A Single Mother's Farm of the Gods

Elaina never anticipated discovering that her husband, the reigning emperor of the Kingdom of Luminiera, was unfaithful. To make matters worse, the one seemingly attempting to undermine their marriage was none other than her sister! Unable to confront this harsh reality, Elaina resolved to plan her escape and distance herself from her husband. However, a significant complication emerged while she was plotting her departure—she was pregnant with the emperor's child. Determined not to subject her child to the consequences of her husband's infidelity, she chose to flee with her child and embark on a fresh start in the neighboring kingdom of Darcero, utilizing her expertise in farming while also planning on raising the child that she will give birth soon all on her own without the need and support of a father. As fortune would have it, the gods appeared to favor her resolve. "Because the gods are impressed by your dedication, we reward you with a helper that will allow you to flourish in this land. In exchange, you help us grow plants that are not yet present in this world and spread them all over the world. Activating the Farm Helper. Welcome, host!" Now faced with the prospect of an entirely new life and the responsibility of her unborn child, Elaina must navigate the challenges that lie ahead. What trials and tribulations will she encounter as she endeavors to build a life for herself and her child in this unfamiliar territory?

Kyosei · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
169 Chs

The New Life, Darcero Kingdom

The sun has risen and Alfred is very excited to begin his day. After all, it is the day of his date with his wife, Elaina.

He looked at his side and saw that his mistress, Selena, who is Elaina's sister was still sleeping peacefully. He kissed her forehead which caused her to awaken from her slumber.

"Hngh...is it already morning?" Selena asked as she rubbed her eyes.

"Yeah. Good morning."

"Morning, hon."

The two shared a deep kiss before the two let go of each other's lips and smiled.

"Today is the day that you will have a date with my sister. Shouldn't you start preparing for it now?"

"It's fine. Besides, it will be a bit later that we will begin our date. And around now, she would be busy with some proposals and other things that she is currently busy with. We can take our time and since I am not busy today, we can go and cuddle until a bit more later."

"Are you sure you can convince my sister to accept our relationship? I know my sister and she does not support this kind of relationship at all."

"Don't worry. Elaina loves me a lot and if I try to persuade her about it, she will have no choice but to accept it. Besides, you are her sister. I am quite positive that she will be happy that the two of you will be getting closer as both my wives."

"I hope you are right, hon," Selena smiled and kissed Alfred passionately.

"So, how about round 4?" Alfred had a mischievous smile plastered on his face.

Selena smiled lustfully and nodded before the two kissed passionately and went to do their intimate business. Unaware that the person they were just discussing earlier is no longer present around the mansion or inside the kingdom.




Elaina has been lying on the bed for a while. She has been on a few trips before that needed to use a boat or ship for transportation but now that she is pregnant, she is feeling more sensitive than ever and the feeling of barfing from time to time is present.

"Ugh...those seasickness cure devices are all useless...they only make matters worse..." Elaina grumbled under her breath.

It would take some time before the ship lands so Elaina has to endure it for quite some time. All she can do is go and sleep and can only pray that she will no longer feel the seasickness once she wakes up.


Elaina soon got awakened by the sound of shouts and multiple screams of people as well as some sounds of the cannon being fired. Elaina no longer feels the seasickness problem despite the ship rocking hard. Although it is safer inside her room, Elaina's curiosity kicks in and she instinctively grabs her sword and walks out of her room.

What welcomed her was the chaotic events happening onboard the ship.

"Hit the f*cker down till it is dead!" one of the ship's crew shouted as he stomped his foot down on the monster onboard.

"Doug! Stop dawdling there and help those who are injured! I will handle the rest here" one of the burly ship crew said as he sliced one of the monsters and killed it.

The scene is pretty much bloody due to both passengers and crews being wounded by monster attacks.

"Miss! Stay inside your room! It's not safe here!" one of the crew of the ship noticed Elaina and advised her to go to safety.

Elaina gripped her sword tightly and pulled it out of her scabbard. She held the long blade of her sword and it was suddenly imbued with a hot temperature. Elaina then looked at the crew member and smiled.

"I can fight, let me help."

The monsters are similar to fish monsters but they have the bodies of the goblins. Mariners call them the Dregs and are always a menace in the seas due to how they are very much like goblins but live on the sea and attack ships to plunder and kill people onboard.

Despite their small bodies and weak physique, they are fast critters, and normal noncombatant people can't deal with them. However, all of these are useless to Elaina. Despite the Dreg's fast nature, all of them were quickly killed by Elaina and this allowed the crew to gain the upper hand against the troublesome Dregs from the hopeless situation.

Elaina silently goes for the kill. Simple yet effective moves, she slayed the Dregs with ease and due to this, all of the Dregs that attacked were now dead and the rest seemed to have decided that it was not worth the effort to raid a ship that could easily dispose of them and has retreated.

Elaina didn't keep her guard down until it was finally confirmed everything was over. She sighed in relief before she sheathed the sword back to its scabbard on her hip.

The people started cheering while looking at her and Elaina was perplexed by the sudden cheers. In the middle of the cheering, the captain appeared before them who seemed to be focused earlier on keeping the ship still and controlling it to ensure the ship did not get toppled by the monsters.

"Miss, we apologize that you have been troubled by this incident and even were forced to help us," the captain bowed, apologizing.

