A Tale of Chinese New Year Lovers: My Dragon, My Love Book

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A Tale of Chinese New Year Lovers: My Dragon, My Love


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"When Chinese New Year happens, that's the only time I get to see him." - AX Althea Xi, an orphan and a freelance article writer in most Shanghai mainland broadcasting and newspaper companies wanted to become a famous top author in China through an international competition that will end before the new year of 2023. She came up with the decision to use the 'The Legend of the Cursed Dragon' as her setting for her work, in which her deceased grandmother always told her when it was nighttime when she was just a kid. But fate turned the tables around when she has been disqualified from the competition as soon as she used the prohibited folklore. She used that opportunity to abandon the story that was etched through her mind for a long time by throwing the bejeweled box that she was forbidden to open to the Yangtze River. Her deceased grandmother had been guarding it since her teenage years, and she knew that the box and the legend had been bringing her a stroke of bad luck all throughout her life. But before she could even leave the river, she accidentally tripped through rocks and fell down on the deep waters. She swam upwards with all her might, but little did she know, she was being transported through the year 1904, where a Chinese New Year celebration was happening on the side of the river. --------------------------- A LITTLE EXCERPT: "I exude a powerful charm I never imagined that would save you." "It was because of the power of love we have on each other." He then claimed her lips in the middle of the rain while the rivers of the Yangtze River were evident. He held onto her waist after a while. And she scraped her fingernails on his hair. They both love each other, they both do. ---------------------------- DISCLAIMER: The characters portrayed in this drama are fictitious. Organizations, names, places, and situations are based on imagination. The story used Chinese New Year as a reference for the Chinese New Year contest, and no distortion of historical resources had been made. Only the parallels of the worlds had been used, and the reality of Chinese mythology had been inked through this novel. The cover's background rights reserved through Pinterest artworks. The text is made through the Canva website by the dear author.


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