A Touch of Darkness

Author: Poisonlily
Fantasy Romance
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What is A Touch of Darkness

Read ‘A Touch of Darkness’ Online for Free, written by the author Poisonlily, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, DARK Light Novel, VAMPIRE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: [MATURE CONTENT][SLOW BURN!]The moment Talia met him, shrouded by darkness and mystery, the man said to her, "I don't ne...


[MATURE CONTENT] [SLOW BURN!] The moment Talia met him, shrouded by darkness and mystery, the man said to her, "I don't need a mate." He then disappeared. Broken and rejected, Talia had to recover from his ruthless rejection and it was only until a few years had passed since she had healed from the pain and rejection. However, her desire to move on and discover true love didn’t disappear. And when she meets a beautiful stranger whose touches could melt all her doubts and let her feel unworldly desires, how will Talia react when she finds out that the man who had been in her mind and her mate was one and the same? Can Talia escape from her fate? Or will she succumb from his seductive touches and kisses?

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For sure, another awesome book in the making! Can't wait to read, read, and read this new book!


I just don't know what to say but this book is amazing. I'm already enchanted by the early chapters. Keep it up lily


I'm always impressed by how amazing Lily's writing style is, so you don't have to worry about writing quality because she always brings the best to the table! The FL is headstrong, independent, and knows clearly what she wants. Its only been few chapters but I can't help but want to root for her. The story is very interesting so far with neat world background. I can't wait for more! You will be engrossed with the story the moment you read one chapter, and be fascinated by how well-written it is! Read this book and you'll understand what I mean


Lily gurl is on fireee! This story is amazing, and the moment I read the first chapter, I cant stop reading until I stumbled upon the dreaded 'New chapter is coming soon.' T_T Please continue writing this and be your amazing self as always! <3


I think i will read it after I finish "Daddy Ceo"


Another great story from Miss Poison Lily [img=recommend] . Looking forward to this interesting genre. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=update]


I'm impressed 🔥. Please give us more chapters! 💯👌[img=gift][img=Feeling it]


So good. I wish there are more chapters. I want more chapters.


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