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A promising star in box, gets tangled in a fixed up match, he disagrees and the mafia kills him. He starts again in Hajime no Ippo, with a boxing system that helps him to reach his goal. Become a World Champion.

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2 - Talking with a God

❂ wake up honorable soul ❂

I was feeling dazzed, my thoughts were everywhere, ah... I can't recall what happened...

❂ You died soul, this is a realm with the Gods ❂

- huh? God...s as in plural? -

❂ You didn't think all the planets and realities will be the domain of only onw God right?❂

His voice was calm, and that made me feel scared, glad and nervous.

- Where are u? What are u? Where am I? wait... Did you said I was dead?-

✴ huhuhu pretty slow isn't it? and your answers, everywhere, Gods, Gods realm, yes we did ✴

❂ Please don't interrupt, we agreed I was going to talk first ❂

✴ I apologize, please continue. ✴

❂ As I was saying, you are in the realm of the Gods, where souls come after departing their physical bodies. You have been chosen to stand before us, the council of deities from different realms. You have lived a life full of challenges and triumphs, and now we offer you a choice. You may either ascend to a higher plane of existence or be reincarnated to continue your journey on a new path. What do you choose, honorable soul? ❂

 I took a moment to process the weight of the decision before me. Ascend to a higher plane of existence or be reincarnated to start anew. The thought of leaving everything behind and journeying to an unknown realm filled me with both excitement and trepidation. On the other hand, the idea of being reborn and experiencing life all over again, with a chance to right past wrongs and forge a new destiny, tugged at my spirit. 

 After what felt like an eternity of contemplation, I finally spoke, my voice filled with determination.

- I choose to be reincarnated. I am not yet ready to leave this world behind. I still have much to learn, much to do. Grant me the opportunity to start afresh and make a difference in a new life. -

The council of deities nodded in unison, their eyes glowing with approval. "So be it," they intoned in unison. A blinding light enveloped me, but before something happended a voice was heard.

✾ Wait ✾

❂ What is it? "☋☌⌤⇝" ❂

- huh? what did you called it? -

❂ Not important, why do we wait? ❂

The light that was engulfing me dissapeared.

✾ I want him ✾

❂ are you going to...? ❂ 

✾ Yes ✾

- Yes?, what? what is going to happen? -

❂ Well as you know, or I pressume you adquire this Knowledge, we are the Gods of different planets, worlds, and also imaginary Worlds, well "☋☌⌤⇝" is, for a matter of better words, and anomaly within our realm, it likes to do stuff, we don't like, or want honorable soul, but "☋☌⌤⇝" has an ego. ❂

- And that means? -

✾ I find you interesting, let me read you ✾

A purple mist surrounded me and my memories came afloat.

As the purple mist enveloped me, my memories began to swirl around me like ethereal whispers. I felt the weight of each moment, each choice, each emotion that had shaped my existence. Images of laughter and tears, love and loss, success and failure danced before my eyes in a mesmerizing display. 

"Let me read you," the voice echoed again, and I felt a presence sifting through my very being. It was as though every layer of my soul was being gently peeled back, laid bare for this enigmatic anomaly to explore. And yet, there was no fear in me, only a sense of surrender to whatever this entity sought to uncover. 

Minutes passed like hours, or perhaps it was hours that passed like minutes - time seemed to blur and stretch in this realm beyond mortal comprehension. Finally, the purple mist began to dissipate, and I found myself standing before the council of deities once more. 

✾ Interesting ✾ murmured the anomaly, its voice a melodic symphony that reverberated through the chamber. The council of deities exchanged knowing glances, their expressions unreadable as they contemplated the revelation brought to light by the anomaly. 

✾ Your soul carries a rare essence, a tapestry of experiences woven with threads of resilience and compassion ✾ the anomaly continued, its form shimmering with a kaleidoscope of colors that seemed to mirror the essence of my very being.

