Reviews of A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality


A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Wang Yu

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Wow. I was surprised. This novel really help my understanding on my cultivation. I will be braeking through another level. Praise this mortal authors insight and genius. Hope my immortal brothers read this

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Thank god ISSTH completed before this sh***y war between QI and ww , still i am reading novels from both sites, chinese authors are great creators of imaginative world. If QI going to monopolise all the chinese novels and then putting paypal for reading novels, then i have to stop this amazing journey in chinese novels because i cant afford it. But i hope this doesn't happen.....


Fantastic novel, good translation quality and regular updates. Original translation at wuxiaworld please support translators there. This is applicable for battle through the heavens, heavenly jewel change, unrivalled tang sect, coiling dragon, desolate era, i shall seal the heavens, renegade immortal, skyfire avenue, warlock of the magus world,perfect world, wu dong qian kun, a record of a mortal's journey to immortality, legend of the dragon king, terror infinity, sovereign of the three realms, tales of demons and gods, the great ruler, child of light and a will eternal


Decent start. Well written for the most part, but increasingly dull and repetitive for every arc. The plot is non existant, only Han Li's cultivation journey. Also every arc there's some beauties that take and interest in him that he totally ignores because "he's focused on the cultivation path", blatant teasing that goes nowhere in other words. That could've been enough but he has no personality and no principles and nothing he'd fight for, other than the illusive goal of Immortality and preserving his life on the way so we have no reason to care about him. I can only imagine this having such a high rating based on when it came out and that it's competition was mostly really ****ty novels... This is, like someone before me said, like water, totally fine but bland as hell.


A very slow pace story. Quite boring and there are no outstanding and memorable character. The MC is very plain and boring. The battle also not suit to my preference


This is very good novel.As its name suggests it's about a mortals journey to immortality.this novel is medium pace novel it's not too fast nor too slow.the world background is very good.


Great wuxia novel. For Kylse, please dont misuse this space for your personal reason. This is a review section FOR the novel. Why did the first and the second paragraph of your comment contradicted ? The first one was justified because you did care about the novel itself but why did you defend Qidian and thinks that all of us is stupid on your second paragraph ? isnt this what you call by selfish or personal reason that dont have a connection about thr novel itself ? ** : sorry english wasnt my first leaguage


both the plot and characters are bland. Author has given protagonist zero unique features. Protagonist is totally bland just like plain water. You won't find him memorable at all. Meng Hao is memorable for his money grabbing skills. Bai Xiaochun for his shameless narcissistic personality. But Han Li has nothing for us to remember him about. He feels like a robot with a mission: just focusing on immortality without enjoying life. What's the use of power if you don't even enjoy your life? The plot is nothing better: Cultivating for decades/centuries in cave, zero interest in female/friends, zero interest in enjoying life, zero interest in everything except inmortality, few adventures in which protagonist most of times is forced to do others' bid. That's the plot for you. Just what is enjoyable in the story then? Sadly nothing.


If you don't mind reading a slow-paced novel, this one is for you. You might get bored of the first 50 chaps but you have to get used to it since it will continue until the end. The world building is interesting and i like that MC is into a alchemist and a dedicated one. Well i recommend this novel for people who have too much time in their hands since this novel will be a heck boring as you read more because of the slow-pace.


Well I'll continue reading here anyway, the site is designed in a way that makes reading faster and finding novels you like more efficient.


why not read this novel: the protagonist is a simp trash, you will constantly have to read descriptions of useless and unimportant women, where the protagonist will make some stupid decision just because according to the author's logic '' no man can't control himself around a woman and acts like an excited dog'' and then there will be something like '' the protagonist doesn't know why he acted like that, and now all that remains is to get out of this situation ''. sometimes the protagonist seems to be intelligent and make rational decisions, sometimes he is stupid and ignorant and does not seem to have the ability to use the brain, sincerely this novel and practically 99% of the novels gives the impression that if not all, the cultivators are retarded and unable to think rationally. over and over and over again the protagonist makes stupid decisions, because of women, if he were to follow logic, he would have surely died by now, this is by far one of the worst protagonists I have ever had the displeasure to know, if it is with a woman, he acts leniently.


Calm down, guys. I'm sure there is an agreement between qidian and the translators(credit is even given). Doesn't mean you stupid fucks (not everyone) should give poor ratings to the novels


Hey what's happening here? Many novels are being migrated again😊 hoping the updates keeps coming! I think some novels (i guess all) haven't announced that they'll transfer to Qidian 🤔


This is definitely my favorite novel, and the reason it's ******: this novel is unique. Not some unique idea, world or cultivation, but a unique feeling it pass to you, the best way to describe is reading the title: A journey to immortality. I read many xianxia novels, good ones, but none could get myself so into the story like this one. You feel the struggle, the dangers, and most important, the achievements. This novel is probably the closest to 'real' wich a xianxia can get! Why? Many factors, one of those, the pace. Cultivation takes time, or it probably should as many authors say, but don't show it, but not here. In RMJI each level on cultivation means a lot, and so little. A lot because it shows how powerful one gets, how desired it's just one more level. A little because it's often show that thoses levels don't mean everything, and if one is careless he may lose his life, like it should be on a so called 'dangerous cultivation world'.


I dont care who's site this is on as long as the translators get proper credit. The translators go through the trouble of giving us this to read. MC is kinda slow to worldly affairs, wish he was more like Wang Lin from RI.


The mc is absolute garbage he is average of the average so much so it's painful to read. Nothing remarkable nothing special nothing note worthy. Picture a day in the life of an average guy that's all this is but somehow this average person just gets lucky and hasn't died. He gets pushed around alot and smacked regularly he's pretty much a joke at best. Also the cultivation is just trash as well consume pills that's pretty much it. He has no set path and is just a random assortment of broken things he finds laying around sigh. It's just one big mess.


Very nice idea in general; the pace may be quiet slow for some people, but it is therefore more realistic. It really differs from other XianXia stories (in a positive way, if you ask me), since it does not have some overpowered kid as MC and you are not thrown into some miserable romance story after the first chapters.


The plot development, character development, and fight scenes take precedence here. The pace seems slow compared to other cultivation novels, but this Novel's strength is in the details. Great read


Even though this novel is a good one, but a pity it is a copied from **********, as a result, Webnovel could only release until chapter 689 and then ********** banned them from uploading further chapters. I admit that it’s convenient to read on this Webnovel app, but most of the novel (Translated Ones) are completely copies from **********, it makes me hate this site. While people could read them on ********** for free and here, we need to pay to read the novels on Webnovel. Truly shameless.


this is my first webnovel,written in 2008,for Xian Xia,this novel is an origin,it will be adapted into a film that released the trailer a week ago,fantastic(。・ω・。)ノ♡