A survivor's life in the dungeon. (Danmachi fanfic)

witness the journey of a man who lost everything, as he dives in the dungeon for strength and power. will he succumb to the dangers that he'll face, or will he persevere and find what he's looking for, be it revenge or closure that's for him to decide. . . . . . Hey, I'm writing my very first fanfic, I'll write this story as realistic as I can, so no overpowered MC, he'll be strong, but not in an overpowered kind of strong. I hope y'all like it, and please leave comments and feedback so that I may improve the writing of the fanfic, and it will be deeply appreciated. this fanfic will be dark, themes of death, violence, gore, and other dark stuff, so reader discretion is advised.

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Chapter 11 To temporary farewell and new beginnings.

*August PoV*

I woke up early in the morning as I stretched my body that's been aching from yesterday's events.

The outside was noisy as the adventurers prepared to leave and continue the journey back to Orario.

Inside the temporary medical ward I found that I was the only one left here, they must have all woken up and started their day.

I got up from bed and fixed myself before heading out.

I can hear the sound of people arguing outside, I moved slowly trying to listen in, making sure that I hid out of their sight first.

"What do you mean you're taking him?" I heard miss Shakti speaking, her voice raised as others mainly members of Ganesha familia gave their approval.

"Is it exactly as I say, I'm taking the boy, he will not be going to Orario with you and the others." Heracles answered calmly.

"Bullshit, his father is a part of my familia, even his weapon was given by Ganesha himself. I'm thankful to you for giving him falna and descending down to come to our aid, but August will come to Orario and join Ganesha's familia."

"But he isn't a member of your familia is he? He is part of mine, and I can guide the boy into a better warrior than what you and your familia can."

"A better killer you mean." Shakti took a deep breath and continued. "He's a child that needs help, not a warrior that you see him out to be."

there was an uncomfortable silence as they both stared back at each other. The ambiance feels tense, as I hear some awkwardly cough and sigh.

"Why don't we let the kid decide, Afterall it's his life we're talking about here." mister Finn spoke as he came in between miss Shakti and Heracles. He then looked in my direction and smiled

"Why don't you come out August. What do you want to do?"

All eyes turned at my hiding spot, as I awkwardly came into their view, I slowly walked towards them, very slowly.

"Hello August... I heard that you've received your Falna yesterday." Mister Finn starts, his face smiling.

"Yes mister Finn."

"Drop the mister, there's no need for that anymore, afterall, you're already an adventurer like us." Chuckling, he then came close and kneeled so in front of me, bringing him at my eye level. "So how does it feel?"

"It feels great mis--" He looked at me playfully. "It feels good Finn, great even, I feel so strong, like I can do everything."

"That's great to hear... now then where coming to a decision here that involves you." he stood up as he pats my head. "What do you wanna do now? would you like to come to Orario with Shakti and join her familia? or Come with lord Heracles, he said that he will train you outside personally."

I pause as I contemplate on what decision to choose. Miss Shakti had been kind to me, as a matter of fact everyone of them had especially those within the Ganesha familia. My father was also a former member of them before he retired from adventurer work.

On the other hand, lord Heracles gave me his falna, he chose me personally, and gave me strength to kill the monsters yesterday, he also said that he will train me personally so I'll be receiving direct guidance from a god.

I looked at the two of them, Miss Shakti with her familia behind him, Looking at me expectingly, she smiled at me with assurance. she and her familia who I've came to know this past couple of days treat me as if I'm part of their family.

Then at lord Heracles, he has his arms folded in his chest, his eyes staring deep in mine, I can feel his fire, his passion to watch me and help me grow strong.

I looked at my spear Beowulf, feeling its cold steel as I gripped it strongly in my hands...

I looked around and saw that everyone was waiting for me to choose.

I made up my mind, I want a family, but at the same time I want strength and power, power to kill, power for revenge. Power to be the strongest.

"I'll go with---"







The sun is shining brightly in the middle of the sky, the air cool as the spring breeze blows in the air.

The adventurers are packing up their supplies as they prepare to resume their journey back to the dungeon city of Orario.

