1 Chapter 1: Anything For You, Sister

"Get her!" "She's over there!" A ruckus left the whole market into a frenzy as two vendors shout at the woman with the red hood running whilst she had stolen goods in her possession. Everyone was left in shock as they watched the two men and the young-looking girl, play cat and mouse by the crowded marketplace with the girl outsmarting the two men multiple times due to her incredible flexibility.

While running, the woman ran over to the alleyways to get the vendors off her track but this only made her stand out more since there was no longer a crowd of people covering her. Making her like a deer in the headlights as the two angry vendors continued to chase her.

"Come back here you thief! Don't you get ashamed of stealing your red riding hood!" The man shouted at her.

The people around the town called her "Red Riding Hood" distinguishable from the bright ruby-red hood she wears to cover her face. Not only that but she's notorious for stealing a lot of things, such as food, medical supplies. Basic supplies that any human needs.

"I'm sorry sir but my sister really needs this!" The woman in the red hood responded back as she got up on one of the ledges of the roof. Using her nimble and lightweight, she used the pipes to climb up on the roof so that she would be out of reach from them.

"Please don't have magic! Please don't have magic!" She crosses her fingers as the men looked at her from above in a pit of rage and they have the right to do so. After all, she's stolen a very expensive magic crystal from the two that is worth more than a house.

"Get down from here! Bring that back now young lady!" The man scolded her like how you would scold a child.

"Sorry, sir. Like I said. My sister needs this! If she doesn't get this. She might die. I'm sorry sir." She turns her back at the men as they started screaming at the top of their lungs for her to come back but she just covered her ears from the guilt of seeing them suffer.

She didn't particularly enjoy the idea of stealing. It's something completely against her morals but her situation didn't exactly give her a choice. She tried everything she could to survive due to an incident that happened years ago.

POV: Lisa Monola

FLASHBACKS ( 4 Years Ago)

I remember it vividly, not long ago. I lived a happy life with both of my parents, two men that loved each other very much but were condemned by the whole town due to how they were "abnormal" in people's eyes. Nevertheless, even if we were cast out, I still enjoyed every time I spent with them. They filled my heart with nothing but love and compassion. Too much love for a child that's never theirs. They were strange, but that's why I loved them and cared for them.

One day, the townspeople's disdain, turned into hatred when they mercilessly attacked both of my fathers with a spell in an attempt to "cleanse" them but it only ended up in their deaths. I was flabbergasted at the sight but I'm even more shocked at how the town's people acted. They all laughed and found it amusing to see two of the men that took care of me just perish in front of me.

"Stop that! What have you done!" My anger exploded at their laughter. It was very insulting to see them make fun of the people that took care of me like they were my own child. A tear started to fall down on my eyes, going to the two of them to cry.

"Dad!" My voice wobbling I dashed towards them as they were in their final breaths. They looked at me but instead of hating what the people did to them. They just smiled and stroked my hair as I cried.

"Take care of your sister...." Those were their last words to me. At first, I didn't understand what they meant by it but in reality, gave me the cruelest way to find out when I saw my sister suddenly just faint in front of me when we were doing chores.

She had a problem with how she absorbs mana from the air. This caused her to need a source of mana near her at all times to just survive. That's why I tried to work hard to get myself enough money just so I can buy one of those magic crystals but I realized that the thing she needed caused more than our own house and being unskilled and not finishing school. I couldn't do anything to save her. That's why I had to turn to steal.


I opened the door to our wooden cabin in the middle of the forest. The door slightly creaked loudly as the wood is merely rotten and damaged by the termites that infested our place. "Oh boy.." I sighed to myself. Placing all of my belongings on the table and grabbing the magic crystal to immediately place it on the machine that my sister uses to absorb mana.

This won't be for long and in another month. I'll have to steal another one of them just to sustain you sister... I looked into her eyes as her skin was pale as snow, laying down on the bed as the sun shined down on us.

"I miss you sister," I spoke softly to her. Even if she can't hear me or see me. I can feel her presence. "I miss father and dad too.. if they were here. They would know what to do with you. They were better in magic than me anyhow." I sighed. Grabbing a different colored coat to head over to the black market.

"I can't stay here. I need to make money for us tonight or I won't have anything to feed you." I stroked her hair as her eyes remained closed. "I'll do anything for you, sister."

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