Chapter 18

I shook my head to clear the depressing thoughts, parked and went to the front door. I walked in without knocking these days. I even had my own key, though the door was rarely locked. A point of contention between us. I thought it should be locked and Sebastian thought only someone who could fly would get up there without getting past his guard.

“Sebastian? You in here, sweetheart?”


Sure enough, that’s where I found him. Chopping up garlic and onions and putting the ingredients into spaghetti sauce.

“Cooking and everything.” I came around the counter and kissed him.

“Yeah. Why not? You want some wine? I have some chilling.”

“I’d love some. But I’ll get it.”

“Bad drive?”

“When isn’t it?” I found the bottle—a Sauvignon Blanc we both enjoyed with a twist top—and poured myself some. “You?”

“Please.” He put the lid on the pot with the sauce and took the glass from me, leaning a hip on the counter. “So.”

I smiled. “So?”