1 Chap 1- I'mma be the strongest? Nah

Chap 1- I'mma be the strongest? Nah:


(A/N: Just for fun if you didn't read the synopsis, it's for me to brainstorm my creativity, so things can get wild because this MC actually knows memes and stuff, have a good ride ^^)

A/N: Fixed, and Rewritten on some parts,( 1/43 ), let's do this!!..


( Inside a Darkroom in a random place; 02:38 a.m; Joejoe PoV)


I'm bobbing my head to a banger while listening to it on my headphones at their highest volume.

It's a Mumei's karaoke stream, and she just sang Tengen Toppa's opening, and sheesh it's the guud stuff!

"KONO DRILL DA!!! WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!!"- Shouting while stretching my arm up and spinning it around, that was a good anime holy shit.

Looking back at my phone. - "Ohh!!! Is she going to sing Marine's new song? YEEEEES!''

But to my unrevealed unhappiness, a fucking AD pops up… being one of the long ones at that too.....

" One out of two? Fuck you YouTube!! Let me watch Mumei already! You dumb-ass giant corporation!!!"- Clicking like crazy on my screen so when the 'skip' button pops up, I can just jump back straight back to the Stream.

I skip the first easily, but the second… makes my eyes bulge largely.


Looking more closely at the Ad, it just has one message outlined in black in the middle of a sea of purple colors behind it, moving to random sides all the time.

' You want to go on an adventure?'

Suspicious as fuck isn't it? Ye, I know, but this thing is blocking everything on my screen… yep, can't do shit.....

Can't close the ad, or restart my phone, let's try the battery, let's see who's smarter you damned ad.

*Shuffle* *click*

I get the battery out… It's an old phone, so it still has this feature… yeah, need to get a better one later on…. But I am broke right now…. So this one still works.


Looking around, I see my room's door and some purple light coming from behind the passage under it with the same random pattern, being curious as I am, I get up to check it out.

Getting closer, I hear some noises that if I could put in words what they sound like, would be Minecraft portal noises… the ones to Nether.....

Reaching my hand for the golden handle, finally grabbed it, and turned slowly.


It's locked…. But the key isn't even turned….


I kick it with a right-legged kick, but the thing doesn't even budge one centimeter at all, it's like there's a force that is holding it in place, so strongly it doesn't even shake, canceling all force being applied to it...

"*Ahhhhhww… *sigh* Okay, Okay, okie dokie, I'mma click on the 'YES', You stupid supernatural force!"- Climbing back on top of my bed and laying with my belly down, I put one hand on my cheek, staring at the ad in my phone.

'I am really doing this, huh…. Better that, than dying to a ghost or something if I refuse….'- And with my mind decided, I rose my hand to the 'YES" option.

''Please be a joke… Mumei still hasn't ended her stream yet…"


Just like a switch was turned off from inside my head, I slumped on my bed and passed out.

'Shit straight up out of anime or manga…'- Were my last thoughts.

I don't know what happened after, but I know I slept like a rock inside the ocean.

Makes sense? Dunno, it was just sleeping and more sleeping.

But I slept pretty well, or did I? *Vsauce Music starts*

Jokes aside, I am feeling like floating right now weeeeeeeee.


''OOOF!''- Hitting something very sandy with my whole body and face downwards.

Putting my hands to both sides of my torso, and pushing myself up, using a very thick thigh and knee to support me up…. -'' HUH?"

"What…. What the actual fuck… Where I am?"- Speaking… I shouldn't sound like this… I sound like a certain Shark and Owl, more towards the Owl one…

Shakily bringing both hands up for me to have a better look. But in the way, I look at my chest… Not fully processing what happened…

And with my still shaking arms, move them to their aim.

Doing something that shouldn't be possible for da bois, groping two large balloons, one in each hand.

"This doesn't seem that bad… FUUUUUUUUCCKKKKKKKKK!!"- Yelling to the top of my lungs because of the situation I am in, and not having one idea how I even got in it, to begin with.

Besides accepting a strange ad…. Yea… could be that…

"Oof, way better, but it's kinda nice hearing Mumei curse loud, but this is me now… Ya know what! I can't call myself Mumei… or can I? In this world, a Mumei may not exist, *grins*. MY NAME SHALL BE MUMEI THE OWL!!!"

