A Villainess Should Be Strong

Author: illeannne
Fantasy Romance
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What is A Villainess Should Be Strong

Read A Villainess Should Be Strong novel written by the author illeannne on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering reincarnation, system, weaktostrong, mystery, transmigration. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"A Villainess should be strong," she thought as she vaporized an entire lake. The day Estelle Clareste was born, she already had the memories of Kirisaki Reina, a 21-year-old woman living in modern Japan. From a Villainous Duke's daughter, to the world's leader, and suddenly a Goddess?! Estelle's past, was it as simple as she first thought? Or was there something more lurking behind? Will she achieve her goals, or will she meet her downfall before that? -Photo not mine, I found it on Pinterest ^^-

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Volume 1 :The World Holds Wondrous Secrets
Volume 2 :The World's Origin
Volume 3 :Legacy of the World


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Ok so apparently this is a thing so don't mind if I do 👀👀 I'm the author of this story, of course I'm going to be biased and give it a 5 stars rating! Feel free to use this review as a way of communication, I will try my best to answer questions posted under this. Please give this story a chance!!


I came from Wattpad to support🙌🏾. Your writing is really good, keep it up. I love the story so far too. I’m at the ch40 from what you had previously and I can’t wait for more!


This novel is soooooo gooooddddddd! For those who doesn’t read this yet, you are literal loss. You problably would never regret reading this novel. Once more, you should fcking read it and give this crazy talented author a 5 stars


Reveal spoiler


Sadly, this novel turned out a rather disappointing read. The start was strong and promising with solid writing and good pacing, but the further the story progresses the worth it gets: the author tries to play around with time gimmicks but ends up messing the timeline, writing gets worth with sentences often left unfinished, characters suddenly exhibit inconsistent behaviours, the scenes often contradict prior ones. The degree may vary from minor details like a character that left the room still participating in a dialogue to major stuff involving the whole plot. There's also an issue with author piling up "mysteries" without ever resolving any of them. Even the titular "villainess" status is made into a mystery and left unaddressed.


I don’t actually like this book that much. it’s kind of messy and uncoherent, and the plot and character development are lacking. However, it isn’t terrible either, so the most i would say is that it’s boring.


Reveal spoiler


To be fair, I know the author so my review will be pretty biased.. I've read the version over on Wattpad. I can tell you that the she has made significant progress. The previous one was so rushed. She told me that she planned on wrapping it up early, so I understand why the pacing was like that. This version is easier to swallow, and the conflicts that'll happen will hopefully be resolved without rushing. Her grammar has improved by a lot. The previous one was readable, but this one is much more pleasing to read. The only thing I would critique is the overuse of commas. The sentences are very long, it may not be to everyone's tastes. The romance got cut down (?) I haven't seen any of the boys appear although it's been 35 chapters. Not a bad thing though. Keep up the good work :)) P.S: Now you don't have to think about the chapter names anymore do you??? HMMM???


Hi guys,the writing style and plot line of this novel is seriously solid...I read a few chapters first and now I am unable to stop reading..the work is too good...keep updating..we want more chapters from you..,💚


OMGGGG this novel is SOOOOO gooodd!!! I've never read a webnovel with this much detail😍. The story is incredibly unique and interesting! I've been reading this since it was still on Wattpad and I'm still not bored of it!! And also congrats to the author for joining webnovel!!🥳🥳


The story was good untill you hit about chapter 40. From there the story takes a sudden turn and becomes really sad and weird....I enjoyed it at first, however, the plot was sort of slow paced and boring. There was a lot of unnecessary information and events, there was also unexplained mysteries but I guess that's just part of the story? The description and writing was very good though, the way the world view and characters were written was amazing honestly. There were some grammatical errors and missing words from sentences. This story could use a little improvement but in all well done.


