A random pokemon journey

Alexander was a fairly normal guy on earth or at least he hoped so. Somehow though he had gone his entire life without playing a single pokemon game or watching any of the anime. That changed when his friends kept pestering him about it and he finally gave in and purchased a few of the games that came highly recommended such as emerald , fire red , platinum and heart gold. He also bought a cheap ds lite to play all of them when he was off work. Unfortunately he was struck by lightning the moment he finished the last of them and died. He ended up awakening in a small cave at the foot of a mountain forest and learned he had a system to help him in this new and very dangerous world. AUTHOR Note------- This story will only be taking place in the world before the fairy type came out so only those regions exist in this version of the pokemon world. There will also be casual smut and maybe possibly an actual romantic option but I haven't decided yet , also no harems. I would like to add that everything with the system is RNG based so I have no control over it.

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Repeats and Rune

Author note: Normally I wouldn't add an excerpt like this but I got quite a few comments on the previous chapter talking about how Alex was being mean and rude. I feel like many of you don't seem to understand the sort of person Alex is despite my best efforts to all but point it out. He is a realistic pragmatist with a bad case of apathy. What this means is that he looks at the situation from an almost purely cold logical point of view. There was literally no reason why he needed to act friendly after deciding leave town , he acted nice while he was there because it makes things easier to get done smoothly , after leaving he had no reason to continue. He wasn't being mean because that would involve him wishing harm , he was just being bluntly honest to Rose that's it.


The mental herb apparently worked like a direct counter to whatever it was that caused infatuation in battle but only once so I got rid of it and the two extra scope lenses. This earned me another two skill tickets from the trade in function but the price of that function was starting to get expensive. Tearing those two tickets I got a new skill and a repeat skill in the forms of ancient Sinnoh and spearmanship. Ancient Sinnoh was an archeology skill to a degree as it was basically an understanding of the ancient language spoken and written in the Sinnoh region long ago.-

I honestly didn't see this being useful unless I went ruin diving in that region in the future. That or perhaps flirting with Cynthia should I meet her since she was some sort of history fanatic if I remember correctly. I found out that repeats of a skill actually works like using five exp tickets on the skill. My mastery of the weapon actually rose thanks to this from journeyman to adept as a result which was uncomfortable as I felt my muscles shift to a degree.-

'Well since I am already doing tickets let me get the worse of the lot over with already' I thought and decisively tore the ability ticket. I was rather nervous about the result of this particular draw and prayed that it wasn't something painful. One minute later I didn't know whether to laugh in joy or cry in frustration as I once again got emotion suppression. As it turned out abilities were different about how repeats worked compared to skills. My original ability only worked on myself originally but now I could suppress the emotion of another person as well.-

I had to be touching them but I could still do it which helped make the ability actually very useful. In an interesting twist my aura color also changed once again while I gained a slightly higher amount of aura. My aura went from white with blue streaks in it to now having grey streaks in it as well. It wasn't a massive change like when I got healing but it was a change nonetheless. "And that just leaves the pokemon ticket , wish me luck guys." I said and my pokemon all voiced out their blessings.-

I took out the black and white ticket and after carefully checking to make sure their was no one nearby I tore it to bring up the pokemon wheel. With fingers crossed I prayed to the great lord RNGESUS as the wheel spun until I finally learnt what my new teammate was , a Charmander. I was conflicted as all hell when I saw that as I had fire type covered already but at the same time that was a great pokemon. That was when the second wheel to determine if it would have any variations came up and I prayed super hard for at least one in hopes of getting a type variation.-

My prayers were answered and I couldn't help but stare in disbelief at what I got , yes 3x. This means that this Charmander will have three different variations which was one over even Gaia. The third and usually final wheel then popped up and I no longer prayed as no matter what I got I would be satisfied. The first variation was a shiny variation and I was fine with that even if it did nothing to help the pokemon. The second variation was a royal one which meant that the pokemon was basically copying Gaia at this point.-

The final variation though made me smile and punch the air excitedly as it was a type one. Unlike all the times before when the variations would be chosen and then I'd get the pokemon this time a new wheel appeared. The wheel only had seventeen entries on it with the fire and flying types greyed out. I was really really hoping for a water or even an ice variation so that that hole in my team could be patched up. I wasn't so lucky as to have my hopes fulfilled but I did get a type that I didn't have and also helped my teams weakness to water a little , electric.-

The system wasted no time at all manifesting the black and white pokeball in my bag after the wheels finished spinning. I immediately transferred my new Charmander into a normal pokeball before releasing binding the ball to myself and releasing the creature from it's ball. The red light that came out of the ball solidified into the most awesome looking first evolution pokemon I have ever seen so far. The general shape of the body was the same as any normal Charmander but there were serious differences.-

First was that unlike the usual two foot tall version of the species mine was double that size almost like it was a Charmeleon instead of a Charmander. The coloration was weird as well as it looked like the Charmander was supposed to take the colors of most electric types which was a bright yellow but due to the shiny variation ended up back at orange ironically. 'He might as well not even be shiny!' I complained mentally at the weirdness of the coloration. The biggest differences however came in the form of white stripes like those of a tiger on the Charmanders back and limbs.-

The small claws on its arms and legs were also black instead of the usual white of the species. The biggest difference though came in the form of the torch on the tip of it's tail that all Charmanders had. Rather than a small ball of fire as per normal this Charmander had a pulsing orb of white energy light like looking at pure lightning but not blinding oddly enough. "Char!" the large orange reptile says eagerly. "How about Zeus?" I said to answer the demand for a name.-

The mon thinks about it for a moment before shaking it's head surprisingly enough. "Thor maybe?" I offered and again I got a shake of the head. "Char! Man! Char!" the reptile said leaving me dumbfounded. 'Something gentle? What part about electricity is gentle?' I thought with a headache. "Rune?" I offered and thankfully the Charmander seemed to like that name as odd as it was. "Welcome to the team Rune I look forward to traveling together." I said and the rest of the team pitched in as well. Rune was a cheerful little dude and quickly made himself friends with the rest of the team.-

[Pokemon: Charmander(Rune)


Moveset: Growl(N) , Scratch(N) , Swords dance(N)

Variations: Royal , Shiny , Elemental(electric)



Sp. Atk:112

Sp. Def:73


Ability: Volt absorb(N)]

I was actually pretty happy with Runes stats and his ability was clearly a result of his variation but gave him a way to heal mid battle so I was good with it. Even better was that he had swords dance as an egg move which was by far one of the best stat boosting moves I knew of alongside calm mind for clear damage dealers like Rune. All in all I was quite happy with my draw this time all things considered.