29 Chapter 29: 2 Gargoyle's too many.

I got up from my bonfire and modified my elite knight armor. I removed the scarf-like thing around the neck and replaced it with the hellkite cape. After that, I went down to the forge to change some things about the armor.

Greeting Andre, I made my over to my workstation which I had put together on the opposite side of the room as Andre. After contemplating about the changes I wanted to make, I got to work with the help of Andre.

First, we forged some more plates and added them to the right arm of the armor. It had always irked me how only the left arm was properly armored. I also plated the gloves. Alongside adding another shoulder guard.

One might think that these changes were unnecessary and would limit the range of motion of my right arm. To that, I would say if your armor wasn't made by a Unga Bunga caveman brain neanderthal then the armor shouldn't hinder your range of motion.

Besides, that shoulder plate could make the difference between getting your shoulder hurt in a fight versus losing it completely. I also removed the rust and other gunk n shit off the armor.

After that, I got to the tedious process of etching titanite onto the armor. Because that was how you upgrade armor. When etching titanite into armor and weapons it improves the overall quality of the subject. Its sharpness for a weapon, flexibility for a bow, and toughness for armor alongisde a bunch of things.

Titanite was one weird metal(?). But it kinda made sense because if I remember correctly they were related to a god of blacksmithing or something.

Anyway, after spending an absurd amount of titanite upgrading my armor to +5 and polishing it. I re-tied the cape and belts and pouches to it and equipped the armor that fit like a glove. With this armor on me, I felt like an absolute juggernaut.

I took out my Deadman's blade and set out to Parish to actually loot the place and /not/ fight all of its inhabitants at the same time. And surprisingly without the channeler, they were more than easy to dispatch with my new and improved gear.

Baldur knights were slightly more troublesome than normal undead but in the end, they were just taller undead with higher agility and a bit of strength. That meant next to nothing in front of my blade which through the exposed part of their flesh like hot butter through a knife.

So after a few hours, I had completely looted most of the parish and all that was left was just one room. I kicked aside the barricade and opened and walked upstairs until I saw a locked cell, inside it was a man wearing some funny-looking brass armor.

Knight Fuckin Lautrec of Carim.

''Oh? Still human, are you? Then I am in luck. Could you help me? As you can see I am stuck, without recourse.''

Yeah... /I don't think I'll regret ending you here./

Wordlessly I took out some firebombs from my inventory. The narrow confines of his cell will make it nigh impossible to dodge my bombs. Lautrec is a skilled combatant which I don't want to take chances with.

''Huh? What are you doing?''


From the gap between the bars of his cell door came a firebomb and hit Launtrec head-on. Before he could even recompose himself or say anything other than a pained scream, another bomb came.

And another.

And another.

I didn't think, I didn't register the screams. I didn't even know if what I did was even right.

My body just moved on its own.

It only stopped when the screams did.

< You have killed Launtrec Of Carim +1,000 souls +5 Humanity >

<You have acquired the ring of favor and protection.>

looked at my hands.

I killed someone.

Not a hollow or somebody on the verge of becoming one but a living, sentient person capable of rational thought.

I felt a wave of disgust and slight horror wash over me.

Not because of the disgust and horror of killing someone.

But because of the lack thereof.

I felt barely anything when claiming the life of someone.

I felt the centipede emerge from the corner of my eye, looking at me with an emotion I was disturbed by.


/How long will it take to understand the fact that we are no longer human?/

/I pity you. I really do./

/I am you, after all, I understand you perfectly./

What have really I really become?


Nevermind that.

Don't think about it.

You don't need to. It's meaningless.

You have a goal.

Remember that. The only thing that matters here is that.

Kill the gargoyles. Ring the bell of awakening.

Kill the gaping dragon. Reach blight town.

Kill Quelaag. Ring the second bell of awakening.

Kill the Iron golem. Reach Anor Londo

Kill Ornstein and Smough. Take the Lordvessel.

Kill Seath. Claim his Lordsoul.

Kill the bed of chaos. Claim her Lordsoul.

Kill Nito. Claim his Lordsoul.

Kill the four kings. Claim their Lordsoul.

Enter the Kiln of the First Flame.

Kill Gwyn.

Link the Flame.

I heard the unspoken words ring in my ear.

/Guilt will serve no purpose. It doesn't matter if you were right or wrong in killing Lautrec. All that matters is that it benefitted us./

/Remember, you only have only one goal./

/Reach the end. No matter what. You have to be the Chosen Undead./

/You/I/We have to be strong./

He snapped himself out of his daze and started walking back down the stairs after having looted Launtrec's corpse. But what he didn't notice was the change inside himself.

His eyes had changed. He wasn't hollowing.

No, far from it in fact. His eyes held immovable conviction. But instead of the warm glow of his violet eyes, they had been replaced with a dead dark blue-purple. As he was walking down he slipped off one of his gauntlets and slipped on the ring of favor and protection.


< Ring of Favor and Protection>

A ring symbolizing the favor and protection of the goddess Fina, known in legend to possess "fateful beauty".

This ring boosts its wearer's health and stamina, as well as lightens their burdens.


The moment he slipped the ring on he felt himself get suddenly invigorated. Like he had just slept after a long day of work. He also felt the armor he was wearing become lighter. Even though that wasn't the case. But that wasn't even the best part.

'Interesting. Unlike the game, it mentions nothing of the ring being fragile. So I can switch it out as I please.'

After that he went around the entirety of the undead parish, swiftly killing any and all enemies with minimum effort taking everything potentially useful he could see.