Another novel that suffers from because I told you so writing. The mc was a genius because I said so and also she hacked fast, stuff like this starts off the novel and doesn't seem to stop even at chapter 40 where I ended up dropping it. Going back to that earlier scene I mentioned, the author makes it very hard to connect or even believe the world in any way, extra details are seldom given and when they are explained the explanations don't hold up to scrutiny, the mc in her past life was a genius in everything and to prove this the author just says she was good and the only example he provides as to allow the reader to measure her skill at anything is with hacking, in which they mention that if the mc and throwaway male character were to compete in hacking she would win by a hairs breadth because the throwaway lost focus. That just ruins the immersion here, tv shows can get away with it because visuals help with this but even then it pains me, here it rips you straight out of the world and makes the mc go from a smart person to be idolized by the reader to a dummy who it's hard to believe was good at anything. If anything the way the mc died was the most believable thing in the novel, killing someone who succeeded more than you and is an absolute buffoon is a motive I can understand. In the fantasy land the mc isn't much better and the author really kicks up their boring confusing over explained writing style making dialogue tedious to follow and world building boring. Things in this novel are that way because they are, the mc was apparently superior to dragons at birth, and then only far ahead in her classes later on, classes which given that the author makes a point of saying the parents are good and reasonable have no point being included. Overall this novel had a nice concept, an overpowered female lead adapts and goes to rule the fantasy world but none of the quality to back it up. The characters are unbelievable as they can only be as smart as the author can write them, and the author seems to have no idea how to write a character that can think more ahead than tomorrow, the world is bland as we just hear about generic fantasy races, and the only interesting concept, a spirit tree is written so confusingly it pains me, where is it, how does it look, can it ever take an active role etc, all questions inadequateley answered. I don't mean to hate but if the author ever writes another story with a character they want to be believably smart, aside from addressing the plethora of writing issues (get here in a bit), the author should outline their arcs and allow for planned bits of info that the reader also gets in order to allow the mc to hone in on them themselves. Finally the writing itself, it feels like the author ran this book through grammarly then added a bunch of marks saying "Insert adjective/verb here" and used thesaurus.com to do so, and ran the entire page through it while they were there the word choice in this novel is appalling, and clunky, to give you a comparison of what this feels like to read, imagine an essay that got a D- in a 9th grade honors English class, and you have it. If the author does read this, I recommend writing a bunch of short stories and developing that way, a 10 page story that you can then post to forums and the like for critique not mindless consumption like seen in sites like webnovel would go leaps and bounds towards helping you understand what makes a good bit of writing, to be clear it's not your story idea here that is at fault overpowered protagonists can be written well take kumo desu ga nani ka, slime, unordinary, worm, blackbloodtales, shoggoth, world keeper, average, etc. Few can be written excellently but it isn't a detractor from a story. My issue with this novel lies in the authors struggle to show not tell and they can work on that.


I give 5 stars!!! I like the plot and the characters are great. I just feel like they’re being tortured by the author too much😓😓😓 The MC’s mentality is techinally older than her actual physical age but she’s like 10, ok? She is too young to be tortured like that!!


LOVE THIS NOVEL! The author is best in her work.. for me this novel brings myself to question about the things going on in my life.. it gives a sense of peace and at the same time to see things in different perspective... I love the writing, I love the background, I love the characters... Keep up the good work Author [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]



I really love this novel. I love the writing, the characters, the plot, and the background. It was well written, many unique characters, and the background was described beautifully. I'm giving it a 5 starts. good job authors


Such a beautiful piece of work by a beautiful author. I'm rendered speechless by the storyline and there's just some mysterious aura, dragging my interest to keep going the next chapter. 5/5 well deserved, please accept my love and simp


Reveal spoiler


Yeah I'm 20 chapters in, the story's good, but the writting sucks. A lot. It's not the grammar, somehow or other people's name are switched, POV messed up, incomplete paragraph or sentence, it's like the manuscript was written on paper, shot at repeatedly, then scanned along with the holes. Some part are simply missing. So yeah I'll leave this for a while and come back later to see if it's fixed. If not then I won't bother continuing, cause it makes less sense than MTLs. My brain cells are not cheap.


Just reached chapter 26 after binge reading the first 25, and i have to say this is a pretty interesting story, I am very curious to see how Estelle’s story will play out and wether or not she actually is the villian or if she is going to be a good person forced to be the villian to take down some bad people. I have no complaints thus far, and questions aplenty but will hold back in case they are already answered.


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