A White Bouquet

Author: Latte
Contemporary Romance
Ongoing · 30.2K Views
  • 26 Chs
  • 4.8
    31 ratings
  • NO.200+

What is A White Bouquet

Read A White Bouquet novel written by the author Latte on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"I could write a thousand and one words to describe all the things I’ve seen in my life. I could, but to my belief, using a thousand and one words is a bit over-used. I think there are many other ways I could tell you. I should know, I lived long enough to learn that." This could be a letter, a list, a story, or a book filled with prompts, it really isn't for me to decide. But a thing I do recommend is: pay close attention because you can't make a bouquet out of a single flower.

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Beautiful. That is the first word that pops into my head. After reading the synopsis and Carnation, I amazed at your commendable writing ability. The quote in your synopsis is written beautifully with a solid message throughout. There is a poetic tone to how you write to a point of nearly being Metaphysical. You write with such poise and flow that it is easy to read and easy to visualize. The description is exquisite and almost lyrical. I commend your writing; you are truly a prolific Author. Great work! I highly recommend "A White Bouqet!"


Wow!!!, from the synopsis, I can say that this book is really unique, its based on our certain life cicircumstances and the author has a really good writing ability. kudos!! to the Author.🙌🏽🙌🏽


It's beautiful. A gentle and heartfelt story, smooth flowing story. I feel the pain. Can't wait to know what will happen next. Keep updating your story. It's good.


What a synopsis!!! It keeps you guessing. It shows a glimpse yet keeps what the actual story about hidden. The author did a great job of portraying the emotions. i highly recommend this one


I love the way the synopsis keeps you guessing and it's open-ended,allowing your imagination to reign freely.Im excited to watch this story develop.


The synopsis already seems so painful and you can guess how the story might be, very interesting and some deep pain in it. I like that the story is in third person's pov which is very rare.


Magical. Beautiful. I can't think of anything better to describe this book. The writing style, the characters, the plot, everything is just so in sync and so beautiful i can't not fall in love. This is by far the best book I've read on this platform so far. Congrats on writing such an amazing work.


An interesting title and intriguing synopsis, This review is after 10 chapters... Writing quality: Remarkable and perfectly used words. Stability of Updates: I will not say much over here because it all depends on the author. Story development: The author described exquisitely in each chapter. I loved the poetic wordings used throughout the chapters and it made me quite emotional while reading those sentences. Character design: Very promising characters and love the naive & kind Yahya. World Background: I think the setting is modern type. Overall, A great job, Author! Kudos. definitely recommended book.


The synopsis really makes me want to know what the book contains inside. it's beautiful and poitic, just enough to attract my eye but now overpower me in anyway


Wonderful,glorious there is more I can describe this book as.......the writer's choice of words is really fascinating and captivating. I highly recommend this book to every reader cause it's one in a million.keep it up dear👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


the synopsis is just wow....I could never write something like this truthfully speaking.It is without a doubt beautifully written and very easy to understand even with the additional mystery added to it.There's nothing not to love.I'm most definitely looking forward to reading this novel


I must say the synopsis was what attracted me the most and when I indulged further to peek into the world created by the author, everything was brilliant! Hats off to the author for creating such a jem!


A whight bouquet! the tittle describes the story so well..and the amazing snypsosis that, that attracts readers.. especially me. the story development is such a awesome ❤


the sypnosis is so poetic and i love how interesting the novel is.. definitely a novel that i would re-read ..congrats to the author.. keep up the good work!!!!


Childhood innocence. I love every bit of it, from the first sentence to the last, regardless of the fact that it's incomplete, I love it, and regardless of the fact that Yahya, is young, naive, and protected, yet, able to observe, and write a vivid picture, is wonderful. I patiently await your updates author. I'm impressed 😁


Even before reading the book I was captivated by the synopsis and the way you deliver the chapters so fluently without glitch or pause just had me soaking and absorbing every word. This is a great piece of work by you without doubt. you did an amazing job and thank you for your work.


This is a vivid well written story. I’m very excited to see where this goes, the characters are very relatable. Typically this genre just isn’t for me but this one has my attention.


Well I'm impressed on how you used some different flowers for your contents name even stating the characters personality to a flower is really good though I'm lack at your updating stability but this deserves a 5 star indeed nice well done.


Such creativity in your blurb , very catchy synopsis , keeps you guessing what the book is actually about and it's enough to keep you glued on the book , kudos to the author!!!


The synopsis is extremely interesting. Captivating story from the beginning, cant wait for more uploads. Characters are relatable and I grew fond of them as the story developed. Well written and easy to read. Excellent novel, well done. [img=recommend]


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