3 A Twin With A Difference


They needed a head girl

We needed the attention

They needed the principles of an iron fist

We needed the popularity.

They needed one who would represent their school in a good light

We needed something to brag about

But then we got something else, something we never bargained for. The consequences of my action as the head girl of Wesley Academy wasn't something I couldnt foretell.

The drastic and unpredictable turns our lives took shocked us to the very core.

Being the head girl and being a twin has its perks, especially when the twin in question is a certified Nerd. Not everything went our way neither did it turn out the way we planned and just when we thought things wouldn't get any worse it actually did...

SS3 was supposed to be the year of glitter and glamour but instead, it turned out to be more gruesome and mind-numbing than we all anticipated. Trusts were broken, secrets where exposed, tears where shed, lives were lost and of course in midst of this all love ensured or so I thought.

Hang on your about to meet us, but first this happened...

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