Absolute Combat: Fanfic

Awakening her metagene at the age of twelve, a transmigrated girl finds herself as the best fighter in the DC universe. A/N: That pic is not mine and if the owner would like me to remove it then I will do it as fast as possible.

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Dangerous Mind

'Shit, she must be faster than the third seal can handle!' Cynthia thought to herself. Her mind was boiling up excuses, before she found the right one.

"H...Hi, I am Eunice," she greeted her, taking up the appearance of a nervous girl.

"Kare Kent," Kara introduced herself.

"I...I know. You are actually why I came here. Sorry for going into the barn, I was nervous," Cynthia said.

"About what?" Kara questioned.

"It's like this. I saw you at school then I started having these feelings for you and now I'm wondering whether you will allow me to take you to dinner," Cynthia said. Kara was stunned by the revelation. She knew Earth customs was weird and she had heard of two people of the same sex getting in a relationship. But, for it to happen to her was a shocker.

"Umm...sorry but I do not...uhm, indulge like that," she said, trying to explain herself well enough not to appear crass.

"It's fine. I mean, why would you be a lesbian, right? Sorry, I totally embarrassed myself!" she said, acting flustered before turning like she was going to run away.

"Hey, listen," Kara called her out getting hold of her arm, stopping her from leaving. "I might not be available romantically but I can be your friend."

'Shit! Cynthia cursed imwardly. "Really?"

"Yes, really. I've been in town for two months and you are the first person from school to come visit me. We can be friends if you want. Besides, I want to gloat to my cousin when he come over."

'Superman's coming over here? Well, it looks like I'm improvising,' Cynthia thought before smiling at Kara. "I'm okay with that if your aunt and uncle are."

"Oh, right, I'll tell them. Stay right there," Kara said, barely holding herself back from flying to them, running in a peak human speed. Cynthia made sure she was out of sight before clapping her hand and a clone appeared in front of her.

"Original is stupid. Luckily, we are here to clean your mess," the clone mocked her before she disappeared with a swirl of leaves. Kara came back almost immediately which shower Cynthia she must have used superspeed.

"They said they would be happy to have you," she said, happily.

'Good, all according to plan,' Cynthia smirked inwardly.

"So, you are Hendrickson's adopted daughter, huh? How's your father?" Jonathan Kent asked her.

"He's doing alright," Cynthia answered, putting down a comb she was gnawing at. 'The clone works fast!'

"You and Kara in the same grade?" Martha asked.

"I'm in the eighth grade," Cynthia answered for she did not even know Kara's grade.

"She's in the ninth. How did you become friends?" Martha answered, firing a question again.

"Well, she came to drop off something I lost and we talked a little bit before I invited her for dinner," Kara lied while giving her a subtle look.

"I'm home!" a male voice said as the front door was opened. A 6'3, black haired, blue eyed, mascular man walked in with a bright smile on his face. Just then, memories flooded Cynthia's mind, making her almost smile. While the Kents were welcoming Clark, Cynthia was ready to grin.

'Nothing like a plan unfolding nicely,' she thought as she got up and took Clark's hand.

"Hello there," he greeted her warm heartedly.

"Hello, sir," she said before they sat down.

"How was the flight from Metropolis?" Jonathan asked. Cynthia almost laughed at their blatant use of her ignorance to mask his powers.

"Surprisingly not bumpy. But I'm sure you don't want to hear about that," Clark said and turned to Cynthia. "I'm Clark Kent."

'Ah, introduce yourself first so I'm obligated to introduce myself without pressure. Batman's teaching you well,' Cynthia analysed.

"Eunice Hendrickson," she said. Clark expected her to say more but he was bound to be disappointed.

"She's a friend I made today," Kara jumped in.

"Ah, a friend of Kara is a friend to the Kents," Clark said with a warm smile.

'Not for long. And, touch down!' Cynthia thought and just then, something crashes through the ceiling, landing on the dinner table with a crash. It was a reptilian like creature that screeched when it set it's eyes on Superman.

'Oof, can't she tone it down a little!' Cynthia growled, glaring at the reptlie.

"Everyone, get out!" Clark said as he tried to get it's attention by waving his hands. The reptile replied by smacking its tail onto him, sending him flying out of the house.

"Let's go, sweety," Martha said as she took Cynthia's hand and ran out with her in tow while Jonathan took a different route.

"What about Kara? She's still in there," Cynthia played her roll of a terrified teen well.

"She'll catch up," Martha said but then, another reptile landed in front of them. Martha screeched to a halt and the reptile backhanded her away.

"That was a little too powerful!" Cynthia told the reptile that just huffed.

"It will make it more believable," the reptile said before super jumping into the house where Kara was holding her own against the first reptile. When the second joined, she was completely outmatched in a second, been hit unconscious.

"Kara!" Superman shouted as she smashed into the house and hit the first reptile thought the other wall, right outside the house. The other reptile engaged him in a fight, surprising the Kryptonians but just how much it was fluent with hand to hand combat.

'Crocodile style martial arts. Using one's bite force, claws and tail to fight like a crocodile, only more coordinated and deadly,' Cynthia thought. The first reptile sneaked up on Superman while he was engaged and clamped down on his left hand shoulder.

"Aargh!" Superman roared in pain then punched its snout, making it release him. But, it span and landing a heavy blow with its tail, sending him flying away. The reptile had blood on its mouth, making it smirk and it disappeared, leaving the second one behind. It turned to look at Cynthia and charged at her.

"No, no, no!" Cynthia cried out in terror as a huge mouth clamped down on her, swallowing her whole. Superman, who had recovered, saw this and roared in rage while the reptile just smirked and it disappeared. Superman fell on his knees when he saw this, despair written on his face.

"I...I failed her!" he thought out loud.

"Alright, Kryptonians blood heist completed, baby!" Cynthia shouted as all the clones cheered, celebrating.

"I can't believe how devious you can be, boss," a clone said.

"Yeah, Using genjutsu on everyone in town, implanting yourself as a well like girl both in school and out there. Not to talk about implanting fake documents in the system to make sure you were alive in the school and foster systems!" a clone said.

"All that to take Superman's blood and breaking his spirit when you "died". But, why go through all this? Why do this instead of just taking the blood?"

"Because," Cynthia said out loud, "just because! I felt like going out of norm and I just did it."

"Might I suggest that it is because of our power!" one clone shouted.

"What do you mean?" Cynthia asked.

"Our power, it is Absolute Combat. We are growing more powerful so that we can become even more combat deadly. So, it's my assumption that we have just discovered something else, doing the unexpected. I'm thinking it's something that helps us become totally unpredictable even to ourselves and thus making us a totally different variable to any strategist!"

"The Thinker?" a clone shouted, making everyone become grim.

"I don't know but it must be that someone with enough thinking power was watching us, he might have predicted everything else but what we did,"

"So that's why it made no sense! We have caught the intrigue of a very capable strategist!" Cynthia concluded. "This means either Superman or Kara Zor-El are being targeted by a being of either 11 or 12 level intellect!"