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A Sorcerer's Journey

Flying White Egrets

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I have been reading the comments and there have been a lot of thoughts on this... First of all I would say this novel is good and it keeps your interest till the end, Secondly it is difficult to translate especially from Chinese so well done on trying to do this effort, Lastly I would congratulate this person on doing so and I hope that he would continue improving and may be one day all be in his favour Bad comments are easy to find but choosing the right words to encourage someone is a gift to that person which indeed will be returned to you if you are giving the same kind of effort. Words easier said than Actions performed...

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Overall, this is a great read. I gave this novel a 5 star because clearly the author has spent lots of time in developing this story rather just rushing it through. I'm intrigued and it's worth rereading. But there are parts that are left unexplained. I'll be following this novel to see if it turns out to be a great work.


Very bad translations. Translator has OMITTED a lot of stuff. Even changed the meaning of few lines! More info: http://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/sorcerers-journey-needs-better-translation.41215/ Good job Qidian International for such good quality translations.


Despite all other unfavorable comments, I still love this book. To me, it's by far very interesting.Translation is fine and consistent. Expecting for more chapters.


I really like the practicality of this novel and the lowkeyness of the mc. Tho its update is not up to par its still worth it. The storyline is getting better im still hoping for more bcoz the chapters are still so little.


Please start translating this novel again instead of picking up tons of new ones. It's getting annoying now many look a like story are being picked


this novel can occupy the first place in the ranking, if only the releases were 7 chapters per week T_T _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


The story begins with our main character betting on having potential to be a sorcerer, and having the bet pay off. Some world building ensues, but as of CH15 the power levels and power progression systems are still a bit fuzzy. The characters are interesting but fairly one dimensional, although in fairness there hasn't been much chance to develop them yet. The story recently took a twist which seems to embark into a much more ruthless path than what was originally set. I'll update this review as necessary. So far I set updating stability at 5/5, since it's fairly early and I think giving people the benefit of the doubt is necessary. I'll also update that as we keep getting releases.


Well when I first started reading this I was like it's another magic novel but as a I read further ahead the novel became amazing the world background is explained clearly I do like the character's in this story the translation quality is excellent to me (I don't nickpick) the only thing I want for this novel is more releases more more and more can't get enough of this book


This novel is probably one of the best I’ve ever read and I’m glad qidian has decided to endorse it and to translate chapters of it so that people of other nations can enjoy it. This I applaud them for, however it has come to my attention that there has not been an update in at least 3 months. For someone who enjoys this novel very much this is very sad so I would like to ask qidian to have someone continue to translate this novel. Qidian has posted that there will be at least 5 chapters a week. This promise that they made seems to have been broken and I as a reader would like to ask qidian to keep their promise as an organization. Again I’m really happy that a site/app like qidian entered into the world of web novels as it gives organization to the industry. So I ask qidian as an organization to uphold their promise of 5 chapters a week, and if they plan to drop the series then they should at least inform us as their readers.


what a shame a great novel ... yet no one is willing to translate it . JUTS DO IT JUST DO IT JUST DO IT JUTS DO IT JUST DO IT JUST DO IT JUTS DO IT JUST DO IT JUST DO IT JUTS DO IT JUST DO IT JUST DO IT


One of the best eastern fantasy novels in my opinion. Very deep world Background, filled with mysteries and an interesting protagonist. However, the lack of updates just ruined the story. A pity


I like this one only thing I don't like is waiting for more to come out I read all of what is here so far in less then a day and now I have been waiting for more yet i m tired of waiting


This is a great novel, sadly MC kills randomly and aimlessly. I also wish that the translation was faster and more stable. The best would be 1 chapter a day, or minimum 5 per week. ❤️ Jack's top 10 for 2019 ❤️ 01) Lord of the Mysteries 02) Way of the Devil 03) The Devil's Cage 04) The Legendary Mechanic 05) Gamers of the Underworld 06) My House of Horrors 07) The City of Terror 08) Reverend Insanity 09) Enlightened Empire (Webnovel original) 10) Throne of Magical Arcana I'm actually reading more than 20 novels at the moment, but I'm only posting my 10 most favorite ones here.


Finally, some good people picked this novel :) To sum it up story is slow, no op mc... well there are too many good points actually, if you no longer feel exited with mainstream cn novel try this one. The only downside is 3ch/week schedule, but it's way better than nothing:) Ps: if you like wmw or revered insanity you will probably enjoy this one too.


I decided to read this on a whim. I would never consider novels like these which are under 4.5 stars normally, however this one peaked my interest because all the reviews were complaining about the translation speed or quality which has now been fixed. This novel is very unique, the main character possesses the qualities we all enjoy the not in a novel; he is cold and calculating. As a new reader who caught up to the current chapter in 3 days I definitely recommend you try this novel out for yourselves


Alright, so this story is getting better by the day. After the initial issues, inconsistencies in the story (that had been later fixed by the new translator) it is just getting more and more interesting. The magic concepts are not entirely new (which is good because it helps us to relate to it easier) but the application of it is fresh and exciting. It is finally showing the promise for a similar story to WMW and after a hundred chapter or so it is delivering on this promise. So, my advice is don't drop the story until you get to about a hundred or so chapter because it keeps getting more mysterious and exciting. Many thanks for the hard work of translating the story, please keep up the good work.


The novel was great since from start, based on the story line and story construction.. It always left me with wanting and thinking of what will happen in the next chapters.. It deserves a five rating on my perspective..


alguien puede hablar con algun traductor o editor de qidian que nos pueda hacer el favor de preguntar a la gerencia de qidian si planean seguir traduciendo esta gran novela? o preguntar a alguno de sus amigos traductores si quieren continuar con esta novela?


Come on don't drop it Qidian, I don't have a lot of novel I like on your website even on NU, please don't take away my rare pleasure. I'm a bookworm, I used to buy a lot of book and I discover LN, the best thing ever for a lazy person. I'm doing a lot of efforts by writing a lot of review, even a lazy person like me can do anything for a book. So don't broke my heart and keep translating.