<You have acquired:

Mystery Key

Basement Key

Alluring Skull ×4


Fire Keeper Soul


Knight Shield >

All and all, the most interesting thing he had found here was the soul of the firekeeper.


< Fire Keeper Soul >

Soul of a long-lost Fire Keeper.

Each Fire Keeper is a corporeal manifestation of her bonfire, and a draw for the humanity which is offered to her. Her soul is gnawed by infinite humanity, and can boost the power of the precious Estus Flask. Reinforced Estus Flasks capture denser Estus, allowing for increased restoration of health.


Clearly, these souls held far more potential than simply upgrading flasks which, albeit useful could be substituted or even surpassed by healing miracles. Regardless he didn't think he could utilize the souls to their max effectiveness for now so he canned that thought for later.

The last thing he did as preparation for the boss fight was to spend his honestly stupid amount of souls to level up. He spent all of his accumulated souls to level up his strength and resistance by 3, and his agility by 2.

Satisfied he went up to the gargoyle fight with his deadman's blade in hand. Just before he went through the fog and up to the church's roof, he spotted a summon sign. One that glowed like the sun itself.

(''Of course, we are not the only ones engaged in this. But I am a warrior of the sun! Spot my summon signature easily by its brilliant aura. If you miss it, you must be blind! Hah hah hah!'')

Thinking why not he went up to the summon sign and summoned Solaire. And within moments Solaire emerged from the sign, albeit more yellow and see-through than normal.

''Ah thank you for summoning me friend, I am guessing we are hunting the gargoyles that guard the first bell of awakening is that right?'' John only nodded.

Although Solaire had noticed his friends... unusual mood he did not mention it. Everyone had their inner demons to wrestle and Solaire was no exception to that. If he didn't bring it up then neither would he. Besides, there were awfully more concerning matters at hand at the moment.

Exchanging a silent nod between them. John went up to the fog but the moment he was about to disperse it, he stopped as he saw a notification from the system.

<You have received the quest {Challenge: The Bell Gargoyles}. >


<Challenge: The Bell Gargoyles>

Condition: ???

Reward: 40,000 souls, 4 humanity, ???

Note: challenge conditions will apply once the challenge is accepted.

<Accept? Y/N>



He had nothing to lose from accepting the challenge. But the moment he did he felt some slight nausea and headache.

< Your reality has been altered >

'Well, that's certainly ominous, anyway.'

He dispersed the fog and stepped onto the roof of the church. Before he could properly appreciate the godlike view he noticed the gargoyles moving.


Not one at the start. Unlike the game.

Uh oh.

There seems to be a problem.



"There are supposed to be two gargoyles right?"


"Then could you please explain to me why there are fucking four of them in front of my Gwyn-dammed eyes?"

That's right.

Instead of just one statue awakening and then another coming after. 4 statues, two of which shouldn't even be gargoyles able to be awakened.


"We are quite."

In front of them stood 4 gargoyles that were over 2.5 meters tall and wielding oversized halberds alongside shields. Not to mention the fact that they can also fly and breathe fire alongside their weapons. Seeing the bleak situation John clicked his tongue.

''Tsk, this will take quite a few attempts.''

Deciding to bite the bullet John used {Deadman's Blow: leap} to quickly reach the gargoyle standing in the front. He raised his deadman's blade above his head and slashed down but it proved to be a futile effort as the gargoyle managed to block it by raising the arm with the shield in front of the blow.


As John's blade bounced off of the bronze shield, a second gargoyle hopped next to John's side and slashed down with its giant bronze halberd. He was barely able to respond by summoning a shield to block the halberd.


Unfortunately, that didn't stop him from getting nearly launched off the edge of the church by the force behind the blow.

'Alright, from my estimates, they are not overwhelmingly stronger than me. But the gap is still very noticeable. They are like a Capra demon with armor, flight, and fire breath.'

Just as another was able to reach John to fully launch him off the roof the third gargoyle was intercepted by a lightning spear that was launched by Solaire.


The third gargoyle recoiled in pain as the fourth took its place. Thankfully John was able to regain his bearings in that short gap and launched himself at them again. Just as he reached the third gargoyle John used a feint to get the gargoyle to bring his shield up.

Then ducked under it, giving him a perfect route of attack to the unguarded waist of the gargoyle. John quickly got into stance as he skid to a halt from the momentum and released a {Deadman"s Blow} which nearly disemboweled the gargoyle completely if not for its natural defenses.


He didn't even get a moment of reprieve as the second gargoyle swung down its halberd from above. Thankfully the sneaky bastard was intercepted by one of Solaires lightning spears. But his senses immediately picked up on something wrong. John quickly summoned a lightning spear and threw it behind Solaire.


The Gargoyle that was about to land the halberd on Solaire recoiled back which gave Solaire the opportunity to turn around and slash at the beast with his sunlight blade, damaging the gargoyle.

But as he was occupied by that, the first gargoyle had landed in his blind spot and spat a gout of flames at him. Although the fire breath hurt, it couldn't do severe damage to John thanks to his trait and cape.

Although now he was juggling between two gargoyles while Solaire himself dealt with one as he tried his best he could to support John. The fourth gargoyle was standing back and recuperating while occasionally spouting flames at either one of them.

But all it took was one slip-up for everything to come crashing down.

As John was dealing with one of the gargoyles he failed to notice the other one fly away and land behind solaire while he was occupied with his battle. John readied a lightning bolt in his hand to throw it at the gargoyle but he was too late.

Because right in front of his eyes.

Solaire was cleaved in half.

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