4 Vampires 2

Miyamoto Hideyoshi and Paul didn't say anything, they didn't want to talk with vampires that came to kill them, and they were concentrated because they knew that vampires were very fast, they had to cut off their heads as soon as they approached.

Haruto was irritated at being ignored, he enjoyed talking to the victims and even hinted that he would spare them if they begged, but Miyamoto Hideyoshi and Paul said nothing much to his annoyance.

"Well, if you don't want to talk as friends, let's say what we came here to do, the Yakuza, which is my friend Akemi's organization, don't like the samurai, they want to cause chaos in society to make it look like they are going to restore order," Haruto said.

"But there aren't many vampires in the Yakuza because they know the Volturi wouldn't allow another powerful organization to come along, and a few of them who came to wreak havoc a few years ago was killed by the samurai," Haruto said.

"After that, the Volturi came to Japan to investigate why the vampires died, but they couldn't openly kill the samurai because there were too few of them and their disappearance would further confirm the existence of vampires in the world."

"Few people in Japan and few police believe that vampires exist, we came this time with the Volturi's agreement to kill everyone who knows about us at once," Haruto said.

"Anna and Matt came to help from the west, and we don't want the Volturi to come to Japan, so we're going to eliminate all of you," Haruto said.

Paul and Miyamoto Hideyoshi became tense upon hearing this, it seems that the vampires intended to carry out a massacre so that people who knew about them would die, and hundreds of samurai and police would die after them if they lost.

Haruto was happy to see that the two tensed up, he wanted to see them become desperate before he killed them, after all, that was the only way he could have joy, but he was disappointed to see their determined eyes.

"Are you done with the prank already, Haruto? I said that samurai have a very strong will, you failed when you killed the last samurai, remember? Let's finish them off before they draw more attention." Said, Yuki.

"Wait, I like the younger man, I want to change him so he can live with me, he's handsome and it's going to be fun to see a samurai who hunted vampires turn one and go blood-crazed like us," Anna said.

"That's a good idea, but you'll have to take him out of Japan afterward, the Yakuza don't want to see a samurai transformed around here." Said Akira.

Soon the vampires moved at high speed to attack Paul who was in front, Paul reacted slowly, but managed to swing the Katana with all his agility and strength forward, he realized he didn't have time to aim at cutting off the head.

Miyamoto Hideyoshi also realized that without the distraction of the police, it was impossible to cut off the head of a vampire that was moving, so he cut with the Katana forward, the vampires did not expect this quick reaction and Paul's Katana managed to cut the arm. Matt's and Yuki's bellies.

Haruto got angry seeing Yuki get hurt and kicked Paul that broke his left arm and threw him hard to the wall, Miyamoto Hideyoshi managed to hit Akemi and Haruto, but neither of them was killed.

Anna grabbed the right arm of Miyamoto Hideyoshi who was holding the Katana and broke his arm Miyamoto Hideyoshi screamed in pain, Anna laughed and hit Miyamoto Hideyoshi until he fell to the ground bleeding making the vampires more excited.

"Teacher!" Paul yelled.

"Do it now, Paul! Burn this place down, I'd rather be burned to death than vampire food." Said Miyamoto Hideyoshi.

Paul heard and threw the lighter on the floor after lighting it, the fuel on the floor soon caught fire and within seconds the fuel drums exploded, the vampires did not expect Paul to be non-decisive and were crazed with the smell of blood and could not escape.

Yuki and Matt who retreated after being hit by Paul were hit by the explosion and burned to death, Akira and Haruto weren't hit by the explosion, but they were badly burned and injured.

Only Anna, Paul, and Miyamoto Hideyoshi weren't hurt, it seemed that Anna's power was a kind of energy shield that protected those around her, and the three survived like that, Akira and Haruto were irritated, but too hurt to attack Paul.

Anna was furious that Matt died, but she still wanted to turn Paul into a vampire, she liked his courage to kill himself and his master to end all vampires, and she had to torture him a little to get revenge while teaching him to be a good companion.

"I didn't expect that you wouldn't hesitate to kill yourself to kill us all, because of that Matt and Yuki died, and Akira and Haruto will need days to recover, but you just delayed our plan to kill the samurai and everyone who knows about them. us who are in Japan." Anna said.

Anna threw Miyamoto Hideyoshi to the ground and quickly moved to where Paul was, Paul couldn't even swing the Katana before Anna took the Katana out of his hands, she hit him a few times to leave him very hurt.

Paul was in a lot of pain but refused to scream so as not to increase Anna's satisfaction, but that made Anna happier with Paul's determination, she lifted him up and bit his neck putting her poison in him to transform him.

Paul, who was already in pain, couldn't take it anymore and started screaming with more pain from the poison transforming his body, he could feel all the cells in his body being rebuilt, it was the destruction and rebirth of cells.

"That, feel the pain of immortality, in addition to the pain, afterward you will feel that you cannot maintain rationality, only the hunger for blood will keep you awake for the first few days, you will feed on your master and thus you will become the I hated the most," Anna said laughing.

Paul felt unbearable pain, the pain increased even more when the memories he tried to hide began to appear as if they resisted the poison trying to erase them for good.

Paul kept screaming for a few minutes for Anna's happiness, but soon he stopped screaming suddenly, Anna realized that the transformation was complete, Paul's heart stopped beating and he had become a vampire.

But she'd never seen anyone stop feeling pain immediately after turning, the pain continued and Paul felt more pain than she's seen in other vampires, and after the pain comes to an endless thirst for blood.

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