11 Chap 11-A Dojo? Heheh

Chap 11-A Dojo? Heheh:


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{PoV Mumei; Central City; 10:16 a.m}


I wanted to sleep some more...

[{ No, we need to find some money for the food Muun, the one you sto- got, will only take you so far, you know?}]

Ye, ye.

But still, I've been sleeping in Owl form for so long... I am scared to try to sleep on my regular form...

[{Hmm, now that I think about it, it probably has turned into muscle memory, so if you sleep laying down, there's a chance to wake up in one leg... would be funny seeing that.*giggles*"- Ahaha, funny.

Well, going back to what I am doing right now.

I slept on a tree in the city, after getting out of the restaurant I didn't have much to do, most things were closed by that time.

So I just sat down on a tree branch and talked with Kro about some possibilities.

Like how high was my chance to activate the Ikari state?

What would happen if I unleashed 100% of [Owl State], Kro said even she didn't know, so I am planning to train it, and try, like letting it get 100% out, not mastery 100% until now I only glimpse of it out.

But there was something we hit that was peculiar, -'Are my Super Saiyan forms as powerful as regular ones'- Bingo! The answer would be 'yes' without a second thought, but we started talking about how much was it.

And considering, potential, being a hybrid from a legendary race because the OG Mumei was kinda so unique ya know? We got to at least 2x stronger, now LOOK, that was just us talking, so we don't know, just some speculation.

And that was about it, oh, we talked about some possible techniques and stuff, I wanna create my Owl!

[{ Seriously?... I am not paid enough for this.*gets up* *sounds of steps going away*}]

... Well, I lost my System again! Uhuuu?


Walking down a street, I must say, this place is pretty nice looking, but the flying everything is kinda boring, but I get it, it's faster and practical.

But still, everything floats, even the hot dog guy.

And people seem to look at me like I am an alien... I am normal right? RIGHT? Wait... I'm one...

[{*Ahem* *sits down* I don't know about the normal part, but you're okay.}]

Oh, thanks, attack helicopter.

[{... I am not being nice anymore to you, feather-head.*sips*}]

More coffee?... I was going to say it's going to kill you, but how the heck would that work? How is a drink going to kill a system...

Wait... Haachama might be able to do something like that...*shudders*

I hear the sound of a chair cracking from my system.-[{ Yo-you don't need t-to worry! I am Kro! One of the great systems!...or was.... And anything is better and more resilient than me!! So a drink fro-from Haachama is nothing!... I think?...}]

"PFFT"- God damn, even the system is scared of Haachama ahahahaha!

"Is that girl okay mom? She's laughing at nothing."

"Don't point at people Jimmy, It's rude! And she just has some little problems."

"GWAK!"- I trip down and fall.

[{Aahahahahh KARMA!!!}]

"Damn..."- I get up and dust myself off.

I look around... people like staring, don't y'all?

I continue walking where I was going.


Seriously... That hurt *sob*.


[{ And I am a fidget spinner.}]

Oh, self burn, rare.

[{ Thank you.}]

... I will just continue trying to find something, or somewhere to go and do something!





{PoV Yor Mun; Trigger Dojo; 11:02 a.m}


I punch forward.

""" HAI"""- My students follow seconds after.



"TURN, RIGHT!"- I slid my leg and turn around dragging my right arm forward.

""""" HAI! HO!""""- Hmmm...

Something is wrong...


A small teenager, with long black hair in a ponytail and green eyes, walk out of the formation.

He's wearing our school Gi, in black and orange colors.

"HAI SENSEI!"- He salutes with both his hands together and bows down.

"Lay, Your fist is slow! I know you just joined, but for now, you shall train the art of body strengthening first!"- He's a determined kid, and his hard work will 100% give him away!

I go back to training my other students, it has been a while since I had last built this place.

My name is Yor Mun, a descendant of the Trigger Fist clan, one of the biggest martial arts clans in Central City! Our style is focused on arm strength and hard work!

The stronger the will, the stronger the punch!!

I have a wife and 2 daughters, both that I love very much!

Now looking around, I see my fruits, my students, some of them are going to go on competing against other schools and Dojos this year.

It's with great pride that I can see them succeed, I might never have the chance to train in the way of the Ki, with I regret until this day, but my talent for it is super low as well...

But I shall put even more work towards my body then!!!

"NOW, WITH ME! 1 RIGHT!, 2 LEFT!, 3 RIGHT! 4 SPIN LEFT! REPEAT!"- Punching and stepping forward, and then spinning around and repeating, is the base of strong fundamentals for our style.

I go to the side and watch them go.

A girl with violet girl sweats, making her blue eyes glow with her motivation! SPLENDID!

She's Leroy, who seems to be growing stronger each day, a genius is all I can call her.

If she goes high enough, maybe I can try to send her to a Ki teacher, but first, she needs to surpass me!





{10 Minutes later}

"Okay, Leroy, make me a favor and go open today's doors for challengers like usual."- Today we open again our door for foreign challengers, it's a way to test my students and for the others to test their skills!

"HAH! SENSEI!"- She salutes and walks to the sliding door.

I hope we get some real challengers today!


"""""""HAII!! SENSEI!!!!"""""- Well now that's, MOTIVATION!!!!





{PoV Leroy; Trigger Dojo; 11:15 a.m}

Walking past other students training their Kata I go to the entrance.

Sensei has been taking care of us for some time now, I myself am reaching heights I never even dreamed to be!

And that stupid last Dojo I tried to go to said girls couldn't do anything, huff, look at me now, I am probably stronger than your whole Dojo together!

Smiling Towards the entrance, behind me just the shouts of attack and defense from others.

