I don't want to die, atleast not now. Its been so many days may be 5 days or 7 or 9, I dont know. This is not what i want, there should be some chance to escape this room but there is no light, i cant see anything and I'm weak. I think its the end of my life. I tried alot, but its just making me weak beacause the walls are so strong and the door, I cant feel any where, probably they threw me from the top, tried climbing but failed. My own feces kept me alive till now but its gonna end soon, im dying.....A sound like a blast,a sudden pain in eyes bright very very bright light hit me straight into face, lot of effort in opening my eyes atlast I got to see the opened roof, burnt infact, I'm pretty sure its a thunder. Is it GOD? really? i'm just a day away from death in an unknown dark room and tried till this moment....just like that in a simple thunder....ohh God!! are you kidding me !!! why cant you do this before??

I escaped the place and It looks like a haunted forest, may be with some lions or tigers whatever, but atleast its not dark. I really dont know where i'm heading towards but i know its already too late to visit him, the one who made me stuck here atleast i belive its him.

Before knowing about him, better i will tell about me first. I am the king of this country, 'The Great kingdom of AVEENA' and the fellas call me lord CICERO.

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