A Transmigrator's Story in the Hyuga's Main Branch

In this story, a regular guy from our world wakes up as a young Main Branch heir of the powerful Hyuga clan in the Naruto world. He's primarily interested in getting more power and doesn't care about right or wrong. He uses his knowledge from Earth and the Naruto show to get ahead, using his creativity & intellect to the utmost. As he tries to become more powerful, we get to see sides of the Hyuga clan and ninja world that weren't shown in the original Naruto story. He looks into the secrets of his ancestors and the Hyuga's eyes, and how ninja politics work, finding out things we never knew before & were left unexplored by the original author. However, gradually, along the way, he also meets new lovers, friends, subordinates, and enemies and challenges the way things are done in the ninja world - and also tries to unify it in the process and bring real peace around. . . . . . . . . The Patreon link with up to 60 advanced chapters there -----> patreon.com/hanma_jack . . . . . . . . * Amoral and power-oriented MC. Four female leads, two of them are full OC, but logical for the story & interesting. Read tags carefully. * Chapters may contain some parts where my own written words and existing structure are edited by AI to improve it slightly in quality. * The story will definitely deviate from the original plot and events mainly due to the Butterfly Effect. Timeline around WW3, Kakashi's, Guy's, Asuma's, etc, generation. * More fleshed-out, complete, logical, and realistic (dark) version of the Naruto world. So, slightly AU fundamentally at my discretion. High-quality English and writing.

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Venturing Outside the Clan Compound

One month later, Hikari was making his way through Konoha. He was crossing one of the village's bridges over the Naka River, which generally split the area where the medium and large clans, of various sizes and influence, including the Hyuga, lived from where everyone else stayed. The lengthy river flowed gently through Konoha, its waters clear and serene.

Crossing it led Hikari into the Hot Springs District, a lively area known for its warm, steaming baths and welcoming atmosphere. His next destination was the Hatake clan's residence, as they currently lived in the more 'civilian' part of the village, unlike the Aburame and Inuzuka.

As the Hyuga clan's newly appointed 'Alliance Coordinator,' Hikari was currently, finally formally stepping into that pivotal role now, his mission was to strengthen the bonds between his clan and their traditional allies alongside forming entirely new alliances.

The streets here were filled with the sounds of laughter and conversation, offering a stark contrast to the more reserved areas of the village, as the Hyuga clan compound usually was.

While walking, Hikari reflected on his previous meetings with the heads of the Inuzuka and Aburame clans that just concluded. They were his first 'targets' for today, and the meetings with them lasted for a few hours. 

Despite being quite young, due to his position as the Third Elder and Alliance Coordinator of the Hyuga clan, the meetings were conducted with the gravity, diplomacy, and respect expected to be given for someone of his role, so, he met with both heads of the two clans.

Both clan heads, Tsume Inuzuka and Shibi Aburame, now in their early twenties and newly appointed, but with personal strengths already reaching into the Elite Jonin level territory, shared their concerns with Hikari, particularly about Danzo's aggressive tactics to recruit—or more accurately, poach—young talent from their clans for his Root organization with and sometimes even without the consent of the two clans, but there was nothing they could do. 

After all, the Hokage's faction was out of the reach of their ability to fight against. During these discussions, Hikari conveyed the Hyuga clan's shared alarm over Danzo's actions and extended a promise of support to both clans in resisting such encroachments in the future.

Yet, Hikari was acutely aware of the underlying dynamics at play. By timing their offer of support just right after the deed was already done, the Hyuga clan could then position themselves as indispensable allies to both the Inuzuka and Aburame clans going forward.

This strategic move was designed to increase their dependence on the Hyuga, thereby strengthening the Hyuga clan's influence and ensuring that these clans would be more closely tied to them moving forward.

Due to his prominent role and high status within the Hyuga clan, Hikari was currently guarded by an entourage of 15 ordinary Jonin-level bodyguards, all hailing from the clan's Side Branch, as seen by their covered foreheads. 

These bodyguards formed a protective circle around him as they moved, their faces set in vigilant and serious expressions, their demeanor machine-like in their focus and efficiency.

Meanwhile, Elite Jonin of the Hyuga clan typically all hailed from the various Main Branch lineages directly, so they were of a higher status and they were usually needed to remain within the clan's domain during all times, safeguarding it against any potential threats.

And there were not many of them, to begin with, probably not more than one or two dozen in the entire clan, in Hikari's impression. They were typically really close in bloodline to Elders.

This all meant that, despite Hikari's significant position, Elite Jonins were still not available to accompany and protect him when he went outside the clan's immediate vicinity like today.