Shakti Varma is currently looking at the boy August as he packed his bag up for the journey, she only knew him for a total of five days but she felt that she had grown fond of him as she watched the boy go through maybe the hardest moment he'll ever face.

"I'm ready now miss Shakti." the boy stood tall as he walked towards the young adventurer with his stuff.

"Drop the formalities August. remember what Finn said, you're now an adventurer. The same as us." She said as she moved closer towards the boy. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes mis-- yes I'm sure of my decision. I'll go with lord Heracles." The boy said with a determined face.

"I can't stop you can I?" She moved in to hug him as she whispered in his ears. "The Ganesha familia will always be a family for you to come home to. after all you are the son of Siegfried."

"I know... Thank you for everything till now Shakti. I'll never forget you and everyone else." August gave Shakti a hug back as his eyes are threatening to shed tears.

"Hey now." She pulls out of the hug. "Why are you sounding like this is the last time that we will see each other? This goodbye is just temporary. you'll get to see us all once you come to Orario."

August nodded his head as he wiped his eyes roughly, he gave Shakti a big smile as she pats the boy's head.

"And I know when we'll see each other again that you'll be strong."


"But you should always be careful August. take care of yourself."

"I will... and Shakti, take care of yourself as well."

there is a long and comfortable silence as the two said their temporary farewell, promising to see each other in the future.

As the moment passes, and all the words have been said, August makes his round to say goodbye to everyone he knows, his fellow survivors from the village, the adventurers who save them, and he pays his respect to those who had fallen and given their lives in battle. Shedding some tears for Rajesh as he remembered how he lift him up to his shoulder on their journey together.

As he was saying goodbye he came face to face with Ottar, the strongest, the king, the person whose strength he yearned for.

"Thank you for saving me." he said as he bowed his head in appreciation and respect.

"Hmmm..." Ottar gave him a nod and turned around as he walked away towards his familia.

"ONE DAY I'LL SURPASS YOU!!!" August didn't know why, but his mouth suddenly moved to shout those words. But deep down he knows that he meant it. every word of it.

Ottar paused, as he stood imposingly strong, with his back turned he spared a glance towards the young boy.

August didn't back down at Ottar's stare as he defiantly stared back at him. Ottar remembered the story he heard from the others while he was unconscious from the fight.

How the boy charged in the front line, how he slaughtered the monsters with his spear. how valiantly he fought alongside those adventurers while he was down and out.

The boy may be young, but Ottar didn't see the boy as a child, after what he went through, and how he fought, for his search for strength and power, he sees himself in him. He knows that the boy will grow strong, he can see the potential.

Ottar gave him a nod and said. "Be well, adventurer."

It shocked everyone who heard it, after all, Ottar acknowledged the boy, he called him an adventurer, it was the highest of praise coming from him.

Ottar continued walking away, looking forward to the future, curious on how strong the boy may become. 'Will he be able to challenge me?' he thought as he smiled viciously.

After all, no matter what facade he puts on, no matter how stoic he is, Ottar still loves to fight, and he welcomes the challenge.

August stared at the adventurer's back, his mind made up, determination in his eyes, he will be the strongest.

The adventures wave as they left, with August waving back at them, it was a melancholic sight, but the boy knose the it was only a temporary farewell.

Heracles made his way besides the boy, as he watched the adventurers make their way for their journey. He looked at the boy and saw the determination in his eyes. He smiled.

Training this boy will be fun, watching him grow with his guidance, watching him become a warrior he knows he'll be made Heracles giddy. After all, it's not every day a god can find a person with so much potential.

"Boy." Heracles called him as the boy slowly looked at the god who has so much expectations towards him

"Yes lord?"

"Are you ready to leave?"


"Good. We have a long journey ahead of us."

"Lord Heracles, if you don't mind me asking, where exactly are we going?"

"Up the mountains, I'm going to teach you the fundamentals and basic knowledge in fighting. I saw you fight, you were sloppy, and you rely too much on your weapon. I'm gonna break that out of you and teach you from scratch."

August was confused, From what he heard he was fighting well, every adventurer praised him after all so he doesn't understand why lord Heracles called his fighting sloppy.

