1655 How Dare You Beat My Man Up

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Cyril looked at Rom. He frowned. Is he really an iron fool? He doesn't even want a million?

"This is how things are, Master Rom, Young Master Cyril wants to invite you to join his forging shop. As long as you agree, you can receive 1,000,000 copper coins as your compensation. All you need to do is sit in the shop every day. It's such an easy job," the middle-aged man told Rom with a chuckle.

He wasn't able to rush back into the city before sunset, and happened to witness the people from the city lord's castle come out to welcome Rom into the city. He heard some news about Master Rom from some of the peddlers, so he went into the city early in the morning to look for Cyril. After asking around everywhere, they finally managed to find Master Rom in the afternoon at Mamy Restaurant.


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