A TWISTED LOVE- Tempted Book

novel - Contemporary Romance



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18+ We kissed until we run out of breath. "We should not be doing this, Alex..." "Why not Mira? Don't tell me you don't want this?" His bulge touched down my stomach as I could now feel how much I want him to take me there. My mind is resisting but my heart wants him. This is wrong... This has to stop. "Your silence told me the answer." I gasped as he pushed his member inside of me. I gripped hold of him as he began to thrust inside of me. Sin... A sweet Sin that we are doing. Surprisingly I loved all of it." A girl with twisted fantasies and desires hidden for a long time. Something she always wanted but never could meet. Something deep with hidden meaning, that made her mind blown with a mist of lust and love. One man that changes all her life. One night turned her life upside down. One confusion she longed the answer for. A Forbidden Love. The consequences are harder than they thought. Promises and love are not enough. She must find the answers. Will she ever be able to? She was the desire of all men. He was the fire to her desire. Together they are on a dangerous road. A FORBIDDEN LOVE. A TWISTED LOVE. TEMPTED. BOOK-1 ****SMUT ALERT**** Contains explicit sex scenes and strong language. Mature


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