Abomination Contract  Loving the Enemy BL/Yaoi Book

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Abomination Contract Loving the Enemy BL/Yaoi


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Two opposite nations, one magical and mystic, other industrial, full of machinery, fought for generations against each other, the never-ending war reaching its pinnacle of destruction and death. And yet, instead of going for peace, some choose to mess with things that should have been kept dormant for eternity… …What? What side am I? Well, I’m on the winning side of course… The abomination’s side. ~~~~~ ML: Sit. MC: F* you! ML: Hand. MC: F* you! Scram! ML: Belong only to me. MC:… MC:… Tsk, I guess I don’t have a choice have I? ~~~~Warning~~~~ Mature content, including gore, explicit smut, swearing, relationship between men. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This book contains some misspellings that are being edited along the way. ~~@ノ"


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