The reason for the current number of Jonin accompanying Hikari wasn't just a reflection of their availability within the clan but also a strategic decision to avoid sending the wrong message to Konoha at large.

Deploying too large of a protective ring could suggest that the Hyuga clan harbored a deep-seated mistrust of the village. Such a display could inadvertently alienate the clan from the rest of Konoha, a scenario the Hyugas were keen to avoid, even though they really harbored deep mistrust for it at large now.

This careful balance of protection and perception was a calculated move, playing into the complex politics of village life. The Hyuga clan, while protective of its best prodigy, was mindful of the broader implications of their actions. They aimed to protect Hikari effectively without casting any shadows on their loyalty and trust in the village's security measures. 

However, the presence of the bodyguards wasn't without justification. A few years back, during Hikari's initial visits to Sakumo Hatake, the Anbu frequently intercepted him, urging him to meet with the Hokage for some reason.

Hikari consistently refused, asserting that he was under no obligation to comply with Hokage's requests for a meeting. He wasn't part of Konoha's standard shinobi force, nor did he serve in any of Konoha's administrative bodies.

Instead, he was a member of the Hyuga clan's Main Branch, and he argued that the Hokage had no direct authority over him in any way and cities the Konoha's founding agreements.

Initially, the Anbu's approaches were polite, but their interactions grew tense over time, as Hikari's rejected them over and over again, culminating in a standoff with Hikari's Jonin bodyguards at one time before they backed off for good. 

After these confrontations, the Anbu ceased their attempts to coerce Hikari into meeting with the Hokage probably so that the old man could try and indoctrinate or test his mindset, potential, or strength in some sneaky way.

Hikari's steadfast refusal to meet him had even more obvious reasons, concerns for his own safety, for the safety of his own time and brain cells, and it was also a stance supported by the Hyuga Council.

So, he directed the Anbu to convey a message to the Hokage every time: any official communication with him should be routed through the Hyuga Patriarch first as he was just following the internal clan rules that the Patriarch established for his conduct outside.

As Hikari and his entourage of bodyguards navigated the streets of Konoha, they drew the curious gazes of civilians.

Hikari, in his traditional Hyuga-style dark blue robes, complemented with a Haori, presented an image of nobility and calm authority. His attire, rich in the clan's heritage, set him apart, highlighting his status within the Hyuga and his distinct role in the village's tapestry despite his young age, in fact, it made him even more 'important-looking' to everyone passing by.

His bodyguards, similarly, were not clad in the Konoha Jonin uniforms but wore uniforms that echoed the Hyuga style.

This choice of attire served as a visual statement of their allegiance to the clan first and foremost, reinforcing the notion of unity and distinct identity among the Hyuga members.

Civilians watched with a mixture of respect, intrigue, and a slight unease as this formidable procession passed. Some whispered among themselves, speculating on the nature of Hikari's visit or the implications of such a visible show of clan solidarity within the village.

Children paused in their play to stare, while shopkeepers and passersby momentarily halted their activities to take in the sight.

Hikari, for his part, maintained a composed demeanor, his focus forward. His appearance and the silent, protective circle formed by his bodyguards conveyed a sense of purpose and determination, leaving a lasting impression on those who witnessed their quick passage. 

As Hikari made his way through Konoha, overhearing some of the slanderous rumors about Sakumo Hatake, that emerged during the last few days, he found it intriguing, a fascinating study of how easily public opinion could be swayed by the narrative spun by those in power.

His observation of the villagers' quickness to condemn Sakumo based on rumors served as a confirmation of the gullibility and malleability of the masses, also present in his past life.

The ability of the Hokage's faction to manipulate public perception to such a large degree highlighted an aspect of power dynamics within Konoha that Hikari, ever the pragmatist, recognized as a truly valuable area.

Hikari's understanding of the advantages that came with controlling the narrative and public opinion was sharpened by his knowledge from a modern-era past life.

Yet, Hikari was under no illusion about the dynamics of power in this world. He recognized that, despite the potential leverage offered by 'soft power' through narrative control, it was 'hard power'—the sheer force of elite shinobi strength and ability—that ultimately held sway in their society.

The dominance of elite personal force over the public sentiment of broader masses was a fundamental truth of the shinobi world, one that the Hokage's faction seemed to forget.

He long understood that the mistreatment and alienation of a shinobi as powerful as Sakumo by the village's leadership could be a critical mistake—one that Hikari could exploit next.

By positioning himself as an ally to Sakumo in the wake of the Hokage faction's blunders, he envisioned turning one of Konoha's most formidable warriors against those who had sought to undermine him.

The Hokage faction's failure to recognize all of this, in his view, would be their downfall, especially as he worked to align Sakumo's considerable abilities with his own ambitions. 

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