4 Souls Interlink: His Past

Alucard found himself back in the hazy darkness he was very used to.

His mind mumbled over, trying to remember where he was.

Looking through, he caught a glimpse of if eternal lounge, his basement in Hellsing Organisation.

His legs crossed, hands on his lap and cup of wine by his side.

Was he back? Could everything have been just a dream? He remembered sucking that woman's blood like a thirsty vagrant in the desert.

Her blood quality was above anything he had in hundreds of years. Yet, it couldn't be compared to hers.

Believing that he was indeed back from that delusional dream, he tried to sip his wine, only to realise that he couldn't move his hands.


Realisations came crashing like dominoes, he couldn't move his body, he couldn't feel anything, only see. Even his omnipresence wasn't present.

The foreign feeling of not being able to 'see' everything around him felt so weird. He was dreaming, but it was a very realistic dream.

What he didn't know was that behind him, a phantom figure saw everything.


His gaze turned to the front, where the doorknob twisted slowly indicating the imminent entrance of a visitor.

The door opened slightly and a beautiful blonde woman he was very used to seeing shoved her head slightly through the gap, despite her death hundreds of years ago.

Her red eyes shone in the dark as she flashed him a smile, but he knew that smile very well, it was an aggrieved smile, a smile of relief in seeing him.

She walked in and stood in front of the door, not getting closer before she fell on one knee.

"I'm back Master, I came to visit you." She said lightly, joy clear as the day in her voice despite her obvious frustration and troubles.

In front of him stood the light of the United Kingdom and the world, Seras Victoria, the Hero.

Turns out that five hundred years after eliminating the major. The communists and the nazi hadn't given up. Truly a group of roaches.

But it wasn't his responsibility to deal with them, that role had been passed unto his disciple, his Seras.

A very futuristic and thin suit encased her body together with a back-length robe with golden decorations and blue tonalities, but there was something out of place. To the right of her slender abdomen, a bloody hole the size of a head was where her ribs and organs should have been.

He could 'see' how her flesh visibly regenerated at a high speed, only to get burned by some unknown liquid the next moment. Despite all that his disciple was on her knee, flashing him a smile as if this was the most normal thing in the world, she truly learnt well from him.

"Seras, my Draculine. How have you been? it's been a few months since you last visited the old me." He said lightly, his face was still as handsome as a thousand years ago, contradicting his grandpa's way of talking.

Seras' smile faltered the moment he spoke, "Master, it has actually been two hundred years..."

That was the first time it happened...

"Ah, I see, you're right Seras, it must be the monotony of my life." He smiled and countered.

Seras smiled happily upon hearing his voice. "I'm sorry that I couldn't come sooner, Master... I- I Well... Let's just say that I'm still alive. Can I- can I approach you?" Her voice stuttered, but the longing was clear as the day.

Alucard just nodded, not impeding her the right, her veneration and respect for him reached such a level that most of the time she asked permission to do the smallest things.

After hundreds of years of fighting and consuming other vampires, a new generation of vampires. She reached a level that would be considered unparalleled in the modern world.

She was no doubt, the strongest vampire.

But that was only because they didn't know, not only they didn't know this 'creature' still existed but they also hadn't seen what she saw that day.

When he released his seal. That was true and unmatched power, unstoppable.

The only ticket in existence to stop him, Schrodinger, was already used. And not only that, but it also made him stronger. Her Master was unkillable. His immortality dwarfing hers, the wound she had on herself, he could easily get rid of were it to be on his body instead, yet she couldn't find the cure.

She approached him and knelt slowly between his legs, the way she always used to.

Alucard chuckled and rubbed her messy hair that was held in a long ponytail. Even though she looked more feminine now, she still liked ponytails.

"What is that, Seras?" He asked with furrowed brows, the sight of a wound of that scale in his disciple's body worrying him slightly.

"T-This, it's just a new weapon the Novy Soviets devised against me master. It poisons the vampire's flesh, preventing his regeneration. That was really a close call... The battles will get harder from now on." She said with a deviated smile, but the worry was apparent in her expression, yet she didn't want to concern him too much with her troubles.

Alucard sighed and lifted her face by the chin slowly and their eyes locked.

Within seconds, tears stained her face and they flowed crazily after. He knew it, she was suppressing it.

"Girl, what happened?"

Seras hugged his hand to her face and continued crying her heart out for a few minutes, "She died trying to save me, Master!" She wailed and those words told him everything he needed to know.

He hadn't been with her out there in the field, he hadn't spent the last hundreds of years with her, but he knew.

She lost someone important... That was his very same expression, thousands of years ago, and hundreds of years ago when Integra passed away.

His disciple was now walking his path, living what he lived.

For the next hours, the girl, no, mature woman, continued crying on his legs, as if trying to desperately get some relief after a hundred years of pain.

It had been a hundred years of losses, of fights, of heartbreaks.

During her time in the army, she met important friends, and comrades... all of them ended up dying in the war, by themselves... by the enemy. There was always a threat that she couldn't protect them from.

