33 Chapter 33: The Ghosts of Konoha

The original storyline progressed as normal. Even though Minato was still alive and still the Yondaime Hokage, Orochimaru grabbed the Sandaime Hokage anyway. I waited on my spot until Orochimaru arrived with the Hokages. If Orochimaru was going to bring the Sandaime then Minato will be sure to follow. A few minutes later they finally arrived. I mask my presence until Orochimaru takes off the disguise and summons the corpses with Edo Tensei.

Sandaime: You know this won't go the way you planned Kazekage.

Kazekage (Orchimaru): Hoh, and what makes you say that?

Minato: Sandaime-sama!

Sandaime: (Hiruzen raised his hand to Minato telling him to hold on). Because there is someone on this roof that you truly do not want to anger. (Briefly looked my way)

Kazekage (Orochimaru): Hahaha. Are you talking about yourself or the Yondaime? (Orochimaru's disguised voice changed to his original) Or maybe your relative, Sarutobi-sensei?

Sandaime: Orochimaru. It's true that you have been exiled from the village but for good reason. I even let you go and this is how you repay me?

Orochimaru: Sensei, there were too many circumstances pertaining to my exile that you don't know about.

Sandaime: Oh, you are talking about Danzo. How you collaborated with him to get the Shodaime's cells to give him back an arm? Or how he had the Uchiha clan exterminated so he can take their eyes? How about when he took Uchiha Shisui's eye as his own? Are you talking about that?

Orochimaru: (Slightly flinched) So Danzo was killed then? Otherwise, how would you know he collaborated with me? He might have forced me you know?

Sandaime: Quit playing the fool. If he did force you and you reluctantly agreed, you should have at least come to me for help. Even if you wanted to choose to go after immortality you could've done it another way, not by killing people and even using the Shodaimes' cells.

The Sandaime broke free of Oochimaru's grasp and took off his robes to reveal his battle armor. Minato then stood beside the Sandaime. I saw Tayuya and the others approach so they can barrier in the Hokages. I revealed myself and walked beside the Hokages.

Sage: (While clapping). Is this the person you told me look out for during the exam Minato-nii?

Minato: Be careful Sage-kun, he is one of the Legendary Sannin, Orochimaru.

Sandaime: Sage-boya, tread carefully.

Orochimaru: So this is the famous Sage that all the other villages want to kill huh? You don't look like much.

Sage: From the sound of your voice to the way you look, weak is the only word that comes to mind, Caitlyn Jenner.

Orochimaru: (With a confused look). Caitlyn Jenner??? It seems you might be touched in the head.

Sage: (While laughing to myself). Sometimes I just crack me up. Anyway Hebi-chan (Little Snake), I am going to ask you a serious question, and your answer better be satisfactory. How do you want to die?

Orochimaru: Now that is one of the blandest of jokes I've ever heard. (Making hand seals) Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Edo Tensei! (Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation!)

Two coffins appeared with Kanji for 1 and 2 on them. Seeing this technique, Minato and Hiruzen were on high alert. Just as the coffins were summoned the barrier was closing in. I grabbed the Sandaime and Minato by their shoulders and teleported to the arena.

Sage: You guys will do more good helping the citizens and your family. Let me handle Hebi-chan and his summons.

Minato: The people that he summoned to be reincarnated are no ordinary shinobi Sage-kun. Will you be able to fight them?

Sandaime: (Looked me in the eye). Make sure Orochimaru doesn't leave alive.

Sage: (I smirked). That's too easy of a request Sandaime-sama.

Assured of my response both didn't try to persuade me otherwise and started to help the citizens and killing the invading sound and sand ninja. I teleported back to Orochimaru before the barrier closed.

Sage: Safe!

Orochimaru: Dammit! They got away. You little shit, you will regret coming back! (While gnashing his teeth).

Sage: When you die, and die you will, I hope, in whatever after life you're going to, mama snake will spank you for being a naughty boy.

Orochimaru finished implanting the control talisman in the first and second Hokages. The Hokages moved with life as they saw me.

Hashirama: So this is what we have become, puppets for a youngling.

Tobirama: At least he has enough skill to reincarnate us.

Hashirama: (While looking at me) Hatchling, before we begin, know that this is not our intention and apologize in advance for taking your life.

Sage: (I made a small bow). Shodaime-sama, Nidaime-sama. I know I may be young and immature in your eyes, but, (I paused for a few seconds) BUT YOUR STRENGTH HAS NO BEARING ON ME!! (I shouted while releasing my aura and killing intent).

I saw no need to transform and attacked first. I flashed in between my 3 opponents and Sparta kicked Orochimaru in the diaphragm, but not hard enough to kill him, and launched him to the barrier where he began to burn when it was touched. I crossed my arms and extended them again, with the speed and wind force alone I blasted away the Hokages to the other end of the rectangular barrier. My actions were similar to when Goku fought against the Ginyu Force members Jeice and Burter on planet Namek, when both Jeice and Burter flew on opposite ends at Goku just to be blasted away from Goku uncrossing his arms with immense speed and force.

Sage: Come on old timers! Show this youngin' how it's done in the good old days!

Tobirama: It seems we are the ones being underestimated Nii-san.

Hashirama: So it is, but this young one shows how the times have changed, the young will surpass the old. (Directed at me) Young one, name yourself.

Sage: Sarunokami Sage, it's a pleasure.

Hashirama: That's a name I am unfamiliar with. Are you related to Saru?

Sage: A little presumptious, but yes, a small branch of the Sarutobi clan. As proof (I made hand seals for Summoning Jutsu) Kuchiyose No Jutsu!

Orochimaru, Hashirama & Tobirama: Enkoo Enma! (Monkey King: Enma!)

Enma: Hahaha, Orochimaru you will finally be smashed under my Kontei. (End or tip of a Bo staff).

Orochimaru: (Coughing up blood and bits of internal organs). How can Enma look so young and robust after all these years?

Sage: Did you realize yet Hebi-chan?

Orochimaru: (Blood dripping from the sides of his mouth and nose). What?!?!

Sage: I'm not trapped in here with all of you, ALL OF YOU ARE TRAPPED IN HERE WITH ME!!!

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