1 The last day of spring break

Ch 1

POV Shinji Makoto

"Haah… I'm so bored" I said as I put down a manga volume. Hello, I am Shinji Makoto a second-year high school student. I am what you might call a closet otaku. Though I say that I am by no means an introvert or a shut-in of any sort, I am just someone who is not comfortable enough to share my private hobbies with my classmates. Some people just like more privacy, no? Anyways, this is probably the last time I can read manga without worrying about school. Afterall, today is the last day of spring break and school starts tomorrow.

"Dinner's ready"

A call came from downstairs while I was having this internal monologue. I got up and dragged myself lazily to the dinner table. What do you know, it was just packet curry. Way to end the holidays on a dull note like this.

"Itadakimasu" I said before eating the food that my mother prepared.

"Are you ready for tomorrow?" Asked my mom

"Yeah… pretty much."

"Best of luck for your second year."

"Un… Thanks."

After finishing dinner, I went back to my room.

As I lay down on my bed at night I thought of my last year. There was one and only one regret or maybe wish that I had and that is…

God I wish I had a girlfriend.

Sadly, my life is like one of those characters in a romcom who always supports the protagonist. I am someone who you can say is in the "upper half" of the school hierarchy. I am pretty smart if I say so myself. I have people whom I can call friends and am not uncomfortable while talking to girls. Hell, I don't even have stage fright! Although I would like to refrain from speaking in front of large audiences. But then why?... why don't I have a girlfriend? While thinking about these things a certain memory of rejecting a girl surfaced in my mind.

Let me explain… When I was in middle school there was a girl that confessed to me. I knew her and was even on good terms with her. The problem was, it was only superficial. She was the kind of girl that you might see following the villainess. When I thought about sharing my hobbies and private life with her I just couldn't. I felt so afraid of judgement and scornful looks from others that I rejected her. Maybe I judged the book by the cover? I don't know.

This is my problem. I wear a mask. I am afraid of how others may think of me. Because of this even during conversations I remain passive. This is the reason why I value my privacy so much. It is only when I am alone that I can behave as I want and have thoughts freely. The idea of sharing this privacy with someone­­ ­— I just can't imagine.

But even so, I want a girlfriend. Or maybe this is why I want a girlfriend. Someone in front of whom I don't have to act. Someone who I can be with me without wearing a mask.

Those were my last thoughts before falling asleep.

** ** **

POV Akari Nakano

"Ugh! I lost again" I grumbled as I saw 'game over' flashing in big red colours on the arcade machine.

"Nee… Akari lets leave already. We have been at the arcade for so long. I am getting hungry now" Hinata said pulling my shoulder.

"Oh, come on just one more try. I wanna beat this person's score."

"NO! you've been saying that for half an hour. Look Shizuo is so tired that she is deflated" She said while pointing to a puddle on the ground.

"How is that even possible?" I retorted

"Come let's go to the new café by the station. I've heard their shortcakes are amazing"

"Okay… Okay I get it fine I will go, so stop pulling."

Then as if watching a reversed clip of melting ice Shizuo rose and assumed her normal appearance.

"WTF" both me and Hinata shouted.




"Huh this cake is just a bit better than normal. It isn't anything special." I said, as I tasted the supposedly heavenly cake.

"Well, rumours can be exaggerated" Shizuo spoke as she took pictures of her food.

"Who cares at least we know now. Anyway, this is the last day of break, from tomorrow no more lazing around like this." Hinata said.

"Yeah. I hope we all are in the same class this year"

These are my two friends Hinata Tsukumo and Shizuo Hiwari. We've been friends for more than three years now. We met in middle school and joined the same high school so that we could be together, but as luck would have it, we were put in different classes. Hopefully we can be in the same class this time.

"So-" Hinata said, "-do any of you have a boyfriend?"

My mouth scrunched up in disdain.

"Oh, come on Akari you don't have to show that face."

"But all boys are nothing more than liars. They all have hidden motives and approach you only so that they have a chance to go out with you. And I hate liars."


"I just don't have good memories." I replied finally.

I am Akari Nakano, a second-year high school student. And I hate people who hide their thoughts. I just don't like people who keep what they really think hidden and act with hidden motives. I only feel disgust and loathing for these sorts of people.

In the first year of middle school there was this guy my friend liked, so she asked for my advice on how to get closer to him. Those two slowly became closer and started eating lunch with each other, going home together, and all that stuff. But then right when she was going to confess, he came to her to ask if he should confess to me. The next day rumours spread about how I stole her crush. What did I do here? If he didn't like her, why did he get close to her? What a disgusting move. He could have made it clear to her from the start that he was interested in me rather than her.

"Well, it can't be helped that you think so I hope you find someone though. It would be so cute to see someone like you fall in love"

"Hah that is never going to happen."

What I didn't know was how wrong I was.

** ** **

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