99 Fate · Future - Three (II)

When the two returned to reality, Seraphina found that she had... unconsciously... been in tears. 

Because at that time, she, who had entered Ansel's perspective, had fully experienced the despair that Ansel had experienced. 


The girl who had not cried for her own misery trembled, "That day, you..." 

Ansel just smiled and wiped away Seraphina's tears, "It's over, Seraphina. I have been freed from the despair of that day, and all that's left... is hatred." 

He put his forehead against Seraphina's forehead and whispered, "This is all I can give you. Whether you choose to stand on which side is up to you." 

Seraphina quickly calmed down, she felt the temperature of her forehead, and as that sense of peace spread throughout her body, her heart... had a little different emotion. 


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