A spacewolf in westeros

An Australian man dies and ends up meeting who was responsible for his early death and ends up in Westeros as a near immortal death machine with a plan…..to stay away from all the bullshit……and relax and recover from a harrowing experience I don’t own game of thrones or warhammer 40k

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Who I am

-mc pov-

I suddenly feel myself waking up slowly, as I start to get my bearings, I look around to see I'm leaned against a rather hardy looking tree clothed in furs looking like half a wildling when suddenly…..oooof….My brain feels like it went through a blender…but some memories start coming back….I'm still borderline epileptic with rage at the fact that god could implant these memories but not the space marine ones..….so much suffering and war…..it's not a crippling fear or anything but the memories aren't happy ones….500 years of….no…don't dwell, none of that matters now, I can now relax on this tiny uncorrupted world…..which is a relief..

I'll need to make a place for myself, but I have all the time in the world, and as much as I dislike having to have gone through what I did, it definitely put things in perspective for me….

The night king? Pffff, I'd rather fight an army of them naked in a snowstorm than see one more god damned tyranid….I would say his magic was a problem, but to be honest….it isn't…. Even without my power armour he just isn't that threatening even with his of weights….a war with him would be a gods honest breath of fresh air….

What about The dragons that would come later on you ask? Well for one it wouldn't be hard for me to stop that jumped up domestic violence trauma victim from ever having them….but I won't….why? Because they just aren't really a threat….I could throw a spear harder and faster with better accuracy than any scorpion or ballista of this world had access too…..

What if they catch you off guard and breath their "draconic flames" on you, you might ask?…..No….just no…..I spent 500 years fighting horrors this world couldn't even comprehend….even if by some miracle those uppity lizards by the grace of god ambush me perfectly with a pinpoint flame breath , it wouldn't be enough….burn me a little sure, but they would be corpses before their next thought…..so no, not a big threat…

I'm immune to poison and disease, my bones are unbreakable, even a regular steel blade would have a tough time getting through my skin, valerian steel sure, but even then I'm pretty confident there isn't anyone on this planet who could generate enough force with a valerian steel blade to damage my bones...

Hmmmm…..let see, my backstory is I'm the son of an umber and some whore from some small town I never cared to learn the name of, mother died of disease when I was 10, so I lived alone….I lived a pretty relaxed life until 16 just hunting by myself….people started to pay attention to me as I got older and grew larger and larger, well that and I always came back with prey….at 16 my small village was attacked by wildling's, and they had a jolly old time until I returned from hunting, and well…I killed 30 men by myself in no time flat without so much as breaking a sweat…

From then people started to fear me for more than my size, I was always quiet and kept to myself so no one really bothered me, but after that they would go out of their way to avoid me whispering about how I'm a demon made flesh…it seemed to never really bother "me"..

And not a year after that little tussle with the northern blight a call for levies went out and I answered the call under the umber name and marched south to war…..

And over the course of the war I was an unstoppable killing machine, decimating ranks with minimal effort which gained the northern lords attention quickly enough and not long after I was tasked into Eddard starks army which really changed nothing for me fight wise…..I was a unstoppable….and eventually did so well I was tasked to lead assaults, which was an honour, and again i thrived

And even looking through these memories as if they were a on a film projector….as weird as that sounds….it feels like I'm watching someone else live this life, and the thoughts and actions of the "me" before were more of an autopilot than actually "me" as he didn't have "my" memories….but even still….I could tell "I" wasn't really putting much effort into the war, just enough to get attention and then a little more… to be honest I probably could have slaughtered most of the armies we faced alone even without my very well earned "battle experience"

During the war I saved Ned once or twice which really got "me" in his good graces, I was even part of the group that went to the tower of joy to "rescue" Lyanna, I would have just bodied all the kings guard but the "nobles" needed to do it honourably which resulted the same as cannon, which left "me" distressed at how he could have saved lives…but then again not really….

Anyway it all played out the way it did normally with the only difference it with "me" being given a lordship and given sea dragon point and the surrounding areas which was what I asked for…..oh and the "me" from before asked for a couple tradesmen to come with me to sea dragon point to help out getting set up….and that's pretty pretty much caught up on my life….I now have over a decade and some change before shit goes south down south and Ned's brought down to king landing to die…..I'll see how I feel at the time if I want to save him or not…

For now me and my little gaggle of tradesmen and small folk are about 5 days journey from sea dragon point after about a month and a half of travel from winterfell….

There's about 50 people following me, 14 are tradesmen of various professions, mainly apprentices striking out on their own after surviving the war, a few women and children followed as well probably in the hopes of a better life with the renowned "lord fenris the giant berserker"

The lord part was obviously bestowed by the warden of the north Eddard Stark, the giant berserker title was from people who saw me fight….if only they knew….

But times in the north are tough on everyone, these small folk took a chance on me and seemed to have hit the jackpot….between them actually being able to eat their fill with me hunting and "no" bandit attacks on our journey so far things seem to be looking up…

There have been several bandit ambushes laying in wait so far….but I smell them miles away and excuse myself from the group to do little clean ups of their camps….looted a decent amount of money and supplies so far so….cool beans….

The "me" before didn't have access to inventory so he carried it all back and loaded it onto the wagons,

I push myself off the the tree I was leaning against and do a quick sit rep of my surroundings and see what's going on with my own eyes instead of implanted memories.

I notice the fall of light snow, keeping the world around us a splendid white and green….just like back on fenris…just a lot less dangerous….

The people have set up camp for the day as night will fall soon enough and people have gathered to start fires and get some meat cooked for supper….I could eat…

I make my way over to the group and people seemed to get an extra Pep in their step as I approached, I'm guessing they want to seem useful to their new lord?

One of the younger women speaks gently and with ease "food will be ready in just under an hour m'lord, we will have yours ready to eat first"

Apparently the old "me" wasn't one for fancy titles or showboating so it made people more at ease with him…not to say they would ever disrespect him…but they don't quiver at the sight of him which is a step up on what it used to be..

"Good las, well I'll go and do some hunting while I wait…..I can smell a good amount of prey just waiting to be hunted, I'll be back soon"

She just nodded and went back to preparing the boar "I" hunted yesterday over the fire…

Everyone over the last month and a half has also gotten used to my ridiculous sense of smell that always seems to know where the "prey" is

And with that quick little conversation with whatever her name was I make my way into the surrounding forest on the trail of a buck I could smell about 3 kilometres away….this shouldn't take too long…