think she might be holding back. Deliberately using lesser power so that civilian lives will not be at risk! Even after doing all of this...this cruelty, she makes sure civilian lives are not endangared during her fights." The others nodded at this.

"Let us not forget her fighting skills," Black Canary voiced out. Batman took this moment to play a video taken by a civilian of Bane and Helmet Killer fighting.

Bane was a very good fighter, despite his use of drug enhancement, Batman can attest to that. So, seeing how Helmet Killer was dodging his blows like a leaf in the wind, with such ease it was just impossible, their perception of her was changing. When she slammed an open fist on Ban's stomach and sent him flying away, it was done in such a way one would just scream 'Perfection!' at the action.

"Deadly with a gun, sword and hand to hand combat while having undisplayed superstrength, speed and senses! If she were to fall to the other side there is few seconds that can stop her," Green Lantern Hal Jordan noted noted and most of the League members could agree to that.

"You speak as if she has not already fallen to that category," Captain Atom said, neutrally. He rarely showed his emotions and he was not starting at the moment.

"Perhaps I have more news that can sway your opinions either way," Batman added, catching the attention of everyone.

"I spoke to Bane when he was receiving medical attention. Apparently that one attack had almost killed him. But, he talked with Helmet Killer before she tried to kill him for good and apparently, she sounded like a young girl," Batman said. This was news to everybody.

"How young?" Wonderwoman asked first.

"Probably thirteen to fourteen years old, that is the age bracket he could put her," Batman answered. There was silence in the Hall before Flash spoke up.

"I think that is the kind of news you would open up with, Batman," Flash was rarely serious but this was one of them times.

"I wanted to hear your opinions before been swayed by her age. I can all of you are now looking at the picture rather conflictedly. If I was a lesser man I would have withheld the information till the voting started. Now, we are coming to the final stretch of this meeting, voting. What do we do with her? Wonderwoman suggested indoctrinating her into the Amazon island," Batman said. Everyone felt that that might be one of the best solutions in helping the kid.

"I have another suggestion. We have seen the girl is trying to be a hero. She is a great warrior but perhaps what she needs is a mentor to help her get her hero spirit," Martian Manhunter said. Batman could see most of the Leaguers already accepting the idea already. To have such a talent into the Justice League was bolstering the heroes with more serious firepower.

"I see most of you are already agreeing," Batman said then added with finality. "If the girl agrees then she can become a sidekick to one of you. Then, who shall it be?" Black Canary lifted her arm almost immediately. Batman looked at Batman in surprise, his gaze already asking her the question in his mind.

"You want a hero to join your ranks. If I were to mentor her then I would be producing an even more effective warrior. Black Canary is most suited for the role," she answered out loud. Batman was impressed by the growing maturity of the sheltered princess.

"Good. Black Canary, you shall be given the job of finding and convincing the girl to become your sidekick," Batman said then suddenly became serious. "Now we come to the grave part. What shall we do when she refuses to join Black Canary?"

"We arrest and through the book at her," Superman said with finality.

"So, we break the rules when it suits us and then we enforce them when it doesn't? How's that what we should emulate?" Captain Marvel said out loud, stunning Superman and everyone else.

"Captain Marvel is right. We need to be impartial with our decision here. Since she will be joining if she agrees, we have to give her punishment that is partial to the reward," Martian Manhunter said. There was silence in the hall for a few minutes before someone spoke up.

"Perhaps we could punish her when she joins so that she does know killing is wrong that way the partial thing we can do is throwing the book at her when she doesn't," Red Tornado answered. Most of the Leaguers nodded in agreement.

"What punishment would that be?" Batman asked.

"We will leave that to her mentor to decide. All in favor to the meetings agreed here?" Everyone rose their hands. "Then it shall be so, meeting adjourned."

Guys, humor me and tell me what kind of punishment Black Canary can give her. Any perverse punishment will be immediately discarded.

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