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My name is John Moore and I would consider myself a relatively ordinary person. So then why? Why did I instead of dying, woke up in a decrepit prison cell with some guy in knight armor looking down me? And what's with the screen in front of me!? [Welcome to Lordran, Traveler!] (Note: I do not own the cover art nor do I have any claim over it)

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Chapter 89: Bliss.

"Eileen! Are you okay?" Obviously, she wasn't by the fact that she was leaning against a tombstone and breathing heavily. But I decided to give the benefit of the doubt and let her pull out a blood vial or something. 

"Ha... ha... I'm afraid I do not have any blood vials left. All of them were smashed when I was hunting Henryk. But I will live." Though she said that I could feel the pain in her voice, no doubt she had suffered a fair share of injuries. And not everyone is used to being shredded like paper on the daily.

While she might have some vials stashed somewhere I do not think it would be pleasurable in the least for her to limp all the way to her stash and take care of herself while in agony.

It may seem weird for me to say this but I don't really enjoy seeing people in pain, at least undeserving ones. Granted, I usually do not go out of my way to help someone but I really dislike seeing people I know in pain.

I know how bad it is to be in pain. 

"That wasn't necessary of you... But you have my thanks.

We made it, with our lives. You're not bad at all. You must've killed Gascoigne as well, then? He was falling apart. I'm sure it had to be done. But try to keep your hands clean.

A hunter should hunt beasts. Leave the hunting of hunters to me..."

She is in that amount of pain yet she still says that huh? That's rather irritating. Looking down at her I retrieved the vial Iosefka gave me and held it out for her.

"Drink." Even though she wore her plague doctor cosplay I could still tell that she was puzzled by what I was doing. Before she could ask what it was I spoke first.

"It's a special purified blood vial. More potent than other vials." 

"No need, such a valuable thing. Keep it to yourself. It could save your life one day. I will make it."

My brows creased. I was getting annoyed now. She was in so much pain and so near death yet she could still say that? It's almost like I am not the immortal one here. Staring into where I knew her eyes would be I ordered in a deeper and more authoritative tone.

" Drink. "

As if she were unable to obey my order like a child who saw their usually kind father get strict she took the vial from my hands and chugged it down. Seeing her body heal to peak condition I smiled in satisfaction and got up to leave. But as I was about to leave I heard her speak to me.

"That was not needed but ya have my thanks." 

I quietly nodded and walked away from Eileen.

But what I didn't realize was why Eileen suddenly obeyed me.

Unlike what it seemed. There are just parts about me that the system couldn't simply seal away. And one of those was what defined my existence. Even in another world, I am not simply a human.

No matter what there are parts of me that you can't just simply take away without collapsing my entire being. Which is why Invictus still worked with my status being sealed away.

I had unknowingly loosened one of the seals on my being.

No matter what I am still considered by the world as the "Dark Lord of Humanity" I naturally have control over humanity and darkness. Which was why I was able to make the weakened Eileen compelled to follow my order.

You can remove the power from the dark lord of humanity but you can't remove the dark lord of humanity from the dark lord of humanity.

Ignoring the future implications of that aspect of my being I visited the chapel to check on the old coot I sent here. Partly to see if she has been flayed and eaten or something.

Honestly, either worked for me.

While I enjoy acting like a good person that doesn't mean I care THAT much about some old hag.

I entered the chapel and the first thing I noticed was the old woman inside and the happy chapel the dweller. I don't care enough to learn their names. I was here for strictly business. I would do my business here and leave. There are people waiting for me for once.

That has also reminded me of the fact that, despite having a harem I still haven't lost my v card.

The Dark Lord of Humanity. The Reaper of Lordran. The Godslayer. The beast in red. The Lord of Flame/Light/Death/Life/Darkness Is a fucking virgin.

Sigh. I moved over to the David Chapel and seeing me he looked ecstatic.

"Ahh, the hunter! Thank you. So, that old girl, you told'er about this place, right? Well, she don't offer me much in the way of conversation, but still... I'd rather see'er alive anyhow..." What the hell is this Solaire class kindness?

But now I was fully convinced. I am now sure that Solaire 2.0 is trustworthy. That means I can finally bring that girl here. But first I should follow up on old Coot to see if she has anything worthwhile to bring to the pot. I went up to the old hag in the wheelchair and the moment the harpie hag saw me her expression twisted.

Oh boy.

"How are you settling in the chapel?" Remember John, patience is a virtue. I think, I don't fully remember what the virtues were.

"Oh, no. Don't think I've forgotten your ilk. Do you think I owe you something? Well, that's a fine lark. I'd say. This whole mess that Yharnam's in, it's all your fault, you fidgety outsiders! Our blood's ruined, tainted by your ilk! Don't you come near me! I know your type!"

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

You are better than this. What would they say if they saw you perform a visceral attack on an old lady?

/I can't say I'm not fucking temped./

I briskly walked away. My grip on my other arm's forearm was so hard that it had turned to mush and fragments of bone were popping out. Going up to the nearest lantern I teleported to the nearest lantern to the young girl. After teleporting I made my way over to her window and knocked.

After a few seconds, I heard a meek voice.

"Hello, mister hunter. Still can't find my mum? Oh, okay. I can wait. But… isn't there something I can do? Maybe mum and dad are stuck out there waiting for me to come and find them. What do you think mister hunter?"

That... hurt. Knowing what I knew this was just painful. The taste it left on my tongue was bitter. After a second of contemplation, I made the hard decision. 

I wouldn't tell her.

She needed safety and shelter more than the truth right now. Ignorance is a bliss a few can afford. She will learn the truth eventually that's for sure. But it's better for her to learn that among people she can trust and depend on than on a night where everything is out to kill.

"I... I haven't found your parents yet, I'm sorry. But I have found a place that is safe from the beasts. And I'm here to take you there. I think the best thing you can do for them is to wait there for them. Don't worry, I will take you there."

<Quest Complete.>

Hearing that I hadn't found her parents made her tone a bit dimmer but it had perked up instantly when I told her that I had found a safe place for her to wait for her parents.

"Yes, okay! Thank you mister hunter! I love you almost as much as mum and dad, and granddad!" Hearing her say that I pushed my disgust down as I made her open the hatch to her window and climb out.

A small blond girl wearing a white dress climbed out of the window as I hugged her to my chest. Holding her securely I spoke in a reassuring tone.

"Now, you don't need to worry. Just close your eyes and ears for ok? And we will reach there in a flash." Hearing my words she cutely nodded her head.

"Alright, Mister Hunter!"

Seeing her close her eyes and cover her ears I climbed up to the roof and started briskly parkouring across them to the chapel. Doing my very best not to disturb her too much. After a while of jumping across the rooftops I landed in the Chapel in front of the Dweller.

"Ahh, kind Hunter, thank you for bringing her to us! Welcome to the Oedon Chapel little girl!" Said the dweller with a smile that really didn't appear very friendly due to his visage but I kindly put the girl down and knelt down before patting her head.

"Alright now. You are safe here, this kind gentleman here will take care of you. He is a very kind person so if you need to ask anything you can just find him alright?"

"Alright! Thanks, Mr. Hunter!" Hearing her words a ghost of a smile visited my covered lips before fading away.

"Take care." Saying that to the girl and the dweller I left the chapel toward the Cathedral Ward as all warmth left my demeanour.

Time for Business.

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