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Ezra Bishop's world is turned upside down when a mysterious artifact transports the teenage wizard from Hogwarts to the Wednesday TV show universe. Forced to hide his mystical talents, Ezra enrolls in the gothic Nevermore Academy, a school for supernatural outcasts. ... Inspired by works such as Magic At Nevermore on ao3 and A Wizard At Nevermore on ff. Fanfic police please don't come for me. ... I don't own anything related to Harry Potter or Wednesday. All properties in this fanfiction belong to their creators.

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Murphy's Law

Ezra was never a pessimist. He never looked at half a glass of water and saw it half empty, don't get him wrong he wasn't obliviously optimistic either. When he saw a glass of water, for him it was neither half full nor half empty in the end it was simply a glass with water in it.


So when he learned about Murphy's Law in one of his Muggle Studies classes he couldn't help but think that the bloke was a bit paranoid. Well, that was up until he found himself in his current predicament.


First off somehow he's found himself traveling across the pond and ending up somewhere in a Muggle America. The last thing he knew he was exploring a hidden cave he had found deep within the Forbidden Forest when he saw some sort of object stuck halfway inside a large rock. Now don't him wrong his family was never poor but they weren't rich either and that object looked decently expensive. So as if he was some kind of Niffler he waltzed up to it and tried to take it for himself.


At first, it wouldn't budge but after trying a couple more times he succeeded in freeing it and that's when he felt a strong pulling sensation in his navel and then well he was here.


Next, the magic in this place was weird like he working at fifty percent instead of his normal one hundred. it was not a good feeling and honestly, it put him on edge. but even these two things weren't enough to pull him over to Team Murphy. Well, that was up until he learned the entire truth of his situation.



"Mr... Bishop was it, are you ok?" Ezra's train of thought was interrupted from his contemplations when he heard the concerned voice of the woman sitting across from him in the principal's office.

"Ah, terribly sorry Miss... Weems but could you repeat what you just said again?" Ezra asked, shaking his head slightly as if to clear it after being lost in thought.

"I said there's no record of a school called Hogwarts... nor is there one called Ilvermorney. I'm not even sure there exists a school for witchcraft and wizardry as you call it," Principal Weems replied gently but firmly.

"But the sheriff told me this was a school for my kind!" Ezra said in frustration, his voice rising slightly as panic and confusion started to set in.

"This is indeed a school for outcasts we mainly host werewolves, vampires, sirens, and gorgons, but we also have shapeshifters and psychics," Principal Weems explained patiently. "But no wizards."

"But no wizards?" Ezra repeated in disbelief.

Principal Weems shook her head sadly. "No... And I'm not sure how to say this but honestly, there are no records of wizards ever existing."

Yep sure enough the paranoid bastard was right all along, Ezra thought to himself bitterly. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.


Ezra stared blankly at Principal Weems as her words sunk in fully. He was in a different world altogether - one completely without magic or wizards. The realization hit him like a punch to the gut.

"What year did you say this was again?" he asked slowly, still attempting to wrap his mind around this impossible situation.

"2022," Principal Weems replied gently, her voice full of sympathy.

Ezra slumped back heavily into his chair, resignation washing over him in waves. "So I somehow traveled into a completely different world, one without magic," he murmured quietly, more to himself than to Weems.

Principal Weems nodded grimly. "I believe so. But let's get all the facts straight, just so we're absolutely sure we didn't miss anything crucial." She leaned forward, her expression kind and open. "You said you grabbed an expensive-looking artifact you found in a cave while exploring, felt a strong pulling sensation in your navel, and then landed in the woods outside of town. Correct?"

Ezra nodded mutely, still stunned.

"Then you went to the train station, trying to walk through the solid walls there in order to find a way back home?" Weems continued gently.

Another mute nod from Ezra as the memories replayed in his mind.

"That's when some bystanders called the police and Sheriff Galpin showed up. He then called me thinking you were one of my students since you clearly weren't from around here." 

"Yes," Ezra replied heavily after a long pause. "When he said there was a school for people like me, I assumed he meant the American wizarding school, Ilvermorny. But clearly, I'm completely out of luck here."

Principal Weems regarded him thoughtfully for a few moments, her intelligent eyes assessing. "I see. Could you show me some of your magic so I can get an idea of what we're working with?"

Ezra perked up a bit at the request, grateful for something to take his mind off the impossibility of his situation. "Sure." He drew his wand from his robes and with a practiced swish and flick, transfigured Principal Weems' pen into a beautiful, fully bloomed flower.

Her eyes widened in surprise for a moment as she examined the transfigured object. "Well, for now, I'll start looking into your unique situation as best I can. In the meantime, I'd like you to stay at the school while I gather more information." 

After thinking it over for a few moments, Ezra nodded reluctantly. "Alright, I suppose I don't really have anywhere else to go in this world."

Principal Weems gave him a sympathetic smile. "Good. Also, there will be another new student transferring in today. You can take the orientation tour with her - you're both to meet up at the school's entrance. I'll work on getting you a uniform and dorm room to stay in temporarily. For now, I think it best we keep your magical abilities secret from the rest of the students."

Ezra agreed readily, standing up to leave the office. Before exiting, he turned and gave Principal Weems a small grin.

"You can keep the flower if you'd like. Consider it thanks for helping me out."



Ezra made his way through the halls of Nevermore Academy, taking in the gothic architecture and moody decor as he went. Though it was far different from the moving staircases and talking portraits of Hogwarts, there was something comforting about being in a school for supernatural beings again.

As he approached the entrance, he saw a pale, raven-haired girl standing alone near the large double doors. She was dressed head to toe in black, from her dress and tights to her boots and fingernail polish. Her face was expressionless as she stared straight ahead, two long braids falling down her shoulders.

Ezra guessed this must be the new transfer student Principal Weems had mentioned. He walked up and cleared his throat. "Hello there. Are you the other new student?"

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