She was fed up, but she knew it was her fault... as her master always told her: Never to fall in love, especially with a human. But those things she couldn't control, she had always been in love with someone, unrequited.. he was her beloved master.

After she calmed down, she looked up to see his face glancing at her with a smile like always. No matter how much darkness shrouded this place or even the world. This smile was always for her, she could always return here and enjoy it, no matter how much she wanted to take him away with her, he wouldn't budge.

He would always be here, awaiting her to come back and comfort her heartbreak.

Her red eyes shone for a few minutes and without asking for permission she crawled up and sat on his lap, her red eyes locked on his stainless neck.

She had always denied herself from drinking his blood, the rule of 'the stronger the tastier' was firm in her mind. She always held back from having his blood, but now... She was tired, she needed it.

Within her lived hundreds of thousands of souls, from which she could only summon fifty at a time. For someone like him, with that much power, how would his blood taste?

She straddled him as her pointy jaw made an apparition.

"Seras, why?" He asked, remembering how she promised herself to never consume blood from him again.

"I need it, Master, can I?" Her red eyes shone with longing. She needed a drug to forget, to relax.

Alucard sighed and his response was to move his shirt aside, exposing his neck.

It didn't even take a second for Seras to dig her teeth deeply inside, breaking a few bones and chewing a big chunk in the process.

From then on, she wouldn't be able to stop or drink someone else's blood again.

Dwarfing their relationship as Master and disciple, until it slowly sank into the taboo realm.

Minutes, hours, days. Alucard saw from his very unique perspective, how Seras kept sucking and sucking his blood, he still remembered that day as clear as the water, but reviving it like this was also nice.

The weirdest occurrence about this 'dream' is that he wasn't only recollecting everything that happened that day from his own point of view but also, Seras'!

After Seras' thirst was finally sated, she separated her bloody mouth from his neck.


The taste of millions of souls, the ambrosia of the gods invaded every nook and cranny of her body as she rested her body on his, sweat starting to wet her uniform due to the heat, it felt like magma was invading her body.

"It's delicious, too delicious..." were the first words that escaped her mouth.

Alucard closed his eyes and let her do what she wanted, not many through the ages had the privilege of drinking his blood. And for those who did, he knew the result.

It didn't take long for him to sense Seras' breath right in front of his face, prompting him to open his pink eyes and meet hers', she was trying to kiss him.

He turned his head to the side and she failed miserably, receiving a knock on her head.

"Auch! Master! Is that how you treat a wounded lady!?" She exclaimed comically, trying to ignore the fact that she almost kissed her master, she then felt a burning sensation to the side and looked down, to her shock, she was still wounded but the regeneration speed was now working at a ridiculous pace even compared to before, the poison was losing the strife.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Seras Victoria" Alucard said with a cold voice and stood up, with Seras falling comically and sliding away from his lap.

'Don't say my whole name, master...' She thought, downcast.

His towering figure made her blush, and she averted her gaze hurriedly, 'W-What's happening, it's not the first time I see him!'

Alucard walked to the exit with a serious expression slowly as his figure morphed, transforming into a teenage girl in a White Tuxedo and a white Russian hat.

He smiled wickedly and gave her a shoulder glance, "Let's go Seras, those Novy Soviets or whatever dared to hurt my Draculine. I've let these communists stay for too long." His shadow extended and hundreds of eyes moved with him to the exit, it was time to end what Integra's generation started, no matter how many lives had to be reaped in the process. After today, the nazi and soviets shall be no more.

Seras stood up with a nod as her shadow extended as well, her slim and futuristic outfit fixed itself as if there was never a wound there... Hundreds of years of technology for you.

Master and disciple walked out of the abandoned Hellsing Organisation for their first hunt after hundreds of years, the result? No one in this world would ever forget this day.

As it was called 'Doomsday' the day the Vampire Seras Victoria rose to the utmost prominence after rampaging the Novy Soviets continent with her powerful 'Hound Familiar'.

Alucard glanced at all this with a smile, this was a very enigmatic day for him in his memories.

Just like the day Integra became his Master.

Just like the day he met his first Queen when he was still Vlad Tepes.

Catherine stood behind him in a phantom form... She had felt a rollercoaster of emotions, all of them on a scale beyond what a human could possibly sense.

Boundless, heavy and drop-dead physical Loneliness and grief!

It was like a heavy-physical mass of black mud weighing on her shoulders, something no one should ever feel in their life.

But the moment that blonde woman showed up it was as if it diminished a little and a lot of happiness seeped through her entire being, like a prisoner that saw light for the first time after years of being in a black dark hole.

She couldn't understand, why would he do that? Why would he choose to be here all these years if it caused him pain?

The man was truly overflowing with joy when that woman turned up, even if he didn't show it in his expression.

For her, it was like looking at a movie but with the feelings also involved.

The scene suddenly changed much to her irritation, she really wanted to see what was going to happen next between the two. But, the next showcased scene left her out of words.

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