Chapter 279: Master-Disciple Secret Meeting

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The feast at Bai Lu's house began promptly and the atmosphere improved significantly with the absence of Bai Liushi.

It's well-known that Bai Lu's family had a longstanding feud with Bai Fu's. Someone, after downing a few drinks to calm their nerves, said, "Bai Yibo has the same long nose and high forehead as his Uncle Fu. Now that he's getting involved with that widow Zhou, it's truly a delight to our hearts!"

Bai Lu, not wanting to embarrass Bai Yihong, glared at the loudmouth and said, "Don't bring that subject up ever again. I don't want my drinking mood ruined!"

The speaker, Bai Lu's third son, shrunk his neck back in response and didn't dare say anything more.

However, at the table behind Bai Ruozhu, two younger men started whispering to each other.