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What is A TWISTED LOVE- Tempted

Read ‘A TWISTED LOVE- Tempted’ Online for Free, written by the author Wendrila_Kundu, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, MYSTERY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "He was my favourite sin"18+"We kissed until we ran out of breath."We should not be doing this, Alex...""Why not, Mira? ...


"He was my favourite sin" 18+ "We kissed until we ran out of breath. "We should not be doing this, Alex..." "Why not, Mira? Don't tell me you don't want this?" His bulge touched my stomach, and I could now feel how much I wanted him to take me there. My mind is resisting, but my heart wants him. This is wrong... This has to stop. "Your silence told me the answer." I gasped as he pushed himself inside of me. I gripped hold of him as he began to thrust inside of me. Sin... A sweet sin that we are indulging in. Surprisingly, I loved all of it." A girl with twisted fantasies and desires hidden for a long time. Something she always wanted but never could attain. Something deep with hidden meaning, that made her mind swirl with a mist of lust and love. One man who changes her life entirely. One night turned her life upside down. One confusion she longed for an answer to. A forbidden love. The consequences are harder than they thought. Promises and love are not enough. She must find the answers. Will she ever be able to? She was the desire of all men. He was the fire to her desire. Together, they are on a dangerous road. A FORBIDDEN ROMANCE. A TWISTED LOVE- TEMPTED. BOOK-1 Contains explicit sex scenes and strong language.

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Although, Mira's character is a bit excessive for...whatever she desires, she is at least expressive. the world design of this novel is good. and importantly, the interpersonal relationship between Mira and Andrew is impressive and great.


If you're here for romance, stop right here. This is good one you've just found. It's an interesting story, not too simple and not too complicated. Just right. Good job [img=recommend][img=recommend]


Character design and thoughts, motivations etc are very well thought out and conveyed in the story. The writing quality is decent, and helps the story progress. Update stability could be improved a little, but I understand that such things aren't always possible.


I love, love, and this novel definitely delivers that! It has a strong plot, and endearing characters. I'd strongly recommend checking out this novel if you're a romance fan!


That is some steamy romance. Mira is a bit excessive with her fantasies and such but well, it does get you excited a lot. the only downside is the lack of regular updates and I hope the author works on that.


I think erotia is a genre made for specific people. A very good description of passion and the lustful connection between both the male and female lead. It really takes you into their world, what their experiences and the consequences on their action. Highly recommend!


This story kept me on edge every step of the way. A true romance, but also goofy, deep, exciting and captivating. I love the way the author is describing the events and characters, awesome work! 👏🏻👏🏻


This story is so hot and interesting, this book makes me want to read more even though is not the type of genre I used to read. I'm really excited to see what would happen with Alex and Mira 🙊😳


You know I’ve me a couple of romance books in my time as a reader. I won’t some of them were super corner while others were just ok. This one on the other hand…. It has a certain charm to it. I don’t get what it is, but so far I really like it. Definitely going into my read listing!


I usually avoid to read 18+ novels because only a few of them has a strong story line. You did a great job author from the very first chapter. If you need to read something new or a little mature than this is a good choice.


The flow of the story is natural and entertaining. The steamy scenes aren't as cringy and awkward as majority of smuts so kudos to the author for that. All in all a very entertaining novel, would definitely recommend to romance lovers! :)


From the very beginning, the reader can feel that the author has a concept for the whole story! A big plus for that ;) The plot is intriguing, the main character has an interesting personality. Well done!


This is definitely a story for those of you who want indulgent, steamy stories. The MC is clearly written as a strong, independent person, which makes the passionate scenes (wiggles eyebrows) all the more exciting. Definitely recommend this novel - but only to those 18+! lol


Amazing !! It's just the start but i am loving it so far. The writing style is great. Author has done very great work on plot and character development. I would love to read more. Keep updating author !!


The prologue itself is very intriguing and I can't wait to read the rest of it. The language and writing style of the author very good. Keep going!!![img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


I believe this novel will turn out to be something big! The mature tension builds up strongly right from the beginning, and it only gets better from there!


I love the fact that the author knows how to write the fantasies. A few minor mistakes, but I've read worse, you can improve. Although I'm not really into 18+ stuff, I know a nice one when I see it. Good job, Author-chan.


Even if this feels kinda awkward that I am reviewing my own book, I gotta say I am really obsessed with the characters. Hope you all did too. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


This novel is an absolute gem, with writing that flows seamlessly and captivates the reader's attention from the first paragraph to the last. The author's skill in crafting compelling characters is also evident, as each one is unique and distinct, with their own strengths, flaws, and motivations. The dialogue is particularly noteworthy, as it is smooth and natural, adding depth and richness to the story. The author has a talent for creating meaningful and believable conversations that feel authentic and help to build the characters and the world they inhabit. One of the best things about this novel is its grammar. It is comparable to the top romance novels on WN, which is no small feat. The writing is polished and free of errors, making for a smooth and enjoyable reading experience. Overall, I would highly recommend this webnovel to anyone who wants to read something refreshing and engaging. It is a true pleasure to read, and the author's skill and dedication are evident on every page.


Very nice start and story as well. I can't stop reading🤗🥰 One of the recommend book that one should read. Well done author hoping to read some of your other books too👏👏👏


Well I'll be honest we, readers in general, have quite 'steamy' desires that we don't tell everyone about. So I low how this novel shows us the raw desires buried in the dark. But it also shows the consequences that come with realising such dreams into reality. It really leaves me wondering what our two characters will do when the challenges arise and if they'll stay together till the end or call it quits. I really hope they get a happy ending 😭💓


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