The Base That Everyone Wanted

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Abel couldn't hammer the base as perfectly as he did wit his Horadric Malus, but his sick muscles guaranteed that every hit was successful.

He wasn't even listening to the cheering around him. He was all focused on hitting the base with his hammer. His left hand was locked on the thong that was clamping the base, and it was searching for the right position to make the next hit.

It was all happening in an instance. His second strike came immediately after the first one. Black sparks started shooting out. The base didn't even fly out of the thong. It just stayed there as the 700-pound hammer kept on hitting it.

"It's been two hits now," Master Morry murmured.

When what was considered "unusual" became the norm, all the surprise and shock would be turned into a sense of numbness. Everyone was cheering for Abel at the start, but the more they saw how his hammer was hitting on the base, the more silent they became as they kept on watching.