63 Chapter 63: Departure

The months passed by quickly and my children were born. Mei gave birth to a girl and Tsunade gave birth to a boy. I wanted to keep a somewhat similar name like the Saiyans so I named my daughter Rosemary as she was older by a few days. As for my son I had an argument with Tsunade regarding his name. Tsuande wanted to name him Dan, I told her fuck no. I knew one too many Dan's that are losers and I will not subject my son to that humiliation by adding him to that list. The Dans I know are from this universe and from Street Fighter. Both are losers, one died after speaking his grand dream while being bland and the other is a literal parody of one of the main charaters. I wanted to name him Ryu instead. My children were born with tails so they would be over powered in the future. I kept 2 sets of Rinnegan hidden just in case, just for them, of course I put them in specimen jars with my blood while infusing them with my Ki and chakra.

After a few days Tsunade gave in, also because Nawaki had my back. I guess he didn't like Dan too much. I held my children with a big grin on my face. To tease them I squeezed their tails in order for them to lose that weakness early. I knew that Mei and Tsunade would fight me on the fact that I wanted them to train super early, so like most fathers, I didn't tell them I did. I used the excuse of walking them to the park. I started them off a 2X gravity. Because of the chakra and Ki they inherited from me they should be far more robust than any other child. At first they had difficulty moving but since I monitored them every step of the way, they adapted quickly. I want to get them up to 5X before I leave. I do pity Mei and Tsunade when it comes to feeding because, like me, they eat a lot. Good thing Tsunade has big breasts because she will put them to work. Mei had trouble like my mother did. I always replenished them with food, Ki and chakra so they all stay healthy after they fed the kids.

A few more months passed. Within that time Naruto was married to Hinata, Hashirama renewed his vows with Mito and Sakura got together with Sasuke. A few days later I kept making preparations to leave. I gathered mostly cooking utensils, spices and ingredients and stored them in scrolls. In order to improve myself further I wanted to go to the One Piece universe first to learn Haki. While there I may get a chance to start or at least activate Migatte No Gokui (Ultra Instinct). I held my children as I told them the battle with the Otsutsuki in a baby voice before I put them to sleep for their afternoon nap.

Sage: And so Daddy grabbed him by his scrawny neck and told his Casper looking ass to shut up bitch, and slammed into the floor, like bam.


Sage: No no no no no no. Say Daddy, say Daddy. Or blue say blue for Daddy.

Mei & Tsunade: We heard you

Sage: Damn.

Rosemary: Dammamama

Sage: No sweetie say mama. Say Mama

After a few minutes of rocking them they finally went to sleep. I kissed them on the forehead and layed them down. After a few marital rounds with Mei and Tsunade, I went to everyone else to bid them a short good bye. Many were not surprised like like Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, Minato and Naruto. They all pretty much said the same thing anyway, that I was "too strong for this world". To me it felt like they were pushing me out of this world. I told the Hokages to be careful of a group looking for the "Kama", which is like the remains of the Otsutsuki. I went to my yard to open a Yomotsu Hirasaka, I put enough energy to ensure my travel and went through.

Compared to traveling within ones own universe this hurts much more. My body can take it so I might not be able to bring the ladies unless I fix this, I really want to take my family to travel. I fell asleep because I was in the Yomotsu Hirasaka for what seemed like hours until I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I smell the sea and hear the gulls. The moment I emerged from the portal I yelled out

Sage: I'M OUT!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!

My euphoric yell was quickly drowned out as the sky rapidly turned dark as thunder and lightening flashed through the sky. I was struck a few times but the portal took much more energy than anticipated. I crossed universes so I expected as such but to leave me this drained, this hasn't happened since the last few rounds with Mei and Tsunade when they wanted a child. I couldn't fly too high as the lightening was pouring like rain. I got far away enough to reach an island to escape the weather only to crash land and faint in the middle of the island.

Male Voice 1???: Hey, Chopper is he ok?

Chopper: He only seems to have fainted, slight burns but no broken bones or significant injuries. A few days rest and he will be fine.

Male Voice 1???: That's good. Oy, Min na (Everyone), Chopper says he is going to be ok.

Female Voice 1???: I'm glad, when he landed the whole island shook I almost lost the page I was reading.

Male Voice 2???: Yohohoho, the island shook so bad I thought I might die, but I am already dead.

Female Voice 2???: Maybe he will be so grateful he will reward us with gold.

Male Voice 3???: Oy Nami, at least let him wake up before demanding anything.

Nami: We are using our supplies on him it's the least he could do, Zoro.

Chopper: Sanji, when he wakes up have some porridge for him please.

Sanji: You got it doctor Chopper.

Male Voice 4???: Hey, I finished prepping the Sunnygo. We are ready to set sail at any time Luffy.

Luffy: Great job Franky. Let's set sail.

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