1 Rahmat

It was November 3, 1670. The era of the emperor Mahil din Muhammad who is also known by his reginal title Alamgir ( conqueror of the world ). It was during his rule that there lived a boy born to poor farmers. His name was Rahmat, a stout lad of 16 years of age. Inspite of the family not getting enough food to feed themselves, the boy had grown up wonderfully. Nobody knew whether that was because of the providence provided by Allah (God) or because the boy had a single minded dream of improving the condition of his family or both. Rahmat was very dutiful and was always eager to lend a helping hand to his father and mother ; whether it be helping with the farm or selling farmed products, Rahmat always was ready to help.

Last winter he had seen his father and mother get tortured by the cold and the leaky roof of their hut. He had fixed the hut, but his parents forbade him from working in the paddy fields as he did not know how to do the job properly. So whenever his father had time, he taught his son the nuances of the job.

This year though Rahmat was ready and wanted to help them out by working in the fields. He wanted to buy warm clothes for his father and mother so that this winter he can keep them warm. He had always seen his mother sew any meager clothes that they had into sweaters for her son so that he would not be cold. But they themselves will be cold during the wintry nights as they had no extra clothes to protect themselves from the harsh winter.

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