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A Swallow's Path


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The wheels of fate spun. The lives of two victims of greater power entwine. The blood of the dragons meets the child of Elder blood. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Slow paced* *3rd person focus* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knowledge of Elder scrolls+Witcher lore is recommended for some descriptions or developments. For example, Nirn (the planet) has two moons called Masser and Secunda. The sun is called Magnus and so on... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First world- Skyrim Second world- The Witcher 3 Third- Middle-Earth? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any and all criticism is not only welcome but encouraged. The only way I improve is by trial and error, so your comments/reviews are extremely valuable to me. This is my first written work after all... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The art used in the cover was labelled as free to use. However, if that's not the case please let me know.