Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World.

Discord: https://discord.gg/aSpmGRe This novel has a shared universe with "Sona, A Goddess Queen in a Modern World". In an infinite universe, millions of beings cultivated to attain supremacy. Some with good fortune reached the rank of God Earl after a few millennia, some didn't even reach the rank of God. This story is about Aatrox, the God-King who managed to kill a God-Emperor. But after an event, he died and was reincarnated in the body of Benjamin, a high school student who had an accident and was in a coma for 3 years. Follow the journey of Aatrox, the God-King of War in a modern world. "Livestream? I can do it!", "Sing? I can do it!", "Act? I can do it!", "Destroy a mountain because my favorite anime character died? I never did it ... I I swear it wasn't me !!!" "In this life, I'll live as how I want!" ** Disclaimer: The book cover design isn't mine, if the author wants me to remove, please email golldrum@gmail.com I will remove. **

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Sleepying Beauty

"Ahh!" Aatrox shocked, jumped out of his bed. The memories of what happened keeping him in an alarmed state.

'Where am I?' He wondered as he looked around at his new surroundings. 'The recollection of his assassination still hung at the front of his mind. After Aatrox killed the God-Emperor, he rested to recuperate his health. Little did he know that an assassin was waiting for their fight to finish to reap their rewards.'

From a lowly commoner, Aatrox fought his way to the top of the cultivating world. What took God-Kings at least 100 millennia took Aatrox just 5. The blood of cultivators covered his path to godhood and blood of his enemies further improved his cultivation and gave him the title "God of War". When Aatrox took his first step on the summit of the cultivation world, only a couple of God-Kings could stand against him on the battlefield. After millennia of not finding a worthy opponent, Aatrox and the God-Emperor had a quarrel which led to a grand battle. The aftermath led to thousand of galaxies being grounded into dust and sucked dry of life. And only after a tireful battle did Aatrox finally succeed in slaying Aurelion Sol and ending his reign of the universe. However, while recuperating after the battle, Kayn The Shadow Assassin and a fellow Darkin like Aatrox, stepped out of the shadows and slew Aatrox with the Darkin scythe Rhaast.

Now, looking around, he sees a white room with some weird contraptions he has never seen before attached to it. Before Aatrox can even get these strange devices out of him, he hears a noise from one of the devices and the door opens as a woman walks in with a worried look on her face.

Looking at Aatrox lying in bed, the woman dressed in pink is startled and smiles with happiness. As she approached she began to say a few words in a language Aatrox didn't understand. After her, other people dressed just as she entered the room followed by a man in a white coat holding a clipboard.

'How strange, in the infinite cosmos there was never even one language that a God-King didn't know, but now these people are speaking in a language i've never heard of.' Aatrox thought as he tried to use his energy to translate it.

It was fruitless, even trying hard Aatrox had failed to use even 0.000 ... 001% of his original strength.

'Did I die and reincarnate?' Aatrox thought to himself as he looked at these strange people curiously. Since Aatrox began his cultivation, he has never been surrounded by so many people other than his enemies. Like the God-King of War, Aatrox was a thousand times more likely to make a good enemy to fight than a good friend to drink.

But strangely, after waking up in this strange place, Aatrox could not feel his thirst for battle. So while people were fiddling with their machines, Aatrox kept looking curiously to try to understand their language.

As Aatrox looked at people, they fiddled with various machines while the extremely smiling white-coated man tried to talk to Aatrox.

Suddenly, Aatrox who only felt true pain during his fight against the God-Emperor Aurelion Sol felt an unbearable pain in his head before passing out.


On a beach in Brazil, a family was resting during their December vacation.

An American man with black hair and green eyes was sitting in a beach chair while watching his Brazilian wife play with her twin children on the beach.

'It would be perfect if Benjamin were here ...' Alex thinks of his son who had an accident three years ago.

His son Benjamin was a very shy boy, always isolated from everyone, never had many friends, much of his time was spent on online games. But even with these problems, Alex felt that his son loved his family, was just ashamed to show.

His wife Amanda missed her son very much, but in the three years he was in a coma, he showed no sign of waking up.

His twin children were 1 year old when he had the accident, so his only memories of him are during our hospital visits.

"Trriiiiiiim ♫ "

While Alex was lost in thought, his phone rang. Looking at the caller, his face lost its color.

"Hello?" Alex said in a worried voice afraid the worst had happened.

But contrary to his expectations, the voice on the phone was very lively. "Alex, your son woke up !!!"

"Wh-whaaat? What did you say?!?" Unbelieving what his friend had said, Alex shouts, drawing the attention of everyone around him as tears stream down his face.

Seeing this, Amanda feels her heart tighten and runs back with the children to Alex's side.

"Yes Alex !! Benji woke up a minute ago, he was about 20 seconds awake but that could mean he can wake up again anytime." The caller of this while laughing on the other end of the line feeling happy for his friend.

Hearing this Alex drops his cell phone and rushes to hug his wife and children to tell them the good news.

Amanda falls to her knees and begins to cry with happiness as the children worry about their mother for not understanding what is happening.

"A knight kissed our brother to rid him of the curse?" Said Bruna while looking at her brother who also thought that his brother was like Sleeping Beauty.


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