This place is my second family... everything we do, has such emotions, and Sensei gives us everything we need to go even further!

I made a promise when he accepted me in, to try my very best and hardest.

And now with the Dojo's Tournament closing in, I need to win at least between the podium!

I am not stupid or egoist, I know some people have taught just as hard, and motivated as me or even more, and they too deserve to win, but still, I aim for the top!


Putting my hands on the sliding doors and opening them to each side I see.... a big chest?

"Oh hai!! You guys open yet?"- I look up... I know, I am average here, about 163 cm... but, holy crap...

"Uhh, Yeah we just open miss.... how can I help you?"- I don't know how to talk to someone like her, but now having a better look.

She's strong, stronger than me at least.

Her body shows developed muscles but is not very oversized.

Her stance shows great balance control, and the air of easiness around her... she's strong!

"I read a sign, like close to here saying you guys accepted challengers? I wanna give it a try before exiting the city!"- She smiles brightly, oh god.

"Ahaha*sweats*, Okay miss, come in please, Sensei is going to explain in more detail how it works.

I take a step back for her to enter.

"Sure, thanks for having me! *Mutters* Shush Kro, I am trying to be nice here."- She said something, but must have been a compliment to our designer!

Yeah! The place is super beautiful, Sensei like the Chinese aesthetic, so we have some orange lanterns in Chinese patterns, and some dragon drawings here and there, but most are just fighting rings with the floor being a soft material to not get us hurt with all falling we do.

She walks in, looking everywhere.

"*whistles* Cool place I tell ya."- I Close the door for her.

We have a policy here, one challenge per round.

So like she's the first of 4 others, so a total of 5 challengers per day.

We do it like that, so we can rest, fighting challenges all the time is pretty tiring, I fought 3 challengers one time, and I won them, but I needed a day off after so much tension and energy spent.

As I was turning to her side, I got a look out of her back.

A tail? Was going from one side to another, and she has two Owls? Feathers on her head too.

'Woow is she a tribal? Like the ones who live outside Civilization! But no...she's pretty well-educated, so is just her preference? And what I am thinking, it's pretty normal for people to have animal characteristics around here...'

She starts walking forward, and as we pass by the boy's training, I can see she's scanning them, her eyes move so fast it is hard for me to follow where they go.

Finally getting to our Sensei, he's looking at Fay, who's training his body.


Fay is sweating like crazy.

"AAAAHHHHH!"- And there's the last, *Thud*, and he fell to the ground...

"40!!! NICE YOUNG FAY!! THAT'S THE SPIRIT!!!"- Sensei is a great guy, I think this miss is goin-


He-He-Her face *shakes* Wh-Whats that?

"UH?"- Sensei looks back.

And the girl goes back to normal, just...smiling...


I saw it! She was smiling with those sharp teeth! And what's up with her eyes!!!! I could see just some red light in that void!!!!!

"Oh hai there!! Name's Mumei, a martial artist, wanted to test your place before going out of the city if that's okay?"-... It must have been my imagination... I am tired, right?

Sensei just looks at her, and his face goes totally serious.

"I don't know what you want in here missy, I am not going to disrespect you, but we are just a normal martial arts school, I could try giving you a go, but please don't expect much."- What-What SENSEI?!?!

"Ah sorry ehehe, it is not that I am looking down on you guys, but take it as just me wanting to see what this place best has to offer, I read some catalogs saying you guys are one of the best here!"- She opens her arm excited... I am doubtful if she's as strong as master says she's... I know she's strong... but is that far ahead?

"*smile* Oh don't worry, I can feel your pressure, is one of the basics I picked up, Leroy, this person in front of us today, is a Martial Artist who has reached the pinnacle, and probably is going even further from how young she's, if you could feel what I am right now, you would probably faint the moment you saw her."- Whaaaaaaa.




{PoV Yor Mun; Trigger Dojo; 11:20 a.m}

What a monster.....

I can't stop shaking, but I can't show any fear!

She seems to be a chill and collected one.

I could see where I stand in power against her, with all the respect for another martial artist who's at the top hierarchy of power, would be to me a great honor!

"Mumei-san, let's go to one of the rings shall we?"

"Kay~"- I jog a little to one of the free rings, and my students start to get around it... you all want to see this old man shamed, don't you all?...*sigh*

"Be at ease boss, I respect you, we're gonna have a fair, hand-to-hand combat!"- I grin, she's going to be at my level then huh...


I put my right arm on my hip with my hand as a closed fist, my left one stretched forward with my hand open, and my legs are open, but firmly placed on the ground.







{PoV Mumei; Central City; 11:21 a.m}

Ay yo, I like this dude, and thanks for the heads-up earlier Kro, almost got too excited, man I love this guy's energy, and he be looking like Guy from Naruto doesn't help one bit!

[{ No problem Muun, Me being me, will always help you because you can't go without me uhuhuhu.}]

.... Chocomilk


Anyway, the sign I read said they give 50k Zeni if I win a round.

Ez Moni.

But now seeing this guy, he got me pumped up!

Hey Kro, can you try to estimate his power?

[{ Uuuhhh *clicking noises* Wow, 61-75 wow, without Ki, he's super strong for a human! And earlier, why did you say choc-}]

Cool! You said after I got my power control to 100%, you could control my usage right? Put it to 60 PL, I wanna see what he got! And slowly raise 1 by 1 until 120 PL.

[{..... *click* done, NOW, SAY WHY DID YOU SAY CH-}]


I get in my battle stance.

"Let's have a fair fight boss!"- I smile and do as well.

"SALUTE!"- Leroy seems to be the judge, I imitate him, and bow.

"READY!"- We get ready to go in








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