1 1. A Kaiju is born.

Deep into the lower crust of a dying and inhospitable red planet, below the biggest volcano in the solar system.

Also known as Olympus Mons, precisely in its gargantuan magma chamber covered with a multi-coloured glowing mix of what looked like moss and mycelium.

This alien flora camouflaged the form of a seemingly dead creature comparable in size and shape to that of an adult blue whale. 

It is in fact alive. It is a newborn calf, the last remaining individual of its species. Forcibly put in cryptobiosis by its parents millions of years ago, though it will soon awaken.

*THUMP-THUMP*, its heart started to beat loudly and for the first time in aeons. Rocks, sands and floras started to float as if they defied gravity; they were promptly followed by the unconscious calf weighing multiple hundred tons. 

*THUMP-THUMP*, this time two radiant pulses were emitted after its beats. Making everything encompassing the floating baby kaiju, fly off.

Its body was similar to that of a cetacean but the comparison stopped here, it has on each side of its head at the front a closed eye accompanied by 6 pure golden lenses in two lines, similar in shape to compound eyes. It has behind and on each side of its head two sets of fins. 

It had two pairs of long flippers below these three sets of fins and one other set of the same but shorter flipper at the start of its tail. Said tail was flukeless (Flesh things at the end of a whale tail) and was contoured by a membrane starting just between the front pair of flippers and ending in a spade-like shape after the end of the tail.

The most remarkable feature wasn't its body configuration, no. It was how its bioluminescent skin was ever-changing in colour and some parts, like the skin on its back and its ventral pleat, were practically transparent and if looked hard enough, its internal organ and bones could partially be seen to the naked eye.

Particles and aura of different colours were also floating around its fins and flippers adding to the supernatural nature and otherworldly aura of the beast.

'Hungry, I feel so hungry… and I also-wait I feel weird… fucking good idea to go to a party and drink they said… you will have fun they said… I only got a hangover… ', the calf thought sluggishly and started to get confused when it didn't find its phone nor felt its fingers. He tried to yawn but only a mix of clicks, whistles and deep melodic rumble was heard, it sounded like the mix of a whale and a lion. The calf decided to ignore it, for the moment.

'Must be sleep paralysis and my hangover that causes me to hallucinate… yea must be it. Make sense.', it didn't want to believe what was currently happening, it tried to move its four arms, it paused, it tried again, it wasn't supposed to have four flat elbowless arms, they were like flippers.

Nor were its legs normally flipper. Nor was its human body supposed to be tapered and have a tail with a strange moveable flap-like fin that also ranged over three-fourths of its body.

'No, no, no, no… what happened to my body… I'm a male human, I'm Nath--cetus, no my name is N–elicetus… I'm Nathan...', he paused, he didn't feel any panic even at mixing up his own name, he couldn't even if he wanted to, everything in his instincts told him he was fine and that forcibly calmed him down. He didn't know why it did but he was fine with that, he didn't want to have a mental breakdown.

He got an idea, he will open his eyes, if he is in his room it was just the fault of alcohol and fatigue, he hoped it was really the case, he will be able to go back to his dull but stable life as a 27 years human office worker and it will just be a very bad experience. But if everything is real… well he will have to accept it, since it will be his life from now on.

He opened his eyes, two golden glowing pupils, everything was new and different, first, his vision didn't have the same angle as his human self, it felt strange and at the same time felt normal, he could see his body; it was as he expected but refused to accept it until now, he wasn't human in any way shape or form and will never be again.

He saw that he was in some sort of cave filled with glowing plants and that thing we're floating around himself, as well as himself and it felt normal even if it shocked him beyond belief, things don't levitate like this.

*BAM*, as he thought this, he felt as if he used a muscle he always had but never used and everything except himself fell to the ground. Making red dust fly everywhere. 

'So everything is real isn't it, I did die at that party, didn't I? I was drunk but not that much. I'm thankful I forgot how I died and reincarnated here as a… whale-dolphin epileptic alien.', he thought, floating instinctively higher, the idea of his majestic body landing on the ground repulsed him, the innate pride of his species not bothering him in the slightest.

He accepted his new reality incredibly fast, he couldn't help it, denying what was in front of his eyes and what he felt would lead to madness and he liked his sanity and his human mind, at least what was left of it. He already felt new aspects he couldn't ever hope to even comprehend with a feeble human mind.

That doesn't mean he appreciated the loss of his hands and nearly everything that made him what he was as Nathan, well now he was Caelicetus, he knew it, as if it was inscribed in his very genes to call himself like this, it felt right. And he liked it.

Lost in his own mind, he violently smashed through the hard basalt of the magma chamber ceiling like it was cardboard. He wasn't very fast, but he didn't understand how strong and truly massive he was.

And he only felt a little bit of pain at the brutal collision, he grunted his deep and musical voice echoing through the entire chamber and he felt the cave map itself in his brain, it was an indescribable feeling, every nook and cranny of the cave that was slightly smaller than France recorded in his mind, he processed so much information as if it was nothing.

*RUMBLE*, the whole chamber started to quake, pieces of stone already plummeting down in the darkness below. Its structure was fragile, millions of years of vegetation and erosion being the causes and on top of that, he damaged an important piece of the chamber's structural integrity. It can still hold but the calf didn't know this.

'Oh shit! I need a way out and fast!', Caelicetus thought, slightly panicking, he didn't want to die again and being buried alive by billions of tons of rock wasn't really his plan.

His 12 golden lenses, started to shine and his fins started to shake, space started to distort around him the whole event taking 0,5 seconds, then everything in a 20-meter radius around him including himself got absorbed followed by a loud *CRACK* than that of the air filling the now empty space. Stone was perfectly cut at the space jump limit, before starting to fall, the magma chamber now surely on its way to destruction.

Caelicetus reappeared 100 meters (328ft) higher than the surface of Mars, basalt, moss and mycelium free-falling around him.

*RAWR*, he roared in exhilaration, it sounded at the start deep with multiple growls and before going high pitched then becoming deep again, he continued to sing like this for multiple minutes, it was his instincts. He strangely felt a bit gloomy when there wasn't any callback but he shoved this feeling aside he had SUPER POWERS!

He teleported from what he assumed was deep underground, to the surface of a somewhat familiar landscape he had seen in his last life. But right now he wasn't thinking about that.

It was a euphoric feeling that he had powers, he could control gravity well to a certain extent, but still, it's one of four fundamental forces that govern the universe! Never in his wildest dream would he have thought of doing this and as a sparkling whale at that! 

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