Reviews of A World Where Normal People Don't live


A World Where Normal People Don't live


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It's a fun read I kinda liked the author notes in the middle of the story feels like I am reading along with the author, [img=recommend][img=recommend]

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Pretty good..........................................but a couple of parts don't make sense, also some minor details....................................but overall solid 4 good read :D keep going author!!!


very interesting so far, can't wait to see what happens next. although you definitely need to work on your grammar. some of your sentences didn't make sense either because of misplaced words, phrasing, or sentence structure.


Dear author I absolutely love this book. It truly is amazing how I can vision a new world through your eyes. Each character is unique in its own way yet they link to form a wonderful master piece known as mystery. You have me hooked to each word and chapter can't wait to see what happens next


I really enjoy the author’s humor mixed into what would otherwise be very serious. I can feel the author enjoys writing, which makes me enjoy the story that much more. The story itself is interesting and I look forward to seeing where it goes. Well done!


This book is great! I love how the author delivered the story well, even though I got a little surprise reading this, the story went well and I can say that the author did his/her best to write this. Well-written! But yeah, if I can say more, the author just need to separate author's note(put it at the end of the chapters) if needed since I got a little surprise reading 'author' there (nobody thought you sucks, you're doing great!). But overall, This is great, I recommend it!


The story was well written and I enjoyed reading it especially with the MC's character. Some things are a bit confusing but overall it is a job well done. Good luck and all the best.


Gotta read this one! it's very interesting! I was immediately hooked from the very first long paragraph! And the writing is so awesome! The descriptions gives me a nice image and made it easier to indulge myself in the story. Overall it's freakin good!!


interesting premise, i definitely dig the mysterious atmosphere! can't wait for more chapters to learn more about the characters and the overall storyline <333


Surely I got attracted to the theme of the book by the synopsis and then got hooked while reading the first few chapters. Very well written plot. It is so an intriguing story. Your storytelling is great. 👍👍👍💖 Great work fellow author.👍👍👍 I recommend the story to read by everyone. It's really good book.


Lovely story. The author took their time and created an amazing Story. One I read the first chapter I could not keep it down. It’s A must read for everyone.🥰❤️🥰❤️


A well thought story.. The synopsis can be improved and although the grammar may not be the best, it's not bad either. looking forward to what happens next in this intriguing story.


A well written story. intriguing plot and well written characters. For everyone who enjoys reading a little mystery in the story this is just for you!!!


I am intrigued and can't wait to see what happens to Julia as she discovers her real identity. What is in store for her being a descendant of spring? I love that she can conjure greenery whenever she thinks there is too much concrete, we all know the city needs more greener areas. Keep on updating.


The story caught my attention from the first chap with its vivid descriptions. And although the writing quality isn't bad—it just needs a bit of editing--it leaves me confused at times. The characters introduced so far—Sally, Celestin, the MC, and the Monster in the Temple--were enjoyable, to say the least. My only gripe is that the author's constant notes in the story breaks immersion and comes off as jarring. Well, other than that, I hope you keep writing--I added the book to my lib!


Pretty scary at first but it was worth reading. not to mention, the author gives details in every chaps. Seems like a guide to me. It was good.


Synopsis is good. While reading first two chapters I was little confused but later I got it. Your writing is well and readers gonna like it. Good luck.


Fantastic! A very captivating intoduction, I like to know more with this story. Need moreeee, hurry up author-sama~ 🥲🥲🥲🥲 Keep this work continue please


woah i didn't even notice the chapters fly by! The first two chapters were a bit standoffish and I thought, 'What am I reading?' BUT! When the MC Julia was finally introduced I totally fell in love with each paragraph and each chapter, no kidding. I. was. hooked. Waiting for the next chapters author <3 Also this story has a little Percy Jackson vibe going on, I like it. [img=update][img=update][img=update]


Okay, first the good points. Images are vivid because of the clear and detailed narrative. The story is somewhat interesting, and author is playful with words. However, the bad points lie in the synopsis. The author was 'lazy', which is not a word you want to use since it's an X for most, a turn off. There's also stuff like the narrative breaking the fourth wall on the first chapter, not a fan. Well, you might think that its a bad novel, its not. Its good actually, and the points I pointed out are rather minor. Good work author!