A World Where Normal People Don't live Book

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A World Where Normal People Don't live


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"When I found out who I am, I did nothing but to accept myself." Have you ever felt that you don't fit with the world around you, that nobody can understand you, and you're different from others? Well, Julia have. Julia is different from any normal teen. From her birth. She always had a feeling that she is really not normal. But what she doesn't know-she has the power which distinguishes her from any normal human being, and that the power would be her freedom. Sneak peak: "And then, that Ralph-O-Nemaro the bighead said that my actions aren't acceptable!" Autumn exclaimed. Greta snorted loudly-"Well, if I were you, I would never let the clouds go and slam onto Ralph's face especially when he's sleeping, cloudy boy." "Its not like that!" Autumn protested. "I was letting the clouds roam to get more essence of the place! HOW WOULD I KNOW-" "Guys, please stop for once and enjoy the view." I interrupted. They stopped (What a relief) and after a while we were sitting quite. The sky was so beautiful today. Thousands of stars glowed in it's own accord. Whispering breeze swirled around us as the tree leaves danced with it in an unknown rhythm. We could see the brightest star,Sirius, smiling down upon us. "Amazing" Percy murmured. I took a deep breath and my lips curved upwards. Together, all four of us, kept enjoying a starry night.