Always I have had a believe in one thing thus, every destiny has a sparkle and one need to work hard to achieve that sparkle. Although life may try to pull you down,yet still with determination and hard work, your dreams will soon be a reality.

But one thing I forgot to recognize in this life is that, so far as there is a sparkle, there will be a thorn. A thorn if not taken care of sooner or later may be a destruction to your sparkles.

A friend they say is someone who understands your past,believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are but in my situation it wasn't so. The one I trusted and took as my bestie was rather the thorn in my destiny I never thought of.

Although, she hurt me, I still trusted her when I thought she regretted her previous actions towards me and changed for the better. Not knowing she came back for revenge.

A revenge to tear my family apart and destroy everything I fought all of my life for, my sparkles.


Aimscious briskly walked in from the door,depressed.

" Mart...I couldn't find them. They were not at the school premises neither their friends, Caroline and Veronica's place...", cried Aims, devastated.

" What...? where could they be....wait here, I'll go out in search of them..."

Mart bolted out of the house in a daze.

" Be careful out there.....", she shouted behind him and faint to the sofa helplessly in tears.

" It's okay, Aims. I know they are safe wherever they are. Mart will bring them home safely. I trust him."

" Oh, Lilia....,why is this happening now....", she hugged Lilia in tears.

Lilia patted her back consolingly with a smirk.

" This is for all the disgrace you pushed me through at that damn hell,bestie...."

" Aims....what is going on....Mart just informed me of what had happened..... ", Nina cried, approaching from the door.

" Mum....my children are nowhere to be found. I checked everywhere I know they would be but to no avail. I even checked their schools CCTV camera but doesn't show any sign of them neither the person who went to pick them..."

Aims cried,hugging Nina.

Just then, Lilia's phone rang. She picked it from the table and verified who it was. It was Albert, her fiance and partner in crime. She glanced nervously at Nina and Aims, and excused herself.

" What is it...dear, I've you found a place to keep them...?", asked Lilia, anxiously.

" Yes....everything is just as planned....", he answered from the other end of the phone.

" Great....thanks love. See you when I return. I've got to go now before they grow suspicious of me. Love you...bye."

She quickly hanged up and stood at the door, smiling.

" You'll never find them, Aims....never..", said Lilia, chuckling.

" What do you mean, Lilia..... ", asked Prince, behind her.

Lilia jolted and swiftly turned towards him, tensed.


This novel is the sequel of " SPARKLES OF DESTINY". Remember every destiny has a thorn in it .

No matter how hard you fought to achieve your sparkles, you still have to get those thorn out of your destiny or it may be a destruction to your sparkles.

Before you get that thorn out, you have to notice them first. And is it true there is happily ever after in love....? That is yet to be answered in this novel.

Join me on this journey to find out how Aims and Mart's love story ended and how they got to know their thorn and the ways and means through which they got this thorn out of their destiny.

LOVE is pure , sweet and last long when its true and destined.

DESTINY: The beauty/destruction of your fate is in your hands. Choose how you want it to go.

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