1914 Sticking To Being A Gigolo

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The pot of 'Buddha jumps over the wall' was finished without a drop left. Garlan took out the towel that he brought along with him all the time, and wiped his bald head clean as he burped with satisfaction.


Garlan thought that this was the best meal he had in two years. This pot of 'Buddha jumps over the wall' was also the best soup he had ever had in his entire lifetime.

"Your… hair really grew out?!" Mylo glanced at Garlan's head as he exclaimed with his eyes wide open.

"Really?" Garlan was stunned. He reached out to feel his head, and felt a furry sensation on his initially bald and smooth head.

Mylo inched closer for a look, nodded, and said, "Some thin hair has sprouted out, and there's quite a lot of it. I think it's working."

Mylo had known Garlan for decades. He watched how his hairline receded and expanded outward. In the end, because he looked like Kappa, Garlan had no choice but to shave his head.


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