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Read A SONG OF WRATH novel written by the author Dvanzy6 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, reincarnation, r18, fantasy, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"He may have forgotten her, but who said, love didn't remember?" When the Lormeians, the people blessed with powers, and the Mortales, the regular people, finally find truce after a long-fought war, the order is disrupted when a rebellious group of exiles, determined to take down, both groups, and rule Laverne on their own, avenge them in a war. In this chaos, will two souls ever find their peace? **************************************************************************************************************************************** "She had learned to survive so many times, that she had forgotten to live." Rosabella Agapov, the girl that made people forget is chosen to rule the Lormeians after the mysterious death of their previous king. With no connection to the royal world, she is thrown into a society that looks down at her, right from the beginning. What happens when this war is the only chance for her to prove herself worthy of being the queen? Will she choose her people? Or falter at the sight of her supposed-to-be mortal enemy, her first love? **************************************************************************************************************************************** "He had fought so many battles within himself that his soul had no blood left to bleed." Hale Underwood, the heir to the forgotten Morale kingdom is chosen as the King after the separation. After years of being brainwashed that the Lormeians were his sworn enemies, he is forced to work with Rosabella to save his kingdom. But what happens when flashbacks of a girl he doesn't know haunt him late at night? Will he overcome his hatred and work with the one person who can save his kingdom? Or will he get consumed by his own darkness? **************************************************************************************************************************************** "This hate of ours is making my heart beat a little too fast, my mouth dry up a little too much and my head swoon too quick. Is this what they mean, when they say, there is a thin line between hate and love?" Amidst exchanging curses and scowls at each other, will they end up exchanging their hearts? Read the book and find out what happens when sworn enemies taste love.


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This story is amazing in a word. Writer made a steady development of the story which is too much appreciating. Characters are cool as well as background. Despite a few grammatical problems, the narrative style was quite good. I request the write to elaborate a little as it contains magics and not a technological background that we understand too quickly. And please, writer, update as soon as possible. The story starts to be too temptating as the leads are going to meet again.[img=update][img=update]


Here to support author-sama! A story about Love, royal romance, and maybe... betrayal? I have just read the 3 chapters published and I demand more! its not enough! please update and quench my thrist--! okay. i better stop before sounding like a maniac. LFMAO anyway, good job author! a nice start and chilling oneヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ . . . . . . . . me want more


So far this is one of the better ones that I've read from this genre. I'm curious to see where the author takes the story. I like the main character, and I think the author has a good plot and so far it's been entertaining and enjoyable to read. The characters are interesting and the author does well portraying their thoughts and intentions while still hunting that more development for the future. I look forward to the rest of the story.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Reveal spoiler


This book is a MUST READ. If you are seeking after fantasy with a twisted romance, there's nowhere to look for it. I can guarantee that this book will go far for it has already attached me to it. The synopsis is incredible and the story, with its mysteries, is amazing beyond measure.


A very compelling, well written and entertaining novel. The author is creating a beautiful world of love and hate that keeps the readers enthralled.


The synopsis is written well. You expect to read a reall masterpiece, but... Boom! Not a genre I would normally read. Objectively speaking, the story line is interesting, but there is something missing. I wonder myself what is it? Some kind of lack the lightness? There are places that I feel the text is a bit artificial, even kinda plastic. So definietly there is a place to improve.


I'm not a big fan of this genre, I found myself having difficulties keeping up with this kind of story. But this story didn't. Maybe it's the light way it's written but I found myself reading the first 8 chapters in a row!! From character-building to the plot, and the good world-building and background, this story is just too good! They are some grammar mishap here and there but not much. Keep up with the good work author!!


It's a good story. It has a gripping start, good world-building, and a respectable amount of description. Bravo. I struggle to decide to give it 5 stars or make it just short of that. It was great for sure.


Just reading the synopsis I started getting the GOT vives. Entering the story I was spellbound by the plotline and though I really love this genre but I don't get to read more on this in the way I want the plotline to go. Impressive job author 👍 I hope the story reaches some great heights with a lot of drama, romance and magic to it.


A beautiful cover page! From the very begining, the reader can feel that the author has a concept for the whole story! A big plus for that ;) The plot is intriguing, the main character has an interesting personality. I wonder if Rosabella will be able to overcome her prejudices as to whether love will win... Well done! The only thing... I am a conservative reader and even more conservative writer and I don't like jumping from one POV to another. That's the author's/narrator's task to present the created reality, the action, and the characters's feeling, etc.


An action packed high intensity novel that will rope you in at the first chapter! If you love strong female leads, action, incredible world building, and magic, then this is a book for you! I really only have good things to say about this novel. I haven't finished yet but I'm keeping it in my library to wait for more updates on it! Thank you Author! Keep it up!


A captivating storyline in the hands of an adept narrator, what could be more fulfilling. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy this wonderful story and watch as it unfolds


I really enjoyed getting into this story! The MC's strong personality and determination is an inspirational one all young readers can enjoy! The writing is also unique and easy to read without having to double back! I hope those reading can agree!


You have a rich mind in words and how you narrate the story. I like that the part of you, author. No problem with the grammar, much more power to you!


The characters are well written. The time the story takes place is well chosen. The progress of the story is neither fast nor slow. Made perfectly. I think it is a story that should be read and given a chance.


Great book, well written story, excellent creativity and interesting plot. From the very beginning, the plot is intriguing. The reader straight away knows that you have a concept for the whole story. Characters are well described. There are close to no grammatical mistakes. Well done Author! Waiting for more chapters.


The drama and medieval feel in this is really great as well as the start of the novel. I love your writing style and the characters here are portrayed very well, I wish I could be as patient as our queen right there reminding herself to be calm 🤣 It's still new so it has only few chapters but I'm certain this will be a great novel👌 Good work, author!


Woah: ) The plot is extraordinary. It has a modern tint. I love the writing style and word choice. It has a unique story for this genre. I loved it author. All the best!


it's nice to see a compact story with likeable characters, I'm very interested to see how this plays out in future chapters. It also grabs you straight away which is nice


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