A Tensura Elf in Danmachi

~ This is heavily inspired by Reborn in Danmachi with a Tensura System by Salty Gamer ~ A man dies and reincarnates as a High Elf Prince in the world of Danmachi, gaining access to Tensura skills and abilities in the process. - No Harem - Updates will be inconsistent (Whenever I have time) - Romance (Eventually) - Slightly Slow Pacing - MC won't get Ultimate skills right off the bat. They will be extremely late-game - MC won't be invincible. He can lose. * The only reviews I will delete are from people who complain about the No Harem aspect or people who haven't read anything yet

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New Family

My head pounded as I awoke, unsure of where or even what I was. A flood of memories from two lives crashed into me all at once. However, the memories of the end of both lives and the journey here are what caught my interest the most. My soul had arrived in this world damaged and needing to find a host, so it latched onto the damaged soul of an elven prince and fused with it. Together, our souls created a complete whole and wiped out the disease that had been plaguing the prince his entire life. However, I was not alone in this body, sort of.

With my memories of my old life on earth I now understood everything I had half witnessed during my journey to this world. I now had a small fragment of the Voice of the World from Tensura inside of me, which gave me access to an entirely different form of progression than what is present in the world I am currently in, that being Danmachi. The fragment would be completely inert unless I complete the conditions to gain skills, then it will grant them to me. It is the same as it would be in the Tensura world, except only for me.

As I focused on my soul, I could feel my Unique Skill pulsating within it as I rose into a seated position in my bed, all its information already present in my mind, waiting to be tapped into. Before I accessed my new skill and now that I was fully aware, I confirmed my suspicions of this world's identity. The sight of the tower reaching the clouds from one of the cities was a dead giveaway. My memories of the forest and this world served to confirm my suspicion as I knew of Orario, the city of Adventurers, and the various gods who descended into this world. 'This is Danmachi, no doubt,' I confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt.

A grin stretched across my face as this body was no longer bound by sickness, and I was no longer living in a world without magic. A strong desire to get stronger and train in Arts and Magic surged up inside of me. 'First, time to explore my new skill,' I thought in excitement. However, before I could do that, I heard the sound of doors slamming open and rushed footfalls echoing in a large chamber. That caused me to look up and inspect my surroundings.

I found myself on an extremely soft bed in the center of a room with its walls and ceiling carved from light wood inlaid with the horns of various animals and lined with many precious metals. Small gemstones sparkled like stars on the ceiling, and green vine curtains hung draped to the side of large arched windows, letting in fresh air full of magic and giving me a breathtaking view out over the forest. The floor was white warble, and looking towards the entrance to the large room, I found a woman with silvery hair and a powerful aura of authority rushing toward me.

"Mother," I said instinctually in a voice that was soft but powerful and deep. 

"Thranduil," she called, causing me to raise an eyebrow in a gesture that I quickly hid by turning my head to one of the large windows.

'Really, I am an elf and just so happened to be named after a famous elf from Lord of the Rings,' I thought with an eyerole. Though I was more than a bit happy, especially since looking into a large mirror hanging nearby, I found that I looked like a younger Thranduil from the movies as well. I couldn't help but admire my looks in the mirror for a moment as my mother approached my bedside. 


"I told you not to go messing with the powers of the sacred tree. Look what has happened to you. We thought you had-" she began in a tirade.

"I am not dead mother. Not only that, but my sickness is gone. I am recovered." I said, cutting her off. 

At my words, she stopped dead in her tracks and inspected me closer, "It may appear that way, but you need more rest until we confirm anything."

She immediately sat beside me on the bed and hugged me closer to her, then continued, "Ohh Thranduil, why must you be so much like your father? I have no idea what I would do if I were to lose you. I do not wish to find out what it is like to lose a child," she whispered to me, head buried in my chest.

My mood sombered slightly as I pulled her into a full hug, "I may be rash, but comparing me to father is a bit much, don't you think? I haven't reached THAT level yet." I said jokingly to lighten the mood. 

Before she could respond, the doors burst open once more, and a whole host of people entered. At the front, with an expression of worry etching his usually neutral face, was King Celeborn, my father. At his elbow was my eldest sister and next in line for the throne of the forest, Alarielle. Behind them marched a dozen guards just like the ones that had protected me at the sacred tree the other day. Alarielle broke into a run to join Mother by my side, but Celebron was more measured, though he was clearly concerned as well. 

"My son," he began in a powerful voice, Golden hair draped down over his crown of intricately carved branches taken from the sacred tree and modeled in its likeness, "Are you okay?"

I smiled at his familiar bluntness, though it was the first time I had heard it myself, "I am fine, Father. In fact, I belive I am cured."

To illustrate my point, I rose from my bed before my mother or sister could protest and stood proudly without the need for a cane. That hushed everyone present, and I saw true joy in my father's eyes before he let out a booming laugh.

"It seems you are," then he turned to an attendant behind him, mixed in with his entourage of guards, "Tell the people that there will be a grand feast tonight to celebrate the recovery of my son,"

As he turned back to me, I blurted out a sudden request that had come to mind, "Father, I want you to train me."

He didn't seem surprised by the question as he looked me up and down, "Are you ready? Do you need time to recover first? There is no rush, you are only 70 years old, practically still a child."

"I would like to start sooner rather than later," I said, looking at my father's waist at his sword, Illumination, hung.

It was a weapon that my father had made famous many hundreds of years ago during one of the first human invasions of the forest. It was a renowned weapon to many elves, but not nearly so much as my father. Celebron's swordsmanship was well known to even elves from other forests and had been well-documented in his hundreds of years of reign as king. To be able to learn from him, would no doubt be incredibly useful, especially with my new Unique Skill.

"Very well. We will discuss the details further tonight, but for now, get some rest." With that, my sister and mother joined him on his way out.

The guards followed with the attendants before the doors finally shut, leaving me alone in the room. That gave me the opportunity to fully inspect my new Unique Skill that I had gained before crossing over into this world. Since it was a skill etched into my soul, I already knew its name and all the subskills, but I decided to focus on them now. All I had to do was picture the name of the skill, and boom, all the information flooded into my mind

- - - Tensura Abilities - - -

(MC can't see this screen. It's to show his abilities)


~ Arts:

~ Common Skills:

~ Extra Skills:

~ Unique Skills:

* Prodigy 

- Exponential Growth

- Enhanced Acquisition

- Skill Tree

- Chant Annulment

~ Ultimate Skills:


- - - Tensura Abilities - - -

I had to control the laughter that almost spilled from my body as looked at the skill. It was the perfect skill for me to start off with since it was perfectly tailored toward improving and gaining more skills and abilities over time. Looking at the subskills, firstly, Exponential Growth was fairly obvious. It allows me to become stronger faster and learn and improve new arts, magic, skills, and any other abilities faster as well. 

Next, Enhanced Acquisition makes it easier for me actually to gain any given skill, art, or magic. It synergized perfectly with the next subskill of Prodigy, Skill Tree. While Skill Tree has 'skill' in the name it actually applies to arts, magic, and skills as well. It functions like a crafting recipe/tree on how to get any given ability. All I need to do is think about a skill like Great Sage, and I can see how to acquire it. I see what Common and Extra skills I can combine to make it. I can also see what specifically I need to practice to unlock any art or magic too.

Lastly, Chant Annulment makes it so that I no longer need to use an incantation for any abilities I possess. Meaning, I can basically use magic instantly as long as I know the spell I am casting. Overall, I was extremely pleased with my first Unique Skill and excited to start gaining new arts, magic, and skills.