 The deities remained silent, their gazes fixed upon me with a mixture of curiosity and reverence. I could sense a shift in the air, a subtle change in the energy that surrounded us, as though my very presence had altered the fabric of this divine realm.

✴ And what do you see ✴

✾ I see potential and possibility, pathways yet uncharted and destinies waiting to unfold ✾ it replied cryptically, its words hanging in the air like a veil of mystery.

 A sense of anticipation settled over the chamber.

✾ What is this boxing? ✾

✣ It's a sport, my World has it ✣

✤ Mine too ✤

✥ Mine as well ✥

❂ Almost every World has it but you three, does your World revolve around it? ❂

✣✤✥ Yes! ✥✤✣

✾ Explain ✾

I was baffled, but I choose to remain quiet, these presences were too strong for me, but the fear has dissipated, they were for the most part helpful.

✣ My world had a protagonist, his name was Joe and he was a delinquent that found his hope on the sport and it changed his life until he ultimately consumed his soul within it, he came here actually he decided to ascend ✣ 

✤ My World repeats after a while, the protagonist name is Mac, he fights with disadvantage at every match, and sometimes he came on Top, other times he gets defeated, His biggest achievement was to Defeat a World contender Tyson, in other realities of my World he fights a Monkey, and also aliens, swordmasters, a plumber and divine beigns, but not Gods as we are ✤

✥ My World has a few realities, and it does have a protagonist, but everyone could be a protagonist with discipline, dedication, perseverance and determination, the name of the protagonist is Ippo, he wasn't the strongest, but his ordeal was to find just what is strength, there are a lot of people in that world, but it all revolves on the sport of boxing ✥

✾ I found you interesting and you have karma points as you saved a lot of people ✾

- Did I? -

✾ Oh yes! you demostrated resilience to death, and struggled to get the names of the people that were destroying good souls, they get what that world deserved, and you get what you can get, so tell me, you already accept to be reincarnated, but do you want any of these worlds? ✾

Do I? Of course I want to, boxing was something that kept me alive, but those stories I know about them, Kabuki Joe, Little Mac, Makunoichi Ippo... but from those three I can easily choose, Ippo helped me when I was nothing, his determination, his noble carisma, always looking forward, I wanted to be like him, he was part of how I got that far into my own life, I... I want to meet him and say thank you I... tears flood from my face, the emotions within my soul were manifestating themselves.

✾ as I said before, interesting, manifestation of feelings in gods realm, I don't need to hear you talk honorable soul, I can hear your being shout ✾

✥ So it is my world, well kiddo, you get to see my realm, I will gift you something, as this world revolves in a sport, I will give you a body that is healthy and hard to get infected with any ailment ✥

✤ Can I gift him something too? ✤

✥ Yes ✥

✤ I'll gift you potential to achieve whatever you want, but only if you train for it ✤

✣ I'll gift you a good start, a loving family and intelligence to help you in your goal ✣

- Fa... Family? I can get a loving family? -

✣ I know being orphaned is hard for anyone, you don't need to repeat that, please accept my gift ✣

- YES - I shouted, that was a precious gift for me.

✾ I know you enjoy games, sorry that this world is in the past, you don't get to enjoy those type of hobby, instead I will give you a last gift, I know you know what is a system, but keep it clear, it's a training system, nothing out of the world standards ✾

The didn't talk anymore. 

- Thanks to you all, I'm... I... I owe to you all everything, I promise you guys to have all the fun and enjoy the life you have give me -

❂ We didn't give you a new life, you earned it, now go and be an honorable soul once again ❂

My body vibrated and shine with a seven colored aura, I looked at the Gods in front of me, I then saw and comprehend that they aren't human shaped instead were like lights, warm and awesome lights.

And just like that the soul departed out of the realm.

✾ Well, connect me to your world ︽︾﹁, I intend to enjoy watching this one ✾

✥ As you wish ✥

~ Hajime no Ippo World ~

- SORAA!!!! Wake up -

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