1879 We'll Only Have The Strength To Argue After We Are Full

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Ugly Duckling, which was lying on the counter lazily, stood up immediately and pricked its ears up. Then, it leaped down the counter, and dashed to the door. It jumped up to grab the handle, and bumped the door open with its eight kg weight and skills.

Outside of the door, Amy was carrying a big trophy. She caught Ugly Duckling, which threw itself into her arms, and held it under her armpits. While rubbing its head, she said disdainfully, "Ugly Duckling, you've got fat again! Also, don't damage my trophy. This is pure gold, which is much more expensive than you."

Mag came to the door before Amy, who was wearing a brand-new magician robe, and smilingly said, "Our Little Amy is home so early."


Amy dumped Ugly Duckling aside, and raised the trophy up high. "See! I got the championship and a big trophy!"


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