"It's fine. It's just a minor inconvenience. As long as everyone is safe then that is all good."

"We will give you a reward for helping us drive away those-" The captain has something to say to Elaina but she cuts him off.

"No need, just bring me to my destination safely and that is enough."

"But-" the captain wanted to continue insisting but Elaina yawned before going back to her room leaving the captain resigning to the result and shifting his attention to the new work.

As for Elaina, she felt tired and decided to go back and rest. Now that the trouble is over, it seems the seasickness returned.

"Ugh...this is the worst..."




Elaina's eyes slightly opened again when the sound of the ship's horn jolted her awake. She didn't realize she had fallen asleep again earlier. If not for the sound of the horn, she wouldn't even get to wake up. She can hear the sound of many people outside and the busy steps of all the people walking all over which means the ship has finally arrived at her intended destination.

Gathering all of her belongings, she went outside the room and was greeted with the gentle breeze in the air followed by the busy docks. The passengers are also getting out one by one while the ship's crew helps the passengers unload their cargo especially those who have big cargo. After presenting her ticket to the ship's crew, she was greeted by them with a big smile and a sincere thank you, meaning that she was recognized even under her hoodie. Still, she didn't mind it as no one would recognize her now in this new foreign land.

Darcero Kingdom. A far kingdom that is not allied with any kingdom, including his husband's kingdom, Darcero Kingdom is the central location of businesses and different kinds of artisans that produce different goods. Due to its exclusive access to the bountiful side of the sea, fertile land, and a close location to various parts of the land that has not been touched by humans, it is a place where both opportunity and new life.

Because of its neutral stance to other neighboring kingdoms, it is usually not part of any ruckus and wars, making it a perfect place to go to during wars since not only will it be the safest place to evacuate into, but it is also the hub where both kingdoms will be getting their supplies that are needed in their war. Making it a valuable place to resupply any kingdom during wars.

Due to these prospects, this alone made Elaina the decision to start her new life in Darcero Kingdom. A perfect place to hide and start anew with no one knowing. Now that she is going to be a mother soon, she will have to work and rely on herself to ensure she and her future baby will live safely and happily without the need for a husband's care and protection.

Since Elaina has yet to settle down and find a good place to stay, she rented a room in the Traveler's Inn. She was thankful that there was one single room available there. Of course, this is not the final room for Elaina. She doesn't plan to remain staying in an inn forever.

After getting proper lodging for the night, Elaina took this chance to head to the Adventurer's Guild. Since monsters are always present, mercenary and adventurer works are plentiful even in Darcera Kingdom making the Adventurer's Guild the single hub for all transactions of different businesses. Even banks can be accessed here and underground is the market where adventurers sell their hunts and game that they have hunted.

Although Elaina can consider herself applying to be an adventurer, she is not here to apply to one but to look for a Real Estate Agency. She plans to buy a plot of land and would be more beneficial, a house built already.

Thankfully, they do have it in the Adventurer's Guild. With the help of the receptionist, she was redirected to the real estate broker that handles this type of business. Due to some adventurers wanting to settle down for good, the adventurer's guild took advantage of this and used this chance to entice retiring and aspiring adventurers and mercenaries to spend their money on property and land.

Elaina sat opposite the counter where she was tended to by the real estate broker. A girl who seems to be around the age of 25, wearing glasses that made her look smart, and a suit that made her look professional, making Elaina happy that it wasn't a grumpy old man assigned.

"Hello and welcome to the Adventurer's Guild Real Estate Agency. How may I help?" the broker smiled at her.

"Hi, do you have any available land properties that I can buy? The price doesn't matter to me as long as it is a good place to settle in?"

"Yes! We do have many properties we can show you. Can you please give us some specifics like any kind of land that you are specifically planning to look for? Or if you are undecided, we can also show you our catalog as well."

"Ah, in that case, I wanted to have a full plot of land where I can start farming. Not only that, I hope it is somewhat near the harbor and also not that far from civilization if possible. A land with a house already built is a nice bonus as well though it is fine if there isn't any. Even a small hut would qualify for my specifics as well."

"Got it, please wait a moment. I will sort out the catalog for a bit so that I can show you a few places that you might have an interest in."

It took her a few minutes before she finally showed the available places that she could purchase. There are plenty of places that Elaina has found to be decent that fit the criteria, however, for some reason, Elaina seems to not like any of them. For some reason, she is dissatisfied with the results.

"Is there any other place aside from these? They all do look great but for some reason, I don't feel like they are that great of an option?"

The broker scratched her head for a bit before she decided to hand another.

"We do have one but we don't recommend it for you. Although it is a perfect place that ticks all of the specifics you are looking for, it was recently abandoned due to it being near the dungeon entrance making it a dangerous place to stay."

Elaina frowned and has now attracted her attention. "A dungeon, you say?"

"Yes. It is a big plot of land with a lot more room to expand. You can say it is the perfect place to start a farm, but due to the dungeon nearby, it was abandoned by its previous owners due to this reason and is now being sold cheaply since no one dares to buy it."

Hearing this, Elaina grinned. The place she was looking for, it has finally appeared.

"Alright. I will take that land. I will buy it in cash!"




On the other hand, while Elaina has found the ideal place she was looking for to start her new life, the omnipotent being watching Elaina's actions smiled.

"Looks like she caught the bait. Now this is what I am waiting for."