Shouting happily with both arms up, just to lower them the next second and look around.

"And now as for my Location… a desert, just sand everywhere… kinda dead, could have dropped me in orange town or something ya know?"- looking around I just see sand, mister sandman turu- okay I stopped…

But I look at my body once again, I am not using the Owl original clothes, but a light red shirt with suspenders, black jeans, and some black combat boots, seems good enough, I am dripping on it, I am one hundred percent sure *nods*.

Hmm? I feel something strange moving behind me… like a new leg or something, it's a strange feeling… Turning my head to look back, I see a very familiar tail, that I would recognize anywhere I saw it.

After all, I have been doing my homework on its universe way back since when I was a kid…. huh… funny, can't remember it…. But it still surprises me.

"No fucking way…. A tail, a monkey one?!? No way, for the sake of Sora!!! I am an Owl Saiyan!!!! AHAHAHA A hybrid bitch!!"- I am totally broken! Well, that's it if I am a hybrid...


Hearing something like a notification sound, I look around following the sound, rotating my head around until landed on a blue screen in front of me.

[{ Hello Host, my name is Kro, a Hyper Temporal Hyper Cool System, I am here to help you, Aren't I the awesome one?}]

I… just deadpan and stare at this thing, a narcissistic system?… Fuck, luckily it was not one of those who command you to do stuff, or you die.

[{I can hel-}]- "NOO, NOOO!!! WE, GUUD!!!"- I shout as a little sweat drop goes down my head to my cheek.

"*sigh* So what can ya do Kro?"- Looking at the screen of various blue colors and shades, the thing has a voice similar to a machine talking, but the way of speaking... Is way too similar to the long-legged warden...

[{ I have some at the moment, just three options, those so far are:




Cool aren't I?}]

Ye, ye Kro, cool, but the Gacha... I read two RWBY fanfics back home.... those two suffered to get stuff, may the lady of luck Fubuki help me in this journey...

"Show me my stats please Kro, I want to see how they work."

I look at the blue screen, and it nods? I don't know myself.

[{ Here we go:

■Name: Mumei the Owl

■Title: Traveler

■Power Level: 126(Casual) - 216(Max)

■Forms: Owl (-0.5x PL, but the flight is 3x faster)

■Skills: ●Ki control (Super Low)(Passive): Control the energies of the surroundings.

●Flight (Owl Trait): As the name says, you fly.

●Zenkai Plus (Owl + Saiyan Trait)(Passive): An exponential power that the Saiyans have, now works 5x or more on you as a hybrid.

●Instinct (Owl Trait)(Passive): You can dodge and attack on Instinct, only go as far as your concentration goes, not to be confused with UI, because it's not an absolute thing as UI is.}]

Yooo, for a start, it isn't bad, and 216 PL ? I can body almost everyone pre-Z, but probably my full strength isn't even accessible for me right now, due to not even having fought one battle in here yet...

Later I will think about it!

Okay!! I need to get out of here! I need that Owl form, it's way faster!

"Haaah!"- I shout and stretch my hands upwards, but nothing happens.

"Uhh... Kro how do I transform?"- Being embarrassed that it didn't work, and looking at my system screen for help, and the same one who is.... giggling?

[{User needs to train the form currently its mastery is [0%], so until at least [5%] host can't touch the form, same goes for Super Saiyan, even though you could achieve it at 1M PL or more, doesn't mean you can't Increase Its mastery with your emotions before 1M PL and get to it sooner than that.}]

So mastery works like that, huh... If I had 100k PL and somehow got the 5% for Super Saiyan, could I transform?

[{Yes, but as host wouldn't have the power necessitated to maintain said form, even at 50% mastery, with just 100k PL max would be 30 seconds with that form because your body wouldn't be able to handle it.}]

"Umu, umu*nods*"- Works relatively well for me.

Well, as for now let's start walking, shall we!

"Takami wo mezasu no sa a brave new world jounetsu no kissaki-"

As I walk I start to sing random Openings and Endings, gosh this voice is a cheat! And I will make great use of it! You bet I will!

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