A song of Magic and Stars (ASOIAF)

A son of Hecate is transported into an AU of ASIOAF after receiving horrible injuries against Clytius the giant. His arrival sends a ripple through the world.

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Chapter 2


For some weeks Daenerys and her Khalaasar marched through the red wastes. Many falling to hunger or thirst originally numbering 30000 strong after some abandoned them and tried going back to Vaes Dothrak they were left with little over 20000 men women and children.

Now they have finally reached the walls of Quarth and she's seeking refuge for her people to rest. The merchant princes of Quarth come out to determine if they will allow her in.

Nico was at the side of Rhakkaro just observing the negotiations between her and a merchant called Xaro. After weeks of traveling he's finally back to full health. His magic has not recovered completely and he doesn't think it will recover to the level of his old world because this world can't handle that kind of power. He feels suppressed magically although over time it is lifting little by little. He came up with the theory that the world's mana is getting saturated with his divinity causing it to go through an evolution of sorts it will probably take hundreds of years before he can wield magic at the level of himself against Clytius. But that brings him to his main problem.

He's becoming a god.

Not soon but when the world can fully accommodate him he will immediately ascend as this world's primary god of magic. He wonders if this was Hecate's real plan and reward. Granting him power and immortality in such a convoluted way knowing normally he would reject it.

He watched as the group started entering Quarth after Daenerys agreed to something called Somai. I started walkkng with them to our new residence I hope the little dragon didn't do something stupid like get married to let us stay.

I cast a 'Notice me not' spell and started inspecting the residence of where we were lodged. It was a huge mansion, there was a pool, a garden, stables and a lot of guards. Suspicious but when you're in the medieval ages you need all the security you can get.

Days went by before I finally saw Daenerys again. She was at some celebration she was invited to talking with Xaro and some small man with blue lips. The man started doing some tricks and calling it magic. There was the smallest hint of mana and that was it. I decided to play with them a little. I took one more sip of wine and went towards them.

'That's a nice party trick you've got. How did you do it.' I asked tge charlatan with a mocking smile.

'Magic. The Khaleesi brought back magic into the world when she woke the dragons. I was showing her a glimpse of the gift she gave and has herself.'

Ahhhh all charlatans have silver tongues. If this is what passes for magic in this city then let me give them a show.

'I too can use magic. But I am better at it. Lemme show you' and then I clap and made a large scale illusion covering the whole room. An illusion of space with stars moving and shining around us. There were gasps all around, some people were panicking others trying to run but the. I cast a Calm Down spell all around the surroundings.

I then created the sun and then all the other planets and they started spinning around the sun, faster faster and faster. In the background I created the illusion of Ygdrassil and the branched grew longer and longer until it connected through the nine realms and by then it was massive, golden and beautiful.

I looked around and I saw the awe on their faces as they watched the proceedings. I decided to sign out.

'My name is Nico Van Carter but you can call me 'The Archmage' .Magic is freedom, expression and Change. As our friend here said earlier Daenerys Targareyan the Mother of Dragons brought back magic and thus change. Don't get in her way.'

And I then abruptly ended it. I smiled at the little dragon before teleporting out of the door.


The world has changed. Mystically its grown stronger ever since the red comet. It signals the rebirth of Azor Ahai in my king ,Stannis Baratheon.

I have been looking into the flames to see what the true god, R'hllor. As I searched through the flames seeing a sea of green on blackwater, an injured stag limping back to its home, a wolf of red fur and a wolf of white fur trying to balance on a plank and almost falling. Then a change happened. A new vision and it was very clear.

I saw a man walking past a girl with silver hair after talking with her for a while. He first stopped and turned his gaze up like he could see me. My hands started shaking with fear never have such a thing happened in the flames I fear this man is very important for my god to focus on just him.

The man then disappeared and reappeared in a room that looks like it should be for sleeping. The man started removing his shirt before sitting down on the bed. He crossed his legs and raised his right hand slightly towards his chest and said,

'You my lady are a pervert and have no problem violating my privacy. I warned you while I was in the hall, little Seer. Because you have this little talent you think you have free reign to see whatever. Nooo you must learn a lesson if only to show you of the mistake of going against a demigod. We will meet again.'

' Sensory Deprivation: A mute's fellowship.'

It felt like the world was against me. I fell to my knees, so much pain as though I was lit by wildfire. I started screaming for help or for anything. The pain persisted so did my screams until my body went numb and I passed out.

I woke up to the face of Queen Selyse Baratheon and King Stannis. I wasn't paying full attention as I tried to reflect on what I did wrong. I don't understand why he's so angry or why he is so powerful that he can curse me across the sea.

I look at the couple and try to say to them I am fine but not a word came out of my lips. What happened why can't I talk did that man do something? I tried again but my voice just doesn't make a sound. How will I preach the works of R'llor if I can't evem speak. That must be why my god tried to do but he must be an agent of the Great Other if not why would he take away a sense of which I use to praise and communicate with my god. He must be eliminated.

A sacrifice must be made.

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