"But before that lets update your status, we should have privacy now that we're alone." Heracles moved behind August and asked him to remove his shirt.





*Heracles PoV*

I watch the boys back as it glows a bright white, his status revealed itself. I smiled as I read his status, the boy has grown stronger, just one fight and his status jumped this much.


Name: August Kaiser

LVL: 1


STR: 232-G

DEX: 312-F

AGI: 318-F

MAG: 388-F

END: 425-E


Endless Battle: The user enters a state of pure concentration in fighting, giving him a temporary boost in stats. The longer the fight continues, the higher the user's stat rises. This magic can only be activated once the condition has been met.


:The user must wield Beowulf.

: The user has to be in battle for more than ten minutes.

: The user has to slay or injure the opponent for blood to be absorbed by Beowulf.

: The user must be fully immersed in Battle and nothing else.


:If the user stops Endless Battle in any way, shape, or form, the Stats resets back to its original and the user may enters mind zero depending on how long the use of endless battle is.


Survivor's Drive: If the user survives and wins an unsurvivable situation, the user will receive a permanent boost in stats. (Boost may vary on how unsurvivable the situation is)

Beowulf's call: The ancient weapon Beowulf has chosen the user to be its master, it allows the user to use (at a limited time) all the skills and experience of the previous user of Beowulf using mana at the process. with every kill the user does with Beowulf, the user recieves a portion of the slained mana back. As the battle goes on and more mana has been absorbed the user will activate the magic Endless Battle.

Beowulf Greed: The user can only use Endless Battle and Lethal Tempo if the user uses Beowulf, The effects of lethal tempo is dependent on the user's level.

Development abilities:

Hunter: Hunter improves the user's abilities against monsters the user fought before and gained excelia from.

Lethal Tempo: The User gains Temporary DEX and AGI with every hit the user makes. Can only be used if the user is wielding Beowulf. The effects are dependent on the user's level.


I'm flabbergasted, not only did August stats rose, he even gained a magic... At level one.

He also gained two development abilities which is unsurprising since every adventurer's gain them at a certain point. what's surprising is he gained it as a newly born adventurer.

I looked at the boy with so much potential. I wondered how strong he'll be once I complete his training and polished him into becoming a warrior.

Should I show him his status? No, if I do there might be a chance that he'll get arrogant and complicant. It can wait.

For now I'll train this youngling into a fine warrior.

"All done boy. You can put your clothes back on." I tried to feigned Indifference. making sure nothing is showing on my face that may indicate his status.

"So how's my status? can I see?" he ask expectingly, as if I'll show him, oh I'll hide this untill I see that you're ready.

"Nothing special. Average at best." I looked away, trying to act as natural as possible.

"Ok then..." he said, disappointed by the results, boy if only you knew how fucking terrifying you are.

I looked at his weapon for a minute, Beowulf, from what the the female Adventurer of Ganesha told me it was an ancient weapon. What a joke, looks like Ganesha is hiding some serious shit from his children.

Oh well not my problem. He can eat shit for all I care.

I'm thankful though. After all, the weapon founded its way to the boys hand hahahaha.

"Is everything ok?" the boy ask me as I realized that I was smiling from ear to ear.

I cough a few times and acted like it was nothing.

"Everything fine boy." I said with all seriousness trying to hide my emotions and show the boy all the regality a God has to have.

"So what should we do now? he ask expectingly, his eyes showing that hunger that made me come down here in the first place.

"Now we leave and train." I walked at the front as I looked back at the boy. "I'll make you strong, the strongest even, in my training you'll be strong or die trying." I gave the boy a mischievous smile as I could clearly see him swallowing his breath and sweating.

Oh this is gonna be fun.

"Now then. shall we?"

"...to where exactly."

"To your new beginning." I said proudly as I took the first step towards our journey.

I'll ignore the boy speaking about a new beginning not being an actual place.

I am a patient and nurturing God after all, so I'll let that pass, I'll just double his training so that he'll grow even faster. Oh I just realized I'm also a